Chapter 42: Universal World War!( Part 3 )

“Bang!” a loud sound echoed in the space as the large serpent whipped its tail heading straight for the supreme saint and the countless cultivators.

“ROAR!” in this instantaneous, the void suddenly resounded a beast roar, as if a great antiquity sacred beast itself was roaring, this sound reverberated as if a great antiquity giant beast was hidden within the void itself.

“This aura, a divine dragon?” the Lunatic Empress thought aloud as the void shook

Large cracks appeared within the space as if something was trying to break out these cracks tiny in size made it seem as if space was a broken mirror.

“Hiss!” the huge unparalleled tail of the world-devouring serpent swatted downward with crushing speed, “Bang!” “Roar!” at the same time from the void cracks a huge incomparable claw patted at the tail, divine golden light seeping from the cracks.

“Boom” a huge explosion rang out, a giant golden claw could be seen extending from the cracked spaces within the void, divine light overflowing this Claw looked exceptionally sacred.

“Drip, drip” sounds of blood dripping within the void could be heard as a large claw mark could be seen on the serpent tail, dark blood dripping from its wound, normally any wound it received would be instantly healed but something from the claws seemed to be impacting its healing functions.

“Hiss!” the world-devouring serpent cried out in anger as it looked angrily at the void murderous intentions flowed from its eyes and every pore.


The Lunatic Empress walked above the void as if invisible stairs were laid out in front of her. She shouted into the darkness, “Filthy dragon when shall I execute you?”

Pointing her finger, she commanded, “Oghis kill it!”


With swift movements, the large serpent shuttled quickly throughout the void as it entered another dimension.

“Boom Boom”

Loud explosions rang out constantly as the sounds of the two colossal figures fought from another dimension.

“Suffer to death, you so-called supreme saint,” the ice cold sound of the Lunatic Empress resonated, this sound was innately heartless and devoid of emotions as it pierced the heart of every being who heard it.

A giant palm could be seen appearing above the vault of space, this hand jade-like and fair, its slender fingers seemed to grasp the heavens as it patted downwards toward the supreme saint.

“Your sins know no bound Demonic empress” the gentle voice of the Supreme saint could be heard bringing calm and hope to all.

“Heaven’s shield!”


The large hand swatted downward, rebounding after a giant shield made of boundless Holy Qi appeared within the void, its great defensive terror could be imagined as its boundless might seemed to cover the space.

“Heaven’s arrow!”


Space could be seen tearing cracks appearing within as a mighty golden arrow pierced through the void rushing straight toward the Lunatic Empress forehead, this golden arrow seemed filled with boundless immortal might.

“Blood chaos slash” the Lunatic Empress voice rang out, a dark red scimitar could be seen been pulled from the river of blood filled with corpses.

“Clank” sound cries resonated as a large wave of blood filled energy the shape of the moon slashed towards the arrow, this shook the very void they stood in as ripples ran through space from the mear force created.

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