Chapter 44: You Ling Ji

“In a few days, people from East Divine Kingdom will come. I will use this time to cultivate. It would be better if I made some progress.”

Late at night, after discussing with Princess Wu You, Wu Yu made a decision.

“Right. All our options are dependant on the fact you can defeat the Imperial Protector Shangxian from East Divine Kingdom. But, although I don’t cultivate, I still know that we cannot rush anything. You need to calm down and concentrate on your cultivation.”

“I understand.

Wu Yu didn’t go back to Shangxian Mountain.

There was a cultivation room in Wu You Palace before. Except Wu You, on one was allowed to enter. After one year, he had returned to this room once more and concentrated on cultivation.

The first half of the first heavenly stage of Indestructible Vajra Body focused on forging the various physical aspects of the body and then moved on to Mind Condensing, Tuotai and Xianbian.

The tenth stage of Mortal Body Forging Phase was called Tongshen.

Tongshen was a state of mind, a big achievement of martial arts. Only after cultivators achieved this state, could they create a foundation for Dao cultivation.

This was more like a mental transformation, in which cultivator’s mentality and body combined, reaching a perfect state for martial arts.

Tongshen in martial arts was called Martial Sovereign in the mortal world.

Of course, Wu Yu was far more powerful than a Martial Sovereign now.

After Celestial Monkey Transformation, The last stage of the first phase of Indestructible Vajra Body was ‘Tongshen Staff’.

In fact, the name of the last technique was exactly the reason why Wu Yu chose the Demon Emperor Staff.

Tongshen Staff— A staff reaching for the gods. [Fun fact (highlight if you wish to read it): First half of sentence is ‘Tongshen one staff’, second half is ‘One staff tongshen’. Tongshen means to associate with gods. Btw, one staff reads as ‘Yigun’, so the whole sentence reads as ‘Tongshen Yigun, Yigun Tongshen.’]

Although it sounded quite simple, it indicated the core truth of the technique.

“If I can use Tongshen Staff, I can reach the perfect state. At that time, not only will my martial cultivation be complete, my cultivation of the first phase of the Indestructible Vajra Body will be complete too.”

“I wonder what will happen at that time.”

Wu Yu held his staff against the ground.

“It looks simple, but Tongshen Staff was much more difficult than Celestial Monkey Transformation.”

This needed an understanding as well as a transformation.

Maybe it needed an chance opportunity too.

“Although I can leave the East Divine Kingdom things be for now, the time is tense, it will still disturb me. My heart needs to be calm down so that I can ponder over the ‘Tongshen Staff”.

Wu Yu was struggling between anxiety and calmness.

During these days, after gaining some hope, Wu You was busy with another thing. That was, spreading rumours about the evil acts of Jiu Shijun to the people of the capital, including ministers, generals, and even streets vendors.

These people actually had heard the bad reputation of Jiu Shijun. Now with Wu You’s push, hundreds of thousands of people in the capital knew that their new emperor Yuan Hao was going to let Princess Wu You marry a monster. This was undoubtedly driving Princess Wu You to hell.

Princess Wu You had been doing good for the people and had gained a better reputation than Wu Yu among the people.

She was trying to pave a way for the future by doing this. Even though there were hundreds of thousands of people in the capital, they might still not be able to help her. But at the very least, Emperor Yuan Hao would be condemned by the public. If he wanted to maintain a stable capital, he had to listen to the voices of civilians.

Time flew by as Yu cultivated laboriously.

“Yu, how is everything going?”

At noon, Princess Wu You stood outside the cultivation room. She didn’t even tell Mi Shang about Wu Yu.

Wu Yu opened the stone door. He was wearing the mask every day. He shook his head, saying, “Tongshen is the last phase of martial cultivation. It is too difficult. I have no progress yet.”

‘Tongshen Staff’ looked easy, but it was actually too profound to easily understand. Wu Yu tried thousands of staff strikes, but hadn’t gotten the key point yet.

Wu You was disappointed and a bit upset. She said, “This morning, three thousand soldiers from East Divine Kingdom were stationed outside the capital. Jiu Shijun and a few trusted followers are in the royal palace already. I think his Imperial Protector Shangxian is here too. I have to attend the dinner tonight and meet Jiu Shijun.

This day finally came.

“I can only pray that Imperial Protector Shangxian is not too powerful.” It was not possible to reach Tongshen at this moment. He had to just bite the bullet.

“Since I am the Imperial Protector Shangxian here. If another Imperial Protector Shangxian from the neighbor kingdom comes, I guess they will invite me too. I am going back to Shangxian Mountain now.”

They walked out, when Mi Shang hurrying came over to report things. Wu Yu then hid in the dark.

“Princess, the Emperor is here. He is waiting in Tranquil Hall.“

“What does he want?” This new Emperor Yuan Hao was the most hateful. Ever since he was born, Wu You hated him.

In Tranquil Hall, Yuan Hao stood with two hands behind his back, showing a real style. He coughed a bit, with a sunk face, saying, “Wu You, I invited Jiu Shijun to the dinner tonight, plus his Imperial Protector Shangxian, You Ling Ji. You must come to meet Jiu Shijun. Tomorrow, you will dress up and marry him.

“I understand.” Wu You said indifferently.

So, everything counted on tonight.

Yuan Hao’s cold and strict eyes were examining Wu You. He suddenly sneered, “Wu You, I know what are you thinking. But I am telling you, if anything goes wrong during these two days, your whole maternal family will go hell! You have to behave good to Jiu Shijun and marry to East Divine Kingdom peacefully. Don’t you dare to commit suicide. If you do, the relationship between us two kingdoms will be tense. If that happens, I will first kill your maternal family and all your relatives!”

He not only wanted her to marry, but also didn’t allow her to kill herself. This was torture. This was revenge.

“I understand.” Wu You responded indifferently. Her eyes had no reaction.

“Wu You, enjoy your future life! Ha ha! You are same as Wu Yu. You are both too hard-edged. One was good at studying and one was good at martial arts? You were supposed to be the top ones. What a pity. You both were defeated by me.”

Wearing his imperial robe, he walked in big strides and left Wu You Palace.

Wu Yu walked out from outside the hall, looking at Yuan Hao walking away. His face sunken, and said, “If he was not my half-brother, I would have already killed this beast.”

He put his resentment on Hao Tian and Consort Xi, but not Yuan Hao, simply because they were half-brothers.

But Wu You shook her head, saying, “You are wrong. He is not your half-brother.”

“What?” Wu Yu was shocked.

“He and Yuan Chen should both be Hao Tian Shangxian’s sons.” Wu You said.

“What the hell?” Wu Yu had never thought of this. But now he found they actually looked more similar to Hao Tian, rather than Wu Yu’s father. Although Wu Yu was also the son of a concubine, he looked almost same like his father.

“How can you be so sure?”

“A woman’s intuition.” Wu You said.

Although she didn’t have 100% proof, but Wu Yu believed her. She wouldn’t have said it if she wasn’t sure.

“If that’s the case, then I don’t need to care about him.”

Then, Wu Yu went back to Shangxian Mountain. After a while, Hao Tian Shangxian’s message pigeon flew to Shangxian Mountain. It was swallowed by the Heaven Cloud Roc directly after the note was in Wu Yu’s hand. As expected, they invited Wu Yu to Tian Wu Palace.

As the Imperial Protector Shangxian here, although he couldn’t take over of East Yue Wu, he had to meet ‘You Ling Ji’ Shangxian.

“You Ling Ji must be a Devil Cultivator.”

Wu Yu burned that note, looking at the direction of the capital.

“Sis’ fate counts on tonight.”

That tender girl who accompanied him growing up was in his heart forever. Every single detail in the past years and their family affection could never fade away.

“If you want her to die, you will have to kill me first!”

Furious fire was burning in Shangxian Mountain,


In the evening, the capital was very busy.

Many civilians gathered in the streets and looked at the direction of the Royal Palace.

“They say Princess Wu You is going to marry the evil Jiu Shijun tomorrow.”

“People of East Divine Kingdom are vicious. They burn, kill and rob. That is a hell in the mortal world. I can’t believe that the kind-hearted Princess Wu You has such a miserable fate. Such a pity…”

“If not for her, many of us wouldn’t be alive now. It is her who gives us a chance to live. She gave us money as well as skills to survive.”

“But we can’t even help her with anything!”

Many people were wiping away tears.

“How could Emperor Yuan Hao make this decision! Why would a big East Yue Wu have to ally that devilish kingdom! Our kingdom is so prosperous and strong…”

“Prince Yu did say that once he took over the kingdom, he would destroy that devilish kingdom…”

“Don’t mention Prince Yu. Many people got their head cut off because of that. Princess Wu You had a good relationship with Prince Yu. That’s why she has to marry there.”

“Such a beautiful and kind ‘lotus’. She is going to be sent to the devils place! Pity! Pity!”

Almost everyone was talking about this. Their eyes were red and they felt sorry for Wu You. Today, Jiu Shijun led his followers and walked through the streets. Many people saw that monster.

Wu Yu was sitting on the Heaven Cloud Roc and flew above the streets. The Royal Palace was ahead. The roc roared and started to land. Its target was exactly the Tian Wu Palace.

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