Chapter 45: Battle of wits in the Tian Wu Palace


Wu Yu landed on the ground outside Tian Wu Palace.

“Junior Brother Sun? Please come in.” Hao Tian Shangxian was really a hypocrite. He just suppressed Wu Yu in Tian Wu Palace a few days ago, and now he pretended like nothing had happened when he was welcoming Wu Yu.

To be honest, he did not think highly of Wu Yu, but was just afraid that he might annoy the Sword to Heaven Sect behind Wu Yu.

After all, based on agreements between two sects, it should be Wu Yu who should have taken over here and they should have already left the capital.

Only Hao Tian, Consort Xi and Emperor Yuan Hao were there. Jiang Junlin and Yuan Chen were absent. They must have had things to do when they came here. A big figure like Jiang Junlin would never spend much time in this small palace.

It should be Yuan Chen who instigated him to suppress Wu Yu.

Certainly, they didn’t go far.

Their absence was an advantage to Wu Yu.

After a while, Princess Wu You came. To pave for the fight later on, Wu Yu was talking to Wu You all the time while neglecting Consort Xi, Yuan Hao and Hao Tian.

“Princess Wu You is really pretty today.” Wu Yu complimented her.

The Emperor Yuan Hao sneered, “She has to dress up for her future husband.”

Wu Yu nodded, saying, “Beauty and hero are a perfect match. I guess Jiu Shijun must be a handsome hero. He must be a man of striking appearance; otherwise how can he be worthy of Princess Wu You. It is said that a fresh flower shall not be on a heap of cow-dung. “

It made an embarrassing silence. Consort Xi smiled, saying “Shangxian Sun is so humorous. Men are not all about appearance. We have to count their capabilities. Jiu Shijun is very capable.”

She just finished speaking, and something happened outside.

Wu Yu noticed that and felt his hairs were on ends. The people who came must not be so simple.

Since ancient times, people who killed others like flies had an evil and bloody aura and were even surrounded by ghost spirits. The person who was now standing outside Tian Wu Palace was exactly that type of person. They were not tolerated by the Celestial Dao and were punished even worse than demons.

Today’s main characters had arrived.

Before showing up, his rough and loud laughter was already heard. Wu Yu looked up, and saw a giant shadow on the gate of the Tian Wu Palace. That was a burly man of similar height as Wu You, but his size was triple of hers. His arms were full of muscles and as thick as Wu Yu’s thigh. His dark skin was tattooed with several prints, like a fierce tiger. He didn’t wear many clothes, just a piece of black bear skin wrapped his around waist, as if he was like a wild beast.

Looking up, he should be over 50 years old, totally bald, with a big scar from his head to cheek, his head might have been almost broken by someone once. One of his eyes was blind, while the other one was very fierce. A mouth of yellow teeth, too horrible to even look at. He must eat raw meat very often.

This was, Jiu Shijun.

An ugly beast.

No wonder Consort Xi said he was capable.

Being so ugly was really quite rare and capable on its own.

No matter how many things Princess Wu You had seen before, seeing Jiu Shijun, she just wanted to throw up. As for Wu Yu, his anger was rolling inside. If he was a bit later, Princess Wu You would have had to marry that beast and was not allowed to kill herself. That meant she was really going to hell.

“I am Jiu Shijun. Nice to meet you, two Shangxian from East Yue Wu!” Jiu Shijun was really rough and loud. He kept laughing loudly and bowed at Wu Yu and Han Tian Shangxian as soon as he came.

Only now did Wu Yu have the chance to see the person behind Jiu Shijun.

You Ling Ji.

Jiu Shijun was too burly, so his body blocked Wu Yu’s sight. Actually no matter how cruel and ugly Jiu Shijun was, the most fearsome one was You Ling Ji.

You Ling Ji was a woman dressed in a black dress, not tall but with a good figure. She was wearing a black cloak, so Wu Yu couldn’t see her face clearly. But Wu Yu felt she was cold and vicious. She was more restrained than Jiu Shijun, while her evil and bloody aura  was much stronger than Jiu Shijun’s.

“So strong…”

Behind his mask, Wu Yu frowned.

“In this capital, Jiang Junlin must be the strongest. Next are Hao Tian and You Ling Ji. You Ling Ji is more vicious and evil, while Hao Tian cultivates orthodox Daoism, he must be one phase higher than You Ling Ji. Although she is fearsome, she may only be one or two phases higher than Situ Minglang…”

This was just his estimation. Wu Yu was not 100 percent sure of her real strength. Once they start fighting, she might have hidden techniques.

“Anyways, You Ling Ji is over my limit. If we fight, the odds are less than 20 percent.”

This was a dangerous number.

After all, Wu Yu was actually only at 10th Heavenly Stage of the Martial Dao.

He had discussed with Wu You before. He drew two lines on the table, which was telling Wu You that his odds were only 20 percent.

Wu You understood.

The odds ware too low. She had imagined this situation before.

“Please have a seat.”

Hao Tian Shangxian’s face was shining with happiness. There were no mortals there. He showed You Ling Ji to her seat personally. As for that Jiu Shijun, he was more like her follower, following her all the time.

Then, when he saw Princess Wu You, his eyes started flashing and he couldn’t move his sight away from her.

Princess Wu You’s beauty was well-known. Even though he was in East Divine Kingdom, he still heard about it.

Finally, they all had their seats. Only now did You Ling Ji take off her cloak. Under that cloak, there was an ordinary-looking face, not very beautiful. But her eyes were dark purple, a little bit horrifying, and were like a dark whirlpool. Mortals were too afraid to look at her eyes. Her lips, which were supposed to be red, were dark purple too. There was a black mark beside the lip, making her uglier.

Her name was sexy, but her appearance was far worse than Wu You. No wonder Jiu Shijun stared at Wu You as if he had never see a beauty. His eyeballs were going to pop out. His wild and desiring eyes made Wu You sick.

“Sun Wudao, I am a girl. I don’t hide myself, so why don’t you take off your mask and let us see your true face.” After taking off her cloak, You Ling Ji started to talk to Wu Yu.

While she was ordinary looking, her voice was very nice and soft, making people numb and weak.

“I am born ugly. I don’t want to let people see my face.” Wu Yu said.

“He he, are you uglier than me?” You Ling Ji smiled.

“You Ling Ji is more elegant and much more prettier than me.” Because You Ling Ji was too powerful, he had to change the plan. In order to save Wu You’s life, he had to behave nice too.

You Ling Ji laughed after hearing that and stopped asking again. Consort Xi asked Princess Wu You to pour wine. Princess Wu You stood up, and poured wine for each guest. Her noble posture made Jiu Shijun’s eyes freeze in place.

“This wine is not bad, but not as nourishing as infant’s blood.” When tasting the wine, You Ling Ji squinted and enjoyed it.

Infant’s blood!

If not a devil cultivator, how else could she say such a thing.

The surrounding people  almost choked, You Ling Ji laughed, “I am just joking. I, You Ling Ji cultivated orthodox Dao and learned from the ‘Seven Celestials of Red Sea ‘, how could I drink infant’s blood?”

Hao Tian Shangxian and others started to laugh too and changed the topic, “You Ling Ji, Jiu Shijun, you have seen Princess Wu You today. Are you satisfied?”

Jiu Shijun nodded, saying, “Yes, very much! It is my great honor to marry Princess Wu You.”

Honor? He know only how to slaughter and commit evil acts.

Hao Tian Shangxian laughed slightly, saying, “Alright, as we agreed before, you can marry Princess Wu You and take her back to East Divine Kingdom tomorrow. Our Princess Wu You has been waiting for you a long time.”

“No problem, at all.” Jiu Shijun laughed and his face looked hideous.

There was a mountain of fire rolling in Wu Yu’s heart. He was thinking that whether he should tell them that he had fallen in love with Princess Wu You and start competing with Jiu Shijun. If so, he had to fight with You Ling Ji.

But, Wu You had already attracted all their attention, especially Jiu Shijun’s.

Wu You was wiping tears at the corner of her eyes and sobbing. She looked so vulnerable and additionally delicate. As far as Wu Yu could recall, she had never been so fragile. She was tough even when crying.

“Pa!” Yuan Hao was so angry, banging his fist on the table and standing, “Wu You, what are you doing…” Before he could finish his words, Hao Tian Shangxian had stopped him. They thought Wu You was trying to escape, but they couldn’t say it out, because You Ling Ji and Jiu Shijun were all here.

“What happened? Princess Wu You?” Seeing Wu You sobbing, his heart was going to melt.

“I….am fine.” Wu You shook her head and tried to suppress herself.

“Please tell me. I am your future husband. I will solve any problem for you.” Jiu Shijun slapped his chest and said generously.

Wu You had to say, “Actually…not a big deal. It’s just…I have lived in the capital since I was born. All of my close relatives all live here. Once I go to East Divine Kingdom, I don’t know when I will be back. I am so sad. I have been sick recently and didn’t have time to say farewell to my family and friends. So I am feeling miserable…”

“I see, but if you marry me, you have to go to East Divine Kingdom” Jiu Shijun said reluctantly.

“If…if you could not rush it, not leave tomorrow…if you could give me one more month, it would be much better. Plus, I just recovered from illness. I am afraid I can’t stand such a long trip to East Divine Kingdom right away…”

Wu You was very clear about the weakness of Jiu Shijun.

Shijun agreed.

Wu Yu finally understood that Wu You was asking one month for him to cultivate and prepare. She gave a good show today.

Since Jiu Shijun agreed, Hao Tian Shangxian had nothing to say. Just in case they might disagree, Wu Yu said, “Alright, just stay for one more moth. I know You Ling Ji is really powerful and I would also like to ask some things from her.”

There was no doubt that You Ling Ji was a devil cultivator.

“Fine, let’s stay for one month.” As expected, after Wu Yu said that, You Ling Ji agreed. In fact, Jiu Shijun had to listen to her decision.

After You Ling Ji said that, Hao Tian Shangxian had to remain silent.

But Wu Yu’s interruption attracted their attention.

Of course, Wu Yu was meant to attract their attention, pretending that he had a crush on Wu You.

Then, they wouldn’t be too shocked if he grabbed the bride a month later.

Wu You said she didn’t feel good and wanted to rest at the half of the dinner. She left and Wu Yu didn’t stay long either. He didn’t know what happened after they left.

“At least, I can try desperately to improve for one more month!”

After one month, there was no more chance.

Wu You’s fate all counted on his efforts in this one month.

“Succeed, we live. Fail, then we die together.”

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