Chapter 42: Slaying the demon snake

Wan Qing!

This demon snake once brought lethal danger to Wu Yu. He would never forget her face.

She was a demon.

Since ancient times, demons and humans opposed each other, like water and fire.

Let alone, she was one of Wu Yu’ s enemies.

During the time she was in the capital, so many innocent mortals had become her food.

Now, Wu Yu had already removed the cloth covering his Demon Emperor Staff. In the past few days, he was cultivating according to that An Introduction to Staffs. And now he could finally use it.

“Sun Wudao!”

The Demon Snake turned around and saw Wu Yu wearing a Demon Monkey Mask.

It was normal that she knew Wu Yu, but Wu Yu was not supposed to know her. Wan Qing was confused. At that moment, her giant body was still in the dark. She was staring at Wu Yu with her eyes roundly open.

“Why do you know me!”

There was a cold, evil and rough voice coming from her snake mouth.

Wu Yu laughed.

What a rare chance.

“You evil demon. How dare you kill people in the capital!”

Although he couldn’t mess with Hao Tian Shangxian or Consort Xi at the moment, he could definitely mess with Wan Qing. Not only mess with, but also kill her. He wanted smash her into pieces.


In the dark night, Wu Yu jumped up violently. His Demon Emperor Staff was shining in a golden light with red fires burning on each ends.

This burning fire was the most scary thing for evil demons.

While stepping on the streets, his 5000-battlehorse strength cracked the bluestone ground instantly.

Wu Yu not only wanted to slay the demon, but also make some noise, so it disturbed the surroundings.

Many people were woken up by the noise and walked out to see what happened. They saw a giant snake in the dark night and freaked out.

“He is the new Imperial Protector Shangxian. His name seems to be Sun Wudao Shangxian. And he is slaying a demon in our capital!”

“Holy crap! There is a demon in our capital!”

“That snake is really big!”

People nearby were all screaming and escaping. Especially the drunk man, who was almost devoured by Wan Qing, was now sober and scared out of his wits.

This news should be conveyed to the Royal Palace quickly.

Now’s the time.

“Who are you!”

Wan Qing was fierce enough. When Wu Yu rushed at her, she didn’t even escape, but lifted up her triangle head, hissed and confronted Wu Yu face to face.

“Demon, you are asking for death!”

Wu Yu’s angry fire in his heart was all burning on his staff now.

Even if he could kill Wan Qing only, it was a start. After he achieved Celestial Monkey Transformation, he felt very frenetic. Now it was good time to release his frenzy.

The demon risen by Hao Tian Shangxian personally.


That majestic hit was simple and straightforward, coming from the sky. Wu Yu’s skill was subtle. In a second, he was above her head, lifting his staff and hitting towards the head of the snake demon.


A cracking sound! The demon snake’s head was cracked and hollowed after Wu Yu’s attack. A giant demon snake fell on the ground  with a scream which made people’s blood freeze.

“What a horrible demon! My god!” Most of the mortals had never seen a demon before. What happened just now was a big thing for them.

“Go to hell!”

The demon’s fierce nature was stirred up. Her thick and big tail was about to slam against Wu Yu’s waist like an iron whip.

Without expressions, his staff swept against her tail. When Wu Yu stepped back, the demon snake’s tail was broken. Its bone must be fractured.

Wan Qing was not an opponent for Wu Yu at all.

“Sun Wudao, you can’t kill me!” Until now, that fierce demon snake was worried. She was indicating that she had connections with Hao Tian Shangxian. But Wu Yu wouldn’t give her a chance.

“Demons do harms to mortals. We Dao cultivators kill them if we see any.”

Behind his mask, Wu Yu laughed coldly. He was still in a frenzied state. When he looked back, he saw people from Royal Palace coming after hearing what happened.

It was about the time. Facing that 17-meter long demon snake, he held his staff tightly and started storming attacks without saying a word.

Pa pa pa pa!

Each smash on her body caused a cracking sound coming from her bones and screams from her mouth.

The Firelight Array on the Demon Emperor Staff made the staff burn more violently. When it hit the snake, and even if she had scales, her skin and meat were blackened.

The snake was rolling on the ground and wanted to escape. While rolling, she knocked down several houses. Luckily people went out at the beginning so no one was injured or died.

“Who are you! Who the hell are you!”

Wan Qing was suffering from a disaster. She felt that Wu Yu was torturing her. He hit her so many times but not one on important parts.

“Who am I? Not important.”

After Wu Yu said it, Wan Qing was already badly mutilated. She was beaten into mince meat. Even if she escaped, she wouldn’t recover without hundreds of years of resting.

“What hatred do you have against me! I don’t want to die. Who are you!” She was screaming and squirming. Her mind and body were totally broken. It was as if she was in hell.

Wu Yu turned back and saw two Crane Horses flying towards him. They were about to arrive. In that second, Wu Yu started a sudden attack. He pierced the snake’s heart through, pulled off the staff, and swept against her head. Crack. Her head was completely smashed.

“I am Wu Yu.”

In her last sight before she died, Wu Yu took off his mask and let her see him.


Wu Yu clearly saw how her eyes changed before death. That was an unbelievable and scared look. But she couldn’t stop her death. When Hao Tian Shangxian and Yuan Chen arrived, she had already become a piece of dead mincemeat.

Finally, Wu Yu killed one enemy.

Even though he was suppressed by them just now, he felt much calmer now. His thoughts were clearer too.

He understood that the capital was his battlefield, and those were his enemies. His mask was his best disguise. Although he had no better solution that could kill them all npw, Wu Yu might still have a chance to kill Hao Tian one day.

“You finally came!” When Hao Tian and Yuan Chen got off the Crane Horses, Wu Yu turned around in a relaxed smile. He said, “I never expected that this demon snake was so bold to slip into the capital. She was asking for death. Luckily I found her, otherwise many people would’ve been killed by her.”

Now, he was a disciple of the Sword to Heaven Sect, Sun Wudao, who was not supposed to know Wan Qing. So it was normal for him to kill a demon. Hao Tian and Yuan Chen had no reason to say anything.

As expected, their faces sank.

When they looked at Wan Qing’s body, their eyelids all twitched. Apparently, they were very angry inside. But Wu Yu was from the Sword to Heaven Sect, so they had to calm down. They couldn’t do anything but to accept it.

“I told her not to wander anywhere. She didn’t listen!” Hao Tian Shangxian thought she herself was to blame. It was normal that every Dao cultivator would kill demons when they saw any, especially upright disciples from the Sword to Heaven Sect.

“You two…” Wu Yu saw they were not happy and he knew why. But he still asked deliberately, “Why don’t you two look happy? Maybe…oh right, this is your capital. I should have called you two to kill the demon. Well, I will leave first.”

His words were perfect.

After he was just suppressed by them in the Tian Wu palace. He should behave well. Otherwise, if he was arrogant and proud, it wouldn’t be good for his revenge plans.

“No. We just think this demon was too bold. She deserved to die. Junior Brother, I will handle the remaining stuff. You can go back to Shangxian Mountain.” Hao Tian Shangxian waved. He was very angry and didn’t want to see Wu Yu anymore.


Wu Yu laughed coldly behind his mask. He took away his staff, said goodbye to them and disappeared soon in the dark.

However, this was bound to be a sleepless night.

The news that the new Imperial Protector Shangxian killed a demon snake in the capital, quickly spread through the whole city.

In the bustling noise, Wu Yu went back to Wu You Palace.

“Hao Tian Shangxian’s angry-but-helpless expression was so funny.”

The first step of revenge was accomplished.

Wan Qing’s death gave him some confidence.

“The most important thing is sister’s matter with that Jiu Shijun. I just don’t know the strength of their Imperial Protector Shangxian. Hao Tian Shangxian said he was not a Devil Cultivator, but I think he may be…”

Hao Tian Shangxian even dared to raise a demon, so making friends with Devil Cultivators was not a big thing.

It was very late now. Wu You was still in the study room. She was not writing now, but sitting behind the desk in a daze.

Beside her was the maid, who accompanied her for over ten years. She brought  a bowl of hot soup and said, “Princess, it is cold in the evening. You are getting slimmer recently. Come have some hot soup.”

Wu You was looking at the desk and lost in her mind. She seemed to not have heard that.

“Princess, I heard people saying that the new Shangxian killed a demon snake. Many people saw it. I didn’t know there were demons in our capital.” The maid looked scared.

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