Chapter 47: Devils and Celestials in the capital

“You Ling Ji.” This bloody scene made Wu Yu’s anger burn inside.

“Atlas of the Dongsheng Divine Continent said that devil cultivators are cruel and violent. They even cultivate with human blood, flesh, bone, and spirit. They do things offensive to God and reason. I couldn’t believe this before!”

Now, You Ling Ji was standing right in front of him. After killing the infant’s parents and grandparents, she was even going to cultivate with the infant’s pure body!


At the moment Wu Yu saw her, his staff stabbed towards her instantly. He was better at fighting within short distances. In such a short distance, his Demon Emperor Staff burst out thousands of kilos of power, hitting her.

You Ling Ji was wearing a black cloak. When Wu Yu moved his staff, she had a cold look and pulled her cloak to shield her. Wu Yu felt that he was stabbing his staff into water— he couldn’t hurt her at all.


You Ling Ji seemed to be fused into the cloak completely, dispersing Wu Yu’s strength easily.

However, they changed their positions—Wu Yu was now in front of the bed. He hit his staff down without saying a word. The wooden bed crashed instantly and the blood array was smashed too. Wu Yu held the infant in his arms.

He couldn’t manage to save the infant’s family, but at least he could let him survive.

“Sun Wudao! How dare you disturb my thing?” You Ling Ji stood by the door, looking at Wu Yu evilly. Her face was as pale as a white paper.

“You shameless devil cultivator! How dare you be so bold after doing such cruel things in the capital!” Wu Yu had an intense urge to kill her.

Hearing this, You Ling Ji laughed. Looking him up and down, saying “I thought you were quite mature. It turns out that you are just a naïve whippersnapper. So upright. Very funny. People like you don’t live for over one month outside the sect. Hao Tian Shangxian is quite sensible. Do learn from him while you are still alive.”

When speaking, she laughed a bit and was about to leave as if nothing had happened.

“You killed people! You really think you can just leave?!” Wu Yu didn’t expect she could just do evil openly. If he knew, he would never let them stay here.

“Sun Wudao, I know your Sword to Heaven Sect has an agreement with Zhongyuan Daoist Sect. But you should know that it’s not you but Hao Tian who is in charge here. You’d better stay out of my way. I am not afraid of the Sword to Heaven Sect. If you annoy me, I will peel you off, pull your meridians out and make your balls bleed! I will eat you like a snake.” You Ling Ji suddenly turned around. Her eyes were full of hostility now.

She was absolutely a wicked and wild person.

Wu Wu was not an easily-irritated person. He was pondering whether he should take actions. From a reasonable point of view, this was not a right time.

“You ruined my mood. So hateful!”

You Ling Ji opened her cloak, and disappeared swiftly in a black shadow. Her direction was the imperial palace.

Wu Yu intended to chase her, but it was not convenient as he was holding a crying baby.

“I need to let Hao Tian control her. We can’t let her commit evil in the capital.” Wu Yu knew this was the only option.

It was a mess on the ground.

Blood, four bodies with their eyes open and an infant kept crying after being terrified.

“I will take revenge for you…” Wu Yu clenched his teeth. He took the infant to Wu You Palace, woke Wu You up and told her what had happened. There will be someone taking care of him here.

“I can’t believe You Ling Ji is so rampant. Wu Yu, what are you going to do…” Wu You held the crying baby. She was afraid and anxious.

“I am going to find Hao Tian. I must stop her!”

To be honest, Hao Tian Shangxian was the one whom Wu Yu wanted to kill the most. But in this situation, he had to hide his real identity. If he could defeat You Ling Ji and save Wu You, he would have a chance to kill Hao Tian Shangxian next time!

The sun was about to rise. In the dim twilight, Wu Yu went across the streets of the capital, to the imperial palace. He knew where Hao Tian Shangxian was. So when he was there, he called his name directly.

“Sun Wudao, what do you want?” Of course Hao Tian Shangxian was not happy seeing Wu Wu breaking into the palace without prior notice.

Wu Yu told him what had happened and said seriously, “Hao Tian, I don’t care whether you are staying in the capital or not. I can let go of many things. But I am a disciple from the Sword to Heaven Sect. I am bound to kill demons and devils. Since now I am here, I won’t see You Ling Ji kill citizens without stopping her!“

Hao Tian was very indifferent, saying, “Junior Brother Sun, let me tell you. You Ling Ji is the disciple of the ‘Seven Devils of Red Sea’. They have a high status in East Sea. I suggest you don’t annoy her and take care of your life. No need to create conflicts with her just for a few mortals. After all, the world is big and mortals are numerous. They won’t die out anyway!”

If he didn’t know what kind of person he was, Wu Yu would’ve been angered to death by hearing this.

Mortals’ lives were as useless as ants to him.

Wu Yu knew he would say so. There was no chance to wait for him to stop You Ling Ji.

Wu Yu had his plan already.

Since You Ling Ji said he was too young and too naïve, he must behave as young and as naïve as possible. He said, “Hao Tian, I can tolerate anything except letting devils create troubles in the capital! I will never bear with that! If you won’t take any actions today, I have to report to my Sect. I will tell them devil cultivators are here and I am not strong enough to fight with them. I will ask them to come. You Ling Ji will be here for a month. It’s long enough to kill her hundreds of times!”

Of course, this was just a threat.

The capital was just a test for Wu Yu himself. He wouldn’t ask for help from the sect unless he was in an extreme situation.

“How dare you!”

As expected, Hao Tian had no choice now.

He wouldn’t care if Wu Yu was smart, but he worried that he was one-track minded. It turned out that he was really one-track minded. This was difficult to handle.

“Fine. I will go with you to find You Ling Ji.” Hao Tian Shangxian was a bit angry. He waved his sleeve and walked to Dong Yang Palace with big steps.

“Heh.” Wu Yu sneered in his heart.

“Sun Wudao, let me tell you. Your ridiculous righteousness will kill yourself. Us cultivators only focus on Dao. You care too much about mortals’ lives, and your sight is too narrow. You are like a frog at the bottom of the well. You won’t make a difference.” On the way to Dong Yang Palace, Hao Tian Shangxian told him.

Wu Yu didn’t want to argue with him, so he was mute all the way. When they arrived at Dong Yang Palace, it was dark. They saw You Ling Ji sitting on the roof, swinging her feet like a happy girl. She asked, “Celestials, what do you come for late at night?”

Wu Yu said, “You Ling Ji, today we are going to tell you clearly that you’d better not kill people in this month. After all, Hao Tian Shangxian is in charge here. You should respect him, shouldn’t you?”

“Oh? What do you mean? I don’t understand.” You Ling Ji said confusedly.

Hao Tian Shangxian laughed, “I knew it. You must have gotten it wrong. You Ling Ji was a Shangxian. How could she kill mortals?”

You Ling Ji pouted, “Of course. Sun Wudao, don’t put me in the wrong. I would never do things like that.”

They were playing the fool. Wu Yu sneered, “Maybe I got it wrong. But You Ling Ji, I must remind you that you’d better not kill any mortals here. Otherwise, we will kill you in person. Hao Tian Shangxian, am I right?”

He must play tough on this matter.

Hao Tian was angry inside but he behaved calmly, “Killing demons and devils are our responsibility. Since I am guarding the capital, I won’t let them make trouble…”

“Great. Then I won’t disturb you two now. But recently, our capital is in unrest. I will go out to look around every night. If I catch any devil, I will torture them to death!”

Wu Yu knew this was about enough.

After all, Hao Tian Shangxian was afraid of the Sword to Heaven Sect, so he had to listen to Wu Yu this time. When Wu Yu left, his face sank, “You Ling Ji, this stupid Sun Wudao is so stubborn. Sorry for disturbing you.”

You Ling Ji was sullen-faced, saying, “Looks like you want to kill him too. But you can’t do it openly. Let me take care of him. At the day when I leave, I will go back to kill him. You tell his sect to find me in the East Sea!”

“Sun Wudao has some strength. You must take care.” Hao Tian Shangxian said. ‘Borrow a knife to kill an enemy’ this was his favorite thing. He still couldn’t forgive Wu Yu because he killed the Demon Snake, Wan Qing.

“Don’t worry. I saw his strength today. I am a devil cultivator. I will have one hundred ways to let him regret.” You Ling Ji said indifferently.

Hao Tian Shangxian was quite satisfied with this outcome. You Ling Ji and Wu Yu were at conflict now. So he said, “One thing, that is…Jiang Junlin, a disciple of Zhongyuan Daoist Sect, will be around recently. You’d better not chase for food for now. I can’t guarantee his mood…”

“Jiang Junlin?” Hearing this name, You Ling’s face became grim. She shook her hands, saying “ Fine. I told you I am a Shangxian. How could I do those things? Sun Wudao must have made a mistake.”

Hao Tian Shangxian laughed, saying “Stupid Sun Wudao. He is so young but his eyesight is so bad. Alright, I am leaving now.”

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