Chapter 43: Reunion of brother and sister

“En?” Wu You looked up, recalling Sun Wudao whom she saw in the Tian Wu Palace earlier today, she felt a bit dizzy. She found him somewhat familiar.

“Sun Wudao Shangxian is new here and already killed the demon snake, that snake must have been lurking in the capital for a long time, but no one found nor killed it. Given the amount of missing people recently, they must have been devoured by the snake. So…it is very possible that Hao Tian Shangxian indulged the snake by letting it eat people.

Wu You was exhausted, but once she thought about this, she suddenly pounded the desk with her eyes lighting up, scaring even her maid

“How can that be?  Hao Tian Shangxian is the Imperial Protector Shangxian… How could he possibly indulge demons…?” The maid said trembling

Wu You payed her no attention, stood up with a glint in her eyes and said, “Over one year ago, Wu Yu was escorted to the frontier but got attacked by a demon snake during the trip. This was relayed to me by the few surviving soldiers, it can’t possibly be false. There couldn’t possibly be two demon snakes having connections with the capital! It must have been Hao Tian Shangxian that arranged the demon snake to kill Wu Yu!”

Her thoughts were clear and arrived at this point quickly.

“Ah!” Her maid couldn’t follow her train of thought, she was frightened. For her, Hao Tian Shangxian was a celestial. How could a celestial do harm to a mortal…?

“No wonder that thing happened on the night before Wu Yu’s ascension to the throne. It must have been a trap set up by Hao Tian Shangxian and Consort Xi.”

Before now, she was ignorant of this key fact.

Still, from the beginning, she fully trusted in Wu Yu.

“Oh my god!” The maid was freaking out.


Although Wu You’s heart was full of anger and resentment, all she could do was just sitting on the chair in a daze. She burst into tears, her slim, weak body leaned against the desk as she sobbed.

“I never knew you suffered through such a horrible plot, framed and eventually killed by Shangxian. Even now I know this, I can’t do anything. Yu, I am sorry…”

In sadness, she wept.

In his memory, Wu You had never cried like this.

“Princess, princess…”

Her maid was crying as well being at a loss as at what to do, she’d always known the princess to be tough.

“They are so strong, Wu Yu and I would never be their opponents. Now you are gone with a bad reputation, and I am going to be married off to the East Divine Kingdom…..”

In this lonely, quiet Palace, Wu You looked around blankly. For her, the most important person had departed. Knowing the truth now only served to cause her more suffering.

“Even if I have the determination and want to seek vengeance for you, I am but a weak mortal. What can I do…”

The feeling of helplessness, resentment and anger could only break her down.

Her enemy was a celestial. She was physically weak, how could she fight with a celestial…?

“Plus, I am going to die soon…”

Wu You laughed bitterly.

“Mortals’ lives are so fragile. Celestials are celestial, we are but as cheap as grass.”

What she understood now was exactly what Wu Yu did on the night before his ascension to the throne.

After a while, Wu You calmed down a little. She looked at her maid and with a serious tone said, “Mi Shang, you are my closest sister, now that they are using the fate of my mother’s kingdom to force me to marry into the East Divine Kingdom, I honestly have not long to live. Before I marry, take some money, I will arrange for someone to take you to our fief, you can have a peaceful life there.”

Mi Shang hearing this, knelt down and wailed miserably, “Princess, I…I will accompany you to East Divine Kingdom. If you die, I die too. My life belongs to you, if you die, I won’t live just for the sake of remaining alive!”

“Mi Shang, you don’t have to do this…your life is yours, plus, you have parents. You can’t take such risks.” Wu You shook her head with tears.

“Parents…but…”Mi Shang was struggling to come to a decision. On one hand there were her parents, while the other one was the princess. But eventually, she made her decision and said, “Princess, I’ve decided to send the money you give me to my parents. My brother will look after them. I will accompany you for the rest of my life, I can’t let you go to that evil place alone, don’t persuade me. I won’t listen.”

“Mi Shang! You won’t listen to me?!” Wu Yu’s face sank.

“Just this time.” Mi Shang was determined.

“Why are you…” Wu You didn’t know how to insist. She hugged Mi Shang. They were like biological sisters.

After a while, Mi Shang fell asleep in her arms.

She gently placed Mi Shang on the bed in the study room, leaving her to sleep, as she turned towards her desk, she caught a glimpse of a tall man standing with his back to her. When he turned around, she instantly knew who he was by his unique mask.

The new Imperial Protector Shangxian.

Wu Yu had been standing outside the window all this while, listening.

Wu You is so smart, she figured out the whole truth from the demon snake news.

Wu You also found out that Hao Tian Shangxian and his cohorts were forcing her to marry, threatening her with the fate of her mother’s kingdom. No wonder she didn’t struggle.

They were half brother and sister. Wu You’s mother was a noble, having blood relations to a big family in East Yue Wu. Her mother was deceased, but her relatives were still alive. Wu You had a good relationship with her mother’s family’s elders, uncles and aunts. Otherwise, Consort Xi wouldn’t have any way to threaten her.

Tonight, her pain and helplessness were breaking Wu Yu’s heart.

So, he made a decision, Wu You was trustworthy and wouldn’t expose secrets easily, so why not tell her truth that he was still alive?

In a bid to prevent her from feeling even more miserable.

The best scenario was that they both got to take revenge together, and kick the conspirators out of the capital. This way the city would belong to them once more.

So he entered her study room.

“Sun Wudao Shangxian, why you are here…” Wu You’s still had tears onher face, so she subtly wiped them off.

Wu Yu’s heart was trembling, behind his mask tears were surging, but Wu You simply couldn’t see this.

He took a few steps towards Wu You, and hugged her lightly, His moves were slow but Wu You didn’t struggle. She was looking at Wu Yu’s eyes and shivering. At the moment when Wu Yu was hugging her, she opened her eyes roundly and said with tremble, “Wu…Yu…”.

Yes, she recognized him before he said it out.

Their bloodline and over ten years of experience growing up together.

His breath, his eyes, and even his walking style were just so familiar to Wu You. Tonight in the Tian Wu Palace, when they looked at each other, Wu You already felt like he was somewhat familiar.

While for Consort Xi and others, it was simply impossible for them to ascertain this.

In the Tian Wu Palace, Wu Yu actually deliberately changed his voice, otherwise Wu You might have recognized him right away.

Hugging the trembling girl, Wu You said lightly with a hoarse voice, “Sis, I am back.”

This voice was like a dream to Wu You. She touched Wu Yu’s mask. Although it was cold, she still cried with joy.

“Little brother.”

Wu You hugged him tightly, She was afraid this might be a dream, and he would leave suddenly. It was already late in the night, maybe she was really dreaming.

“How come…how come…” In the dream, she kept murmuring these two words.

However, the familiar body temperature further confirmed that he was Wu Yu. He was much taller now. One year ago they had been about the same height, however, Wu Yu was now one head taller than Wu You.

Wu Yu was a bit calmer now. After all, it was Wu You who was much more shocked. She had thought Wu Yu was already devoured by the demon snake, and never expected that he was still alive.

“Let me see you.” She looked up.

Wu Yu took off his mask and looked at her. He couldn’t help smile. Finally, Wu Yu could let her know that he was really back.

This wasn’t a dream.

“Sis, we don’t have much time. Let’s calm down and I will tell you what happened.” Although the reunion was full of joy, their future was still full of hardship.

“Okay, okay.” Wu You also wanted to know what had happened.

Wu Yu said, “At that time, I was framed and escorted to the frontier in a carriage…”

Facing his dearest sister, Wu Yu didn’t hold anything back. He told her everything that happened during the past year, including Sun Wudao, Ruyi Jingu Bang, the competition of Celestial Kingdom Supervisor and his return to the capital.

“I can’t believe a disaster eventually brought you so many good changes. But you are kind-hearted and clear about what is right and wrong. You are worthy of these.” After listening, Wu You thought it was really unbelievable, but she eventually accepted it.

“I can’t believe that my little brother is a celestial now…” Wu You felt like it was so unlikely.

“No, we are just Dao cultivators not celestials. We have some skills and are stronger. Except these, we are no different from mortals. We are also just humans.”

“So Hao Tian Shangxian is a human too.” Wu You understood.

They clarified and talked about East Divine Kingdom.

“Currently, I can’t win against Jiang Junlin and Hao Tian, it’ll be even harder to stop their plans. We must come up with some solutions.” Wu Yu frowned.

“I see… Solutions…”

Wu You was thinking too.

They were all thinking about revenge now.

After a short while, Wu You said, “How about you pretend to have a crush on me and pursue me. Announce it in public and at the same time, I will spread rumours about the evil things that the East Divine Kingdom has done. We will make it look like we are fighting for true love. Then, you will confront the Imperial Protector Shangxian from East Divine Kingdom because of me. If you can win against him, you can get rid of the East Divine Kingdom. You are from the Sword to Heaven Sect, so you have a reason to meddle. As long as you don’t get exposed, they can’t kill you. You can also protect me.”

“Good idea!” Wu Yu suddenly understood.

This was awesome.

He could never come up with a better idea.

“The key is me being powerful enough to defeat the Imperial Protector Shangxian from East Divine Kingdom.”

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