Chapter 44: A Sword Cuts The World!( Part 2 )

“Rumble, Rumble!” thunderous sounds rang out from the skies, the source seems to be from the large tear within the sky.

“So You’re trying to end it in one move?” with a sneer the Lunatic Empress looked upwards towards the sky, the heavens seem to part as the clouds in the sky gathered together a widening gap appearing within the middle of the clouds.


Divine light exploded from the gap inside the middle of the clouds, this light radiated throughout the entire world bringing comfort to the restless hearts of every creature.

A strong beam of concentrated energy blasted downwards towards the Lunatic Empress everything within its path being evaporated into nothingness, the skies, the trees, and even the earth, so long as it stood within the path of this beam of energy it would cease to exist!

The veil covering the Lunatic Empress face flapped constantly as the wind and pure energy from the force of the beam of energy flowed past, her face looking directly into the beam as she seemed to be enchanted by it.

“Oh how beautiful yet sad, this strike will undoubtedly permanently damage this world beyond its self-recovery abilities, the so-called Supreme Saint who’s hailed by the masses as a savior is really ruthless enough to cause this much damage to kill me?” the Lunatic Empress sighed lightly

With his hands behind his back, the Supreme Saint stood proudly as he looked towards the Lunatic Empress his voice traveling to her soul through Divine Sense, “I’ve already made a deal with the spirit of this world, as any damage I’ve done can be repaired with my universal stone.”

” The only loss will be from our Ancient Shen, as he will be losing a powerful potential follower” The Supreme Saint voice resonated within the Lunatic Empress soul his voice carrying obvious signs of pain and sadness as if he was talking to a deceased daughter.

“To Kill me? Even if it was the World Tree striking I wouldn’t die”the Lunatic Empress Sneered as she looked upwards.

“CLANK” sword cries rang throughout the world, it was as if trillions of sword became unsheathed at the same time

“Asura-Hell Blade!” the Lunatic Empress could be heard her hand raised towards the heavens as if an invisible blade was being held, as sounds of loud explosions could be heard from above the skies of the world inside the vast outer space.


“What is that? a..blade?” confused voices could be heard within a crowd of cultivators within the outer space of the world, golden light the form of a barrier covered them as the powerful Heaven’s Shield still stood in effect, protecting this group of cultivators.

Sounds of Oghis the world-devouring serpent and the mythical divine dragon fighting within the void could still be heard.

Within the upper reaches of the space, a crack could be seen, revealing a planet-sized blade as it slowly descended towards the world containing the Lunatic Empress and the Supreme Saint, its massive blade edges dark red as if contaminated by countless centuries of blood.

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