Chapter 46: Hidden waves

After guest all left, only Hao Tian, Consort Xi and Emperor Yuan Hao stayed in Tian Wu Palace.

Not until You Ling Ji and Jiu Shijun had gone far, did Yuan Hao dare to bang the table in full rage, saying, “Wu You, what a bitch! She dares to play dirty tricks. Now I am going to kill her maternal family!”

“Pa.” Hao Tian Shangxian’s eyes became cold. With only one glance, all the liquid on the table became a palm, slapping Yuan Hao’s face bitterly.

“Why did you slap me?” Yuan Hao was shocked and scared. His brain was slapped out.

“You have been too impatient recently. If I am not here, you, the Emperor, will undoubtedly be killed in no more than three days.” Hao Tian Shangxian said indifferently.

“You…you only treat Yuan Chen as a treasure. I am your son too! You never care much for me!” Hearing his disparagement and being slapped bitterly, Yuan Chen couldn’t control himself.

“Shut up. If it weren’t for you, Shangxian wouldn’t have stayed here till now. Get out and reflect on your mistake!” Consort Xi stared at him with her slanted eyes.

“Humph.” Yuan Hao left indignantly.

“Master, please don’t be mad at Yuan Hao.” Consort Xi kneed down in front of Hao Tian Shangxian. She knew the difference between mortals and celestials in her heart. If Yuan Chen hadn’t made such an achievement, Hao Tian Shangxian wouldn’t even take a look at her.

“Trash. I don’t have time for him.” Hao Tian Shangxian didn’t consider Yuan Hao as a matter. He said, “Yuan Xi, one thing was strange today. Why did Sun Wudao speak for Wu You and suggested to You Ling Ji and Jiu Shijun to stay for one more month?”

Yuan Xi stood up, thought and said, “With my sixth sense, I believe Sun Wudao must have fallen for Wu You. I heard that the citizens are not satisfied with Princess Wu You marrying Jiu Shijun.”

“When we take over the navy and triple our territory, they will shut up.” Hao Tian Shangxian sneered.

“Right. With Yuan Chen here, we have a reason to take over East Yue Wu, and then expand our land. Dao resources within the territory will become all yours.”

This was the reason why East Yue Wu allied with East Divine Kingdom.

Celestials couldn’t meddle in mortals’ battles. Hao Tian Shangxian wanted to have more resources, so this was a good idea.

“Can’t let Sun Wudao ruin our plan.” There was ferocity in Hao Tian Shangxian’s eyes.

Yuan Xi said, “Certainly not. But if he wants to meddle, he has to confront You Ling Ji. Say, is You Ling Ji more powerful than him? It may be a chance to use You Ling Ji to kill him, and take revenge for senior sister Wan Qing. Master, senior sister Wan Qing was raised up by you. How can you let her die in unrest?”

Their problem was that they couldn’t fight with Wu Yu officially.

“I thought he would behave well in Shangxian Mountain, but he wants to create trouble. If he annoys You Ling Ji, that is not my business. Even if he gets killed, that is a conflict between the Seven Devils of Red Sea and the Sword to Heaven Sect. It’s not our business. If the Sword to Heaven Sect sends a new Imperial Protector Shangxian here, Yuan Chen and Jiang Junlin can handle it.”

“Sun Wudao is kind of a threat. Would be better if he died.”

Hao Tian Shangxian thought for a while and made a decision.


Dong Yang Palace.

This was the most luxurious place in the Imperial Palace, used to accommodate the most important guests. You Ling Ji and Jiu Shijun were living here.

Dong Yang Palace was decorated with glittering articles of gold and jade. But since Jiu Shijun blew out all the candles, the vast halls were all dark, in deathly stillness in the midnight.

In the main hall of the Dong Yang Palace, You Ling Ji lied down in a gold chair lazily, with her whole body covered tightly, while showing her snow white feet. Under her feet, a strong man was kneeling down there. Although he was smiling, his ugly face made his smile ugly too.

His thick and big hands were taking care of You Ling Ji’s feet carefully, licking them and making her chuckle.

“Jiu, you are tempted and confused by that beauty. I hadn’t agreed yet but you already did. If I was as short-tempered as before, I would have already twisted your head off.” You Ling Jing said with a smile.

“Mercy, celestial! In my heart, you are the prettiest celestial in this world. As for that Princess Wu You, I will just take her back to East Divine Kingdom and share the beauty from East Yue Wu with my brothers.” Jiu Shi Jun said.

“I don’t believe you. Aren’t you itching? After all, she is really a beauty.”

“My heart only has you.” Jiu Shijun said with determination.

“Go away. You are just a mortal. You only deserve to lick my feet.” You Ling Ji laughed slightly.

“I am willing!” Jiu Shijun said.

“Why do you want to delay for a month?”

“I once heard you say that this Dongsheng Divine Continent is forbidden for you, and you’ve always wanted to try the fresh blood here. But you didn’t have a chance. Now Hao Tian Shangxian invited you here. It’s a precious chance. You should enjoy some time here.”

“I see. How very considerate of you.” You Ling Ji laughed and her body was shaking.

They talked for two hours and You Ling Ji took back her fair legs, saying, “Enough, go rest. It’s time for me to hunt some food.”

“Take care, celestial.”


Only when they arrived at Wu You Palace, did Wu You finally relax.

“Tonight, I thought you were going to fight with You Ling Ji.” Wu You looked at Wu Yu with her beautiful eyes.

“Don’t worry. Since I am on the path to cultivate Dao, I certainly understand that the last thing I should do is to fight with much stronger people.” Wu Yu laughed slightly.

Anyways, at the very least, he shouldn’t let Wu You worry about him.

“For now, I will deal with Jiu Shijun and Hao Tian Shangxian, you concentrate on cultivation. I think one month is their limit. Let’s see how much progress you can make in this month…”

Wu You had barely bought some time.

“Sis, I won’t let you down.” Wu You said determinedly.

“If I really hit a dead-end, and I can’t do anything more, I will just fight to death in front of you.”

Wu You’s eyes were moist. She shook her head, “Remember, no matter what will happen, I won’t be disappointed with you. Plus, my life is pointless. You are a celestial now, and you have a bright future. Don’t waste your life for me. Otherwise, even if I die, I won’t feel relieved.”

She was determined.

Wu You knew that to argue at this moment was not necessary. He should take the time to study his ‘Tongshen Staff’.

After Wu You went to sleep, Wu Yu had a short rest and took his Demon Emperor Staff.

“This cultivation room is too narrow and closed, but Tongshen Staff needs my mind to connect with the heaven and earth. I should go find a place with a vast sight.”

There was a tower in Wu You Palace, on top of which people could see half the capital. The view was good. Wu Yu went to the tower at midnight. Although the capital looked peaceful, but it was actually full of dangers. He closed his eyes, calmed down, held the staff and tried to feel the connections among the staff, the heaven, the earth, and himself.

“No hurry, no anxiety.”

Wu Yu said to himself.

However, the more anxious one was, the harder it was for him to reach a tranquil state. Thus, he was upset. He understood that he still had a long way to go.

“What is Tongshen Staff!”

This was the most confused thing to him.

When he was lost in confusion, a strange fishy smell appeared in the air, among which, there was the smell of blood and that of ‘yin’…

Wu Yu suddenly opened his eyes.

“No demon qi so no demon. Who could kill people in such a way in the late night?”

He was not nosy.

But he was born in the capital and had deep connections with the people here. This was his home.


Wu Yu brought his staff and disappeared from the tower into the streets in an instant.


The closer he got, the heavier the ‘yin’ smell. This can’t be from a fight between mortals’. It must be celestials or demons.

“You Ling Ji!”

Wu Yu knew that it had to be her.

Wan Qing had been killed. It could only be You Ling Ji.

In front of him, there was a quiet mortal’s house whose door was unlocked. There was a bloody smell inside, which was different from demon qi, but as evil as demons.

When he stood in front of the house, he saw blood splashed all over the walls, tables, chairs and the floor. There were four bodies, an elderly man, an elderly woman and a young couple. Their dead appearance looked miserable. That blood belonged to them.

There were some movements inside the bedroom. A figure was moving in the dark night. When Wu Yu looked at that direction, that person noticed Wu Yu and turned around. It was You Ling Ji with a pale looke!

Her hands were full of blood. Behind her, there was a wooden bed with the quilt opened. On the uncovered wood there was an array drawn with blood. A baby was lying in the center of the array, crying but not injured. At that time, the blood array lit up, like numerous hands which were going to penetrate into the infant’s body.

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