Chapter 45: A Sword Cuts The World!( Part 3 )


Suddenly the world shook, a boundless blade edge could be seen descending from above the heavens, this blood red blade edge seemed to cover every corner of the world as an aura of death covered the world whole, gravity seems to have increase 10x as if the pressure of the world withstanding the vast blade rested on the shoulders of every creature.

“Bang” Inside the world, trees could be seen sinking deeper into the ground and even entire towns it was as if the earth swallowed them whole as the pressure from the large blade proliferated far and wide encompassing the world.

“This is… maddening, the karmic sins that will be added to your body from this will block all future hopes of advancing in cultivation for you!” The Supreme Saint complexion finally changed as his once confident and calm demeanor vanished, what replaced it was a feeling of helpless unwillingness.

With a mocking laugher the Lunatic Empress could be seen her hand raised as if holding an invisible sword pointed toward the heavens, “we’re immortal, the petty hatred and karmic sins of mortals mean nothing to us, death!”

With a wave of her fair and slender hands, the blade descended faster as its edged fully entered the atmosphere of the world, the pressure brought forward was enough to shatter the cracked Void and scattering the concentrated divine energy that gathered within the gap in the clouds.

“Ahhh” The Supreme Saint staggered as he coughed up a mouthful of blood from the rebound of his forbidden skill being canceled, his aura weakening considerably.

While Forbidden skills are heaven-defying in might and able to harness the laws of the world into secret techniques they required immense life force and energy to use if one were to fail while casting it death would await such a user in most cases.

An atmospheric pressure of death covered the world, as a strong stench of blood encompassed the entire earth and the skies, the world seemed to have been covered by a red colored glass as a hazy blood colored mist spread throughout, Blood could be seen seeping from cities and towns as entire populated areas transformed into massive oceans of blood.

The Blade had yet to even fully enter the world but the pressure alone has caused irreversible damage, various celestial phenomena filled the skies as brand marks of immortal cultivators and Divine creatures could be seen activating throughout the world.

Blood rained from the heavens as if the world was wept, within this hell filled scene the Lunatic Empress laugher could be heard resonating far and wide, her veil soaked by blood.

“BOOM, BOOM” Sounds of explosions rang out as the Large blood red Blade could be seen entering the Planet,its massive blade crushing it whole as the planet collapsed its planetary energy condensed, the space where a planet once occupied was void as a red bead hovered in its spot, a gigantic blade beside it shone with blood light as it slowly vanished as if it was an illusion.

The Lunatic Empress could be seen floating in the empty spot where the massive blade vanished, her fair and slender hands gripping tightly to a Nascent Soul, it was the soul of the Supreme Saint, her once bloodied Veil had restored its jet black appearance as she looked towards the crowd of cultivators with a blood-thirsty aura radiating from her.

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