Chapter 46: Silly Black Veil

Within the bustling village of Elysia, the bright moonlight shone brightly, even at the dark hours of the night the village was still illuminated brightly as carriages could be seen moving throughout the village.

Inside the Inn where Fang Tien resided, he could be seen seated cross-legged Fragments of time could be seen dancing illusively in the air around him, this phenomenon was extremely strange and inconceivable if viewed by another cultivator.

With the opening of his eyes, Fang Tien Heavens Sight divine ability ended and along with it all the strange celestial phenomena that accompanied

Mhmm? my cultivation has increased again and to the rank 5 of True sight Pupil

Closing his eyes Fang Tien observed his Dantian, Du Clan cultivators Dantian was located within their foreheads unlike normal cultivators, Fang Tien could see that his small puddle of Qi had increased in size, it was now the size of a small pool of water, this large increase in size seemed abnormal but was thrown aside due to what he had just witnessed.

Its possible to travel between universes and even conquer them? But for what purpose..

Fang Tien thought back to the words of the Supreme Saint if it was true that the Lunatic Empress had conquered multiple universes than just what level of cultivation would be needed for that? in the records of the old books inside the DU clan library, none described Immortal cultivators as being that powerful, was there a level above such an unreachable rank?

Fang Tien found himself with increasingly more questions as he pondered what he had just witnessed, but even more strangely he found himself being thrilled at the idea of one day exploring the vast cosmos and competing with different worlds.

“Idiot you’re giving me wrinkles, hmmph!” a delightful sound traveled past Fang Tien ears, this voice sounded like the voice of a mischievous child

“Who?!” Fang Tien shouted as he scanned the entire room, his Divine sense covering each inch.

Suddenly Fang Tien looked downward as he could feel something struggling between his fingers, it was the veil his blood-soaked hands gripped tightly onto it, it was moving and even talking!

Fang Tien breathed a sigh of relief, while a talking object might seem strange to most it was a common occurrence for plants and trees to talk in the Du clan forest, even the flowers and grass talked!

Suspicion still resided in Fang Tien heart as he knew this veil was no ordinary item but potentially a heavenly object, with his guard heightened Fang Tien released his grip on the Black Veil.

“I’m free!! my master is so stupid why would you treat a sacred object like me so badly?” the dark veil voice filled with grievance complained, this voice seemed younger than Fang Tien.

Fang Tien could feel a headache developing, ” what do you mean Master? we haven’t established any contracts”

In the world of SkyFire magical objects and mythical beast choose their masters by establishing oaths of loyally said under the name of an immortal being, if one were to break this oath their soul would be taken away by said immortal being!

“Silly master, your blood established the connection, it also awoke me from my slumber,” The Dark Veil floating airborne said happily.

“I’ve never heard of blood being able to establish a connection in our sky fire world this must be the rule for your own world?, and stop calling me stupid before I throw you in a random gutter” Fang Tien threatened and his eyes were filled with suspicion.

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