Chapter 46: Intruders

Zhi Ling city was the capital city of the Zhi Ling region. It was naturally distinct to Xia Feng region’s capital Xia Feng city.

Xia Feng region was a mountainous region. Even its capital was constructed in accordance with the mountains. Since the city couldn’t have extended past the mountains, its shape seemed long and narrow.

However, Zhi Ling region was different. It was located on plains. All the cities of the region were extended in all the directions and had roads coming and going through them in every direction. Roads in a particular direction coiled around the major road of that direction.

Zhi Ling city was not like Xia Feng city, which only possessed a single major road that wasn’t even completed yet.

After they’d passed two villages and two rice fields following the road, groups of buildings began to appear more frequently. One group of the Xia Feng students entered the urban area surrounding the Zhi Ling city. They saw the tall and majestic City Wall of the city from afar. This was also not present in the Xia Feng city. The same mountains which had dictated the construction of the Xia Feng city also allowed to create an easy-to-guard defense mechanism by exploiting the shape of mountains. This was pretty much the only respect in which Xia Feng city was ahead of the Zhi Ling city.

After entering the street region outside the city, Lu Ping and the rest began to ask around for the whereabouts of the Tian Zhao institute.

Tian Zhao institute had an outstanding reputation in the Zhi Ling city and even in the entire Zhi Ling region. After asking around throughout the whole way without much effort, they eventually arrived at a lonely yet wide street. Lu Ping and the rest found themselves in front of the entrance of the Tian Zhao institute, while behind them was a lost student of Xia Feng institute who was sizing them up with a strange gaze. Diagonally across the entrance of the Tian Zhao institute was another entrance which wasn’t the least bit less imposing than the former. On the entrance’s top were two big letters: Bi Polar.

Tian Zhao and Bi Polar, the two famous institutes of the Zhi Ling region, were surprisingly separated by just a single street. The poor student had never heard about it before.

Over at the side of the Bi Polar institute, the letter regarding the collapse of the Soul’s Tower and the borrowing of their Soul’s Tower had arrived before the arrival of students, thus, the students of the Xia Feng entered the institute without a hitch.

However, the Lu Ping and the rest had been stopped at the entrance of the Tian Zhao institute.

“Chu Min? There’s no such teacher here.”

After they’d explained their purpose of visit, they were rudely blocked.

“Hiccup… or perhaps, she is not a teacher; she is a dean.” Xi Fan said while recalling the conversation with their Dean when the latter had handed them the letter.

“Looking for trouble, are you? Everybody know that the dean of the Tian Zhao institute is Senior Yun Chong. I’d voted him myself!” The guard had a proud expression. Although he was only a common man who’d been kept to stand guard at the entrance, he didn’t seem to be taking these few youngsters, who appeared to be cultivators, seriously at all. He only knew to guard the rules of the Tian Zhao institute properly; in case someone really dared to look for trouble, he didn’t have any skill, however, he didn’t need to do anything as people will come on their own and sort everything out. The mountain like support behind his back was too hard!

“What’s happening? Did old Guo made a mistake?” Mo Lin said. Behind his back, Mo Lin didn’t call Godou Old Dean or anything like that, instead, he directly addressed the latter as Old Guo.

“Ah! That shouldn’t be.” Xi Fan fished out the letter. It only had ‘To Chu Min’ written on it.

“Uncle, is there someone else called Chu Min in the institute?” Su Tang stepped forward and asked.

As the guard looked at the sensible looking girl in front of him, his expression became much better. However, in the end, he still spoke with a helpless expression:

“In the whole institute, there are thousands of people, how can I know all of them? You should first clarify and then come again!”

“Can you let us in for a little bit?” Su Tang asked.

“That won’t do. Absolutely won’t do. The institute doesn’t allow strangers to casually enter.” The guard said while repeatedly waving his hand.

“All right!” Su Tang couldn’t tolerate any more and stepped down. However, Mo Lin was not happy with the guard’s style at all.

“How can you not slap his face?” Mo Lin instigated Su Tang.

“I can slap your face.” Su Tang glared at him.

“All right. Then what to do now?” Mo Lin changed the topic.

However, Lu Ping had already stepped forward.

“Let us go in and look for her!” Lu Ping said.

“This child. I told you that is not possible. Go and clarify first who do you want to look for.” Guard said.

“Chu Ming.” Lu Ping said.

“There’s no such person.” The guard waved his hand.

“You just said you can’t remember all thousands of people. How do you know there’s no such person?” Lu Ping said.

Guard stared blankly; he hadn’t expected that Lu Ping would talk in this manner, however, he quickly recovered back and said:

“Who knows if you are indiscriminately making up names? Go and clarify this person’s identity, then I will go and confirm.”

“We are not making up. We have a letter for her!” Lu Ping pointed towards the letter in Xi Fan’s hand.

“Who know’s if it’s fake or not?” The guard said.

“It’s real.” Lu Ping said.

“Since you say it’s true, it’s really true?”

“It’s really true.”

“Trying to put an act in front of me, huh? Letter or no letter I……hiccup.” Saying till here, the guard’s eyes blurred and legs went soft, seemingly about to collapse down. Lu Ping reached out with his hand and supported the guard’s body. Subsequently, after setting the latter against the wall, he turned back and called out to the other three:


“Should I call you really clever or really reckless?” Mo Lin said while wiping sweat.

“This is not good, is it?” Xi Fan said while daydreaming.

“You didn’t strike too hard, did you?” Su Tang was worried.

“No.” Lu Ping, however, only replied Su Tang and entered the Tian Zhao institute.

“My assassin’s intuition is telling me that we are in trouble.” Mo Lin said.

“I’m afraid if it takes too long to get in touch with the Dean, something unfortunate may truly occur.” Xi Fan said.

The rest followed behind Lu Ping and entered the Tian Zhao institute while conversing.

A wide boulevard was stretched directly up to the main building. They didn’t see a single individual as they walked on the pathway; the entire institute seemed calm and peaceful. However, this caused the four individuals to have a headache. Originally they were hoping to catch a passerby and get information from him, however, they didn’t found a single person on the pathway in the end.

“Try to look inside the house.” Lu Ping was walking at the front. He was leading everyone with his firm and decisive actions, not providing them any time to think of a plan.

However, at this moment, a loud and clear voice began echoing in the entire Tian Zhao institute out of everybody’s expectations.

“Intruders. We have intruders. Three males, one female. Essence’s soul sixth heavenly layer, the youngster in the wheelchair; Pivot’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer, the straw hat youngster; Strength’s soul sixth heavenly layer, the girl in red clothes; and an ordinary passerby, the youngster in grey clothes.

Surprisingly, their distinctive features and the realms had been precisely described as if the speaker had seen them with his own eyes. Although the sound was covering the entire institute, Lu Ping and the rest were still able to determine its source without much difficulty. All the four turned around at the same time.

Behind them, a youngster was standing at the entrance gate. One of his hands was on his hips and other was holding a horn shaped thing in front of his mouth. However, it was clear that such a potent sound amplification could not be done by just relying on this simple toy. The youngster was relying on his extraordinary realm in Sound’s Soul. Transmitting his voice in such a large area couldn’t be done by possessing a few Heavenly Layers of Sound’s soul, rather such a feat was only possible after possessing an ability produced through the Linking Up of the Sound’s soul.

“The above mentioned was the intelligence obtained from the watch guard Shi Ao.” The youngster added one more line.

Watch guard! This indicated that the youngster was certainly a student. Students of Tian Zhao had actually attained the realm of Linking of Souls. This institute’s strength was truly incomparable to that of Xia Feng region’s rural area.

Moreover, right after the youngster transmitted the information, a reply immediately came from the institute above:

“Announcement: Cultivation problem for the third grade. Seize the intruders. The Youngster in the wheelchair: two points; the straw hat youngster: four points; red-clothed girl: six points; ordinary youngster: one point.”

“So less, How can this be enough points!” All kinds of grumblings began echoing in the campus above.

“Even one point counts!”

“First come, first served!”

In the midst of the voices, surprisingly, many figures could be already seen jumping straight out of the windows of the main building. Various sounds could be heard from all the other directions as well. Tian Zhao institute, which was calm and peaceful just a moment ago, had begun to bustle with noise and excitement within an instant.

“Sure enough, we truly are out of luck.” Mo Lin miserably shouted. In Zhai Feng, he was at the apex among the students with his sixth Heavenly Layer realm, however, here in Tian Zhao, judging by the playful voices resounding throughout the institute, his sixth heavenly layer certainly didn’t seem to be anything extraordinary. In his opinion, here strong people seemed as many as clouds.

“Don’t be afraid, we will explain the purpose of our visit to them.” Xi Fan said.

“And if they directly cripple you without asking anything at all?” Mo Lin said.

“First, run.” Lu Ping said.

“Run separately, otherwise, the target will be too big.” Mo Lin, with his background as an assassin, nevertheless had some experience.

“Do you have some enmity with me?” Xi Fan was gloomy. In ordinary times, he wouldn’t have minded running so much, however, at this moment, he was sitting in a wheelchair, how could he run faster than the other people?

“You stay behind and explain them the purpose of our visit!” Mo Lin said.

At the far end of the road, a crowd rushing towards them could already be seen. As Xi Fan looked at the weapons in the hands of many and at the bald youngster in the lead who had a black tattoo on his head and a murderous expression on his face, he immediately felt his confidence going away.

“Run!” Lu Ping reached out with one of his hands, scooped up Xi Fan on his shoulders, and madly sprinted ahead.

“Haha.” Mo Lin still had the nerve laugh. He was recalling the scene he’d played in his mind yesterday; it was truly happening to Xi Fan at this moment.

“Still laughing, you should care about yourself!” Considering Mo Lin’s physique, ‘run’ word for him was not much better than the Xi Fan in his wheelchair. Su Tang was thinking if she should also carry this guy on her back.

“Hehe, what I rely on, is wisdom and experience.” While saying this, Mo Lin drifted off the road and entered the shade of woods at the side of the boulevard.

“I will go to this side.” Su Tang yelled towards Lu Ping, referring to the direction exactly opposite to Mo Lin’s.

“I will hide Xi Fan and then come back to look for you.” Lu Ping replied.

“Where do you plan to hide me ?” Xi Fan gloomily asked.

“I don’t know. I am not familiar with this place either. What do you say?”

“In my opinion, can we not run so brazenly on the road?”

“Attracting their attention will make it easier for the other two to escape.” Lu Ping said.

“Uh….” Xi Fan was ashamed. He was only thinking about himself, this realization caused him to feel too low about himself.

“However, there aren’t many people chasing after the two of us.” Xi Fan said after observing the direction taken by various people chasing after them.

“Why?” Lu Ping also slowed down his pace and looked all around him.

“Our points are too low, we should be better off adding Mo Lin as well.” Xi Fan said.

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