Chapter 43: A Sword Cuts The World!

“This is…their fighting style seems so foreign it’s totally different from my world,” Fang Tien thought, shocked at all he was seeing

“BANG!” sounds of an explosion rang out as the two boundless forces of energy collided, the force created by the explosion directly flung the Empress and the Saint through space towards the nearby World.

“BOOM, BOOM!” Loud sounds of the something crashing within the earth could be seen as two massive craters appeared within a secluded forest inside this strange world.

“cough” a mouthful of black blood was coughed up by the supreme saint as he stood up from inside the crater.

On the opposite end, the veiled figure could be seen standing dustless above the sky overlooking the supreme saint their bloodshed aura suppressing the space, their look aloof and heartless they glowed with murderous intentions blood seeped from the space gathering behind them, ghastly cries resonating.

“Pitiful, your rank is higher but you’re so much weaker, your Dao is a disappointment” The Lunatic Empress heartless voice could be heard.

Standing up the Supreme Saint stared calmly at the veiled figure as if no matter what words are said or any tribulations he has to suffer his Dao Heart will always stand firmly as his invisible faith had no end.

“The Road of cultivation is boundless, who’s to say whos Dao is weak? the true laws of the universe are all created equal, at the apex we shall all achieve the same endpoint” The calm deep voice of the supreme saint could be heard, seeming eternally serene.

“We shall see how truly equal it is when my Dao of slaughtering paves the way to the apex, littered with the corpse of these so-called ‘equal Dao’ “


“Blood wave!” The Lunatic Empress heartless said

Torrential downpours of blood could be seen as red dyed the vault of heaven, it was as if the very world was bleeding as this bloody rain crashed down from the skies above.

“Clank!” sword cries rang out as a blood red scimitar was pulled out from within the waves of bloody Qi.


With a mighty swing, a great wave of bloodshot energy charged forward, seeming to form a sea of blood as it combined with the bloody rain that poured down.

“Bang!” The space in this world appeared feeble as rips could be seen within the world because of the motion of the energy moving through space alone.

“Heavens Judgement!”

“BOOM!” a loud explosion rang out as Dao Principles fell from the sky, a radiant golden light shone from the skies as a Large tear appeared above the vault of heaven, within this large tear tumultuous chaotic energy could be seen within the cracks.

“The sky is falling? are the gods punishing us?” cries of horror rang out as the mortals and cultivators of this world looked upwards the destructive scene seemed as if the world was ending, the bloody rain falling and reaching every corner of this world.

Inside a large Home, the bloody rain invaded seems as if nothing could avoid its touch, a child stood looking throughout the windows , “mom are we dying?”

A graceful womanly figure could be seen beside him, ” We have to pray and hope dear, the saint emperor will answer our prayers!” A motherly voice replied, her sound one full of comfort.

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