Chapter 47: Quick Increase In Points

This kind of point allocation by the institute was certainly reasonable. Lu Ping was an ordinary passerby, thus, one point for him was to ensure that everybody’s effort will not be in vain; it could be considered as a kind of consolation. Xi Fan, even though had the realm of sixth Heavenly Layer in the Essence’s soul, which was the most difficult soul to perceive, he would certainly have trouble moving due to sitting in a wheelchair, therefore, he’d only been allocated two points. Mo Lin had the sixth Heavenly Layer in the Pivot’s soul and also had the ability to move freely, thus, four points for him. Su Tang had the sixth Heavenly Layer in the Strength’s soul, hence, her movements and fighting strength would be comparatively better than Mo Lin’s, thus, she’d two extra points, which also made her points the highest among the four.

The combined points of Lu Ping and Xi Fan amounted to a pitiful figure of three, thus, chasing after feeble Mo Lin seemed a much better option. Students in the Tian Zhao were numerous while the opportunities to score were only four. They had strength, confidence, and aspirations; they naturally wished to look for the six points, the four points was also next in the sequence. From the very beginning, not a single one of them had aimed for the two points or the one point.

“Intruders have scattered away in different directions. Six points, red-clothed girl eastward; four points, straw hat youngster westward; one point, grey-clothed youngster together with…..hiccup…has abandoned the youngster in the wheelchair, and is going towards the north. This is the last time any information is being disclosed, after this, no more hints will be given. On the side note, the natural essence of the gray-clothed youngster’s body is astonishing, his point count has been revised to one point five points.” The voice once more echoed from the Tian Zhao institute above. From their approach and the details they’d given, they clearly didn’t see these intruders as any sort of crisis, on the contrary, they’d turned this problem into a competition. No longer hints were also meant to increase the difficulty, and the increase in the point count of Lu Ping was evidently done after seeing him running as fast as lightning even after carrying Xi Fan on his back. Although he didn’t possess any soul’s power, just relying upon his physique, he couldn’t be taken lightly.

“Point five points, so stingy!”

“Can I get an extra point by directly killing them?”

Many voices resounded in reply to the new information.

After hearing these grumbles, Xi Fan once again looked at the expressions of the students who were rushing towards them and discovered that his decision to not stay behind and explain the purpose of their visit was only too correct.

“This institute’s atmosphere is too barbaric! It seems full of trouble.” Xi Fan said.

“Seems like the people chasing after us are increasing.” Lu Ping said after surveying.

“Your point count has increased, and more importantly, the two of us are leftovers with our total count adding up to a total of 3.5 points; it is approaching Mo Lin’s points.” Xi Fan said.

“Moreover, we are so eye-grabbing….” Lu Ping slowed his pace. Behind him, some people had already walked past the spot from where Su Tang and Mo Lin had deviated in the left and the right directions. In his front, however, was a tide of people. A massive amount of students had hopped from the windows of the main building and were rushing towards them. Some of them had already inclined their direction towards left or right in an attempt to catch the six or four points, while some were moved by the 3.5 points worth leftovers. Being revealed so clearly on such a wide pathway, Lu Ping and Xi Fan needed to carefully plan their next move.

“No need to stop. Change directions at the next intersection, if you can reach there before them.” Xi Fan shouted after analyzing the routes of roads.

“Ok!” Lu Ping agreed and immediately increased his speed. At that instant, Xi Fan, who was on his back, was almost helplessly thrown away due to the inertia. Immediately afterward, Xi Fan saw incomplete images of quickly passing by trees on both the sides of the pathway. He tried hard to circulate the power of his Infusion’s soul but discovered that he was still unable to see clearly. At this moment, Lu Ping’s speed had already increased past the limits of what he could hold with his third layer Infusion’s soul. One would probably require an eyesight with its movement-seizing ability enhanced by the fourth Heavenly Layer of the Infusion’s layer to see clearly while moving at such a speed.

Will they be able to reach the intersection before the students rushing in their front?

Xi Fan discovered that he shouldn’t be worried about this problem at all, instead, he should be worried if he could manage to maintain his consciousness at such a high speed.

Such a sudden boost in the speed astonished the students of the Tian Zhao institute. This guy actually wasn’t using his entire strength? He can run so fast while carrying another guy? What kind of body is this? The students behind Lu Ping and Xi Fan stared blankly as the distance between the two sides increasingly pulled open. Only individuals still able to keep up were the cultivators having a high realm in the Strength’s soul.

“Towards left!” Although Xi Fan was not able to clearly see the images of the passing by trees at his left and right, he could very clearly see the increasingly approaching scene in front of him. Students who had clustered ahead to block them were not too many; a large majority of them had deviated towards the left and right. In Xi Fan’s observation, people going towards the left were rather low, hence, it was a much more convenient route.

However, Lu Ping, after arriving at the intersection in a blink of an eye, turned towards the right without the slightest hesitation.

“Hey hey….this is left.” Xi Fan shouted, thinking that Lu Ping, in a hurry, had confused himself between right and left.

” I know.” Lu Ping stated.

“Ah! There are more people this side.” Xi Fan said.

“I know.” Lu Ping still replied the same.

Xi Fan stared blankly but then quickly realized. Why did this side have more people? Because Su Tang had escaped to the east. The majority of the students wished to capture the six points, therefore, the majority of the students coming from the main building preferred to go towards the right. Lu Ping had decisively chosen the right side in order to create disturbances for the other side and even possibly act against them in order to reduce Su Tang’s burden.

“You are biased……” Xi Fan urged, feeling pity for Mo Lin who was completely alone in the west.

“This is something I have to do.” Lu Ping replied as such.

“Ah..I know.” Xi Fan found himself completely incapable of refuting this. Su Tang and Lu Ping were indeed mutually dependent for life.

“But can’t you gloss it over a bit?”

Meanwhile, a voice began resounding throughout the institute once again:

“Message: The speed of the grey-clothed youngster is extremely frightening; his point count has been revised to two.”

“Your points has increased again.” Xi Fan said.

“I heard.”

“So laid back. I think your points will increase more.” Xi Fan.

“Can you perceive where this sound, transmitting this information all the time, is coming from?”

” Are you being sarcastic with me?” Xi Fan replied with his own question.

“Uh….sorry!” Lu Ping said. Like Mo Lin’s fault lied in the Strength’s soul, Xi Fan’s fault lied in the Sound’s soul, as such, he’d no way of perceiving the location of this sound’s source.

“I have a feeling it is somewhere above us?” Lu Ping said while looking all around above him.

“You want to take care of it?” Xi Fan said.

“If there’s an opportunity.” Lu Ping said.

“Before that, look ahead.” Xi Fan said.

“I am.” Lu Ping said.

“Haha, four points!” Up ahead of them, a youngster, after quickly sprinting out of the woods at the side of the road, was excitedly standing right at the centre of the road. Clearly this guy was well-versed in speed as he was intercepting Lu Ping and Xi Fan much earlier than the rest of the students.

‘After collecting these four points, I will still have sufficient time to capture the six points. Collecting points with such ease; this is why speed is the way of a king!’

In his mind, the youngster was counting the chickens before slaughtering them as he prepared to greet the four points in front of him.

‘This guy, what kind of innate ability does he possess in terms of speed. However, I am Sonic Qiao Ying, in front of…..


In front?

He is truly in front!’

By the time he’d said ‘in front’, Lu Ping was truly in front of him.

What’s going on?

Having speed as his forte, Qiao Ying’s judgement of speed was extremely keen and precise. He originally estimated that the other guy would arrive in front of him just as he would have finished speaking. However, at this moment, the other guy had already arrived in front of him before he could finish speaking; this was not an error in his judgement, rather the opponent had sped up….

After Lu Ping had displayed his extraordinary speed while carrying another person, his points were increased from a consolation type one point to 1.5 points that posed a little difficulty. Consequently, when he increased his speed once again, astonishing everybody, his points were again revised to two points. And at this moment again, Qiao Ying was absolutely sure that the opponent’s speed had increased one more time, and moreover, had increased instantaneously. It was an explosive increase to such an extent that he couldn’t even feel anything before the opponent was right in front of him.

Qiao Ying didn’t even have the time to completely display an astonished expression, before Lu Ping’s hand had already pressed onto his face.

Am I going to die?

At this instant, this thought flashed in Qiao Ying’s mind. Because he understood speed; such a speed was sufficient to snap his neck in a flash.

Lu Ping’s palm left his neck.

Qiao Ying fell down facing the sky; dust scattered in all the directions.

The sky is blue and clouds are white; drifting along the winds without any restraints! How good would it be if I can see it again one more time.

Qiao Ying was thinking as such.

After three seconds….

“Qiao Ying, what are you doing?” A voice sounded.


Qiao Ying stared blankly for a while and moved.

I am…..all right?

Qiao Ying sat up at a lightning speed. ‘All right….I am truly all right.’

“Even you couldn’t chase after them?” Students, who were a bit delayed than him, asked him in astonished voices.

Because Qiao Ying wasn’t just talk. In terms of speed, if he was the number two among the third-grade students of Tian Zhao, then, no one would dare to call himself number one. His nickname ‘Sonic Qiao Ying’ was made by himself. Although it seemed a bit exaggerated at present, everybody believed, with his talent and obsession with speed, one day he would truly attain this kind of speed or even surpass it.

“I…..was careless” Qiao Ying put it as such.

“Oh… oh….. oh.” His fellow students were immediately relieved. If that guy’s speed could exceed Qiao Ying’s speed even after carrying an individual, that would be too ridiculous.

“What are you still chatting for, hurry up and chase after them!” Some people immediately recovered and sped off. At this moment, everybody had once again turned into competitors.

”…chase!” Everybody continued on with their chase, leaving one after another. The absolute majority was crossing over to the other side of the pathway. They wanted to catch the Su Tang’s six points, not these two and two points on the pathway.

Qiao Ying was a bit distracted. Originally, he was also going for the six points. By chance, he ran into two and two points here. He’d been rejoicing his good fortune, and the result was he’d to suffer a strike from the other guy.

Two and two?

Not enough!

According to the speed that guy had displayed, how could he possibly amount to an insignificant two points?

Moreover, that guy is also supposed to be an ordinary man. How can an ordinary possess such a speed?

Qiao Ying’s curiosity towards this thing far outstripped his desire for the six points. As if duty bound, he began to pursue in the direction of Lu Ping and Xi Fan.

‘This time, I will certainly see him clearly.’ Qiao Ying secretly resolved in his heart.

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