Chapter 43 Frightened Once Again

Wei Tianqi was extremely furious; not only because his face had been wounded, but even more so because he’d been afraid once again.

What would have happened if the previous strike had struck him instead of being blocked by Wei Ying?

Although this didn’t actually occur, but he couldn’t help himself from having this line of thought. And the more he thought, the more his heart trembled and the more fear he felt. Two days ago, he’d felt this kind of feeling for the very first time, and now he was going through the same feeling once again.

He hated the feeling of fear and vulnerability. He wished he could eliminate the anxiety within him.


Kill Kill Kill!

An insane killing intent rushed forth in Wei Tianqi; as if only killing would dissolve the fear in his heart.

However, he was the City Master’s son; matters such as killing couldn’t be accomplished just by relying on influence. It also required a valid reason.

And under current state, was directly killing Lu Ping and Su Tang justified?

Clearly not. In front of so many students, he couldn’t kill them without justification even though he had the ability to do so.

In this case, he could only discipline them slightly, and allow them to feel fear and anxiety. This would also more or less alleviate the anxiety in his heart.

Just to discipline them, Wei Tianqi didn’t think he needed to give any instructions; the other side actually dared to wave a fist towards him, Wei Ying would certainly discipline them on his own. However, he never expected that Wei Ying, after turning his body towards him, would say these three words:

“We are leaving.”

“Leaving?” Wei Tianqi thought that he’d misheard. The other side had actually waved a fist towards him, although it had been blocked, it still injured him, and on top of this, they even said: ‘If it was Lu Ping, you would have already died.’ This should be considered as a threat, no? An absolute threat, no?

However, at present, Wei Ying was actually saying that they were going to leave?

“You…” Wei Tianqi had barely said a word when Wei Yang approached and pulled him lightly. Although he wasn’t able to speak, his expression was sufficient hint for Wei Tianqi.

Wei Tianqi suddenly realized.

Wei Yang’s face had been squeezed by Lu Ping. Although Wei Ying can’t be compared to Wei Yang, after blocking that fist, it seemed like he’d perceived something.

They could only leave, because Wei Ying and Wei Yang felt that they didn’t have the upper hand in terms of strength in the least.

Could they do anything when they didn’t have the upper hand in the strength?

For most people, just the influence of the City Master Mansion was enough to intimidate them, however, most people evidently didn’t include the two individuals that were front of him. These two had even dared to openly hit him while being fully aware of his identity as the Young City Master, so would they care about any other person backed by the City Master Mansion?

As Wei Tianqi thought up to here, he even began to suspect that Lu Ping and Su Tang might have some background of their of own. Otherwise, how could they dare to treat him like this?

However, regardless of all these things, at this moment, he could only listen to his two guardians and obediently leave.

All the students of the Xia Feng were completely stunned.

They hadn’t expected that someone would actually dare to hit Wei Tianqi, even though such a thing had already occurred once before.

And the thing that astonished them even more was that after being injured due to this hit, Wei Tianqi didn’t burst out in anger, on the contrary, he actually left quietly along with the two Guardians of the Wei family.

Stating that they’d been his fellow companions for three years would not be a lie; even though he had an aloof and remote status, having some interactions with the other students of the same institute was unavoidable. They knew Wei Tianqi; with his status and background, anything that didn’t please him would be immediately removed from his vision on the spot. However, this time, he had silently left. What’s the reason?

Because he was hiding; he was afraid.

‘In the end, how powerful are these few individuals of Zhai Feng?’

Daring to be fearless in front of City Master Mansion’s background and making the two Family Guardians to retreat through intimidation, do these individuals have even more frightening identities and background?

The Mountain Forest had become completely silent once again. All of a sudden, the only remaining sounds were the cries of nightingales.

Qin Zhen, who had regained his spirit first due to his concern for his elder brother, promptly urged Lu Qing out of his stupor and asked him to take a look at his brother’s injury, while also glancing towards Lu Ping and Su Tang at the same time. Previously, he’d also cursed in rage at these two because of the collapse of the two Soul’s Towers, however, now he was at a loss for words.

However, the two concerned individuals seemed completely oblivious to these things; their whole attention was focused on Lu Qing as he examined Qin Yuan’s injury.

“His life can be saved.” Lu Qing eventually opened his mouth and first allowed everybody to feel a bit better.

“See, I told you!” Mo Lin said while still chewing on his corn.

“However, he needs a surgery. Quickly arrange to take him back to the city. His life can be saved, however, his vocal chords have suffered some damage; whether they can be restored or not, needs further diagnosis.”

What Luo Qing meant by ‘further’ was: “I can only do this much.”

“You can’t perform surgery?” Qin Zhen promptly asked.

“I can’t.” Lu Qing said: “You should quickly take him back to the city. Furthermore, you will also have to face many life-threatening dangers in the night.”

“Or you can let me try?” Mo Lin said.

Qin Zhen threw a quick glance his way; as he looked at the corn bar in his hand, the expression in his eyes turned resolute and he said: “I will immediately take him back.”

“I am leaving!” Mo Lin gloomily said.

“I’ve performed a simple tie-up on his wound. You should hurry up as much as you can!” Lu Qing said.

“Understood.” Qin Zhen nodded. After adjusting Qin Yuan at his back with the help of everybody, as he was about to leave, he looked towards Lu Ping and Su Tang eventually said two words:

“Thank you.”

“No need.” Lu Ping said.

“Hurry up and go!” Su Tang waved her towards him.

“En.” Qin Zhen slightly nodded and dashed towards the path down the mountain. This moment, he couldn’t afford to hold back in the slightest; his strength’s soul was fully employed, and very quickly, he disappeared into the darkness of the night.

The crowd of the students returned back to rest in their respective tents. Although they never had such an experience prior to this, by the time they had actually woken up, the matter had already been concluded. They didn’t actually see the death with their own eyes. Thus, they were not affected too much by these events. The Mountain Forest very quickly regained its former tranquility, as if nothing had happened. The only difference was the three corpses, some blood stains, an empty tent, and of course, the students on the night watch didn’t dare slack off again.

Not daring to be alone, they had formed groups of threes and fours. Their guard was strict, though they were also discussing the recent events in muffled voices while occasionally glancing towards either one of two directions. One was towards the edge of the camping area where the four individuals of Zhai Feng were resting, and the other direction was towards the exact centre of the camping area where the delegation of the City Master Mansion was resting.

Over the side of Zhai Feng, the surroundings became peaceful just a few moments after the four individuals had returned to their camp, while over the side of the City Master Mansion, the apex of the tent had been shaking a few times in short intervals since their return as if someone, being unable to sleep, was tossing and turning inside the tent every once in awhile.

That’s right, how could he sleep?

As soon as Wei Tianqi tried to close his eyes, he would be immediately assaulted by that frightful feeling, and the scenes of those two incidents, intertwined among each other, would continuously flash through in his mind as if he’d just been in the midst of a nightmare. He was unable to cast them out of his mind no matter what he tried.

He was very drowsy, but didn’t dare close his eyes. All he could do was try his best to keep his imagination under check. He loathed how he felt when Wei Ming was around him, but at this moment, he truly longed for him. If Wei Ming was here, he would certainly have sorted everything out.

Wei Tianqi spent all the night tossing and turning, but Wei Ming never returned. When the former came out of the tent, two dark circles could be seen under his eyes. Wei Ying had gone missing once again. Wei Yang was fixing breakfast with that funny yet ugly mask covering his face. Wei Tianqi thought about talking with him, but then subsequently recalled that Wei Yang couldn’t speak anymore. Everything seemed directed against him. He felt like kicking something.

Some students were silently sorting out their luggage while others had already started their journey. No one brought up the events of yesterday, because, after they’d woken up in the dawn, they discovered that the three corpses had already disappeared.

These assassins were after the City Master’s son, clearly this incident wouldn’t have such an easy ending. Getting dragged into such a complicated affair for no reason is by no means a fortuitous matter. All the students were trying their utmost to exclude themselves far away from this matter.

Wei Tianqi circled all around while occasionally sneaking glances towards the camp of Zhai Feng.

The four of them had woken up not too long ago. After waking up, they sorted out their luggage, had breakfast, and continued on with their journey. Wei Tianqi had not slept throughout the entire night and had been varyingly paying attention to their every movement since the dawn, but from their actions it seemed like nothing had actually occurred; everything about them seemed as it had always been. Soon after, the four of them, walking on the uphill road, completely disappeared from Wei Tianqi’s vision. However, the anxiety and wrath in his heart hadn’t disappeared along with them at all.

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