Chapter 47: Silly Black Veil( Part 2 )

The black Veil could be seen slouched as it floated airborne as if depressed at Fang Tien reaction “hmmph, Master is bullying Sha Sha, even after Sha Sha had planned to give master some cultivation techniques that would suit him” if Veils could pout Fang Tein was sure this black veil would be doing it.

Slight interest flashed across Fang Tien eyes as he heard the words ‘Cultivation techniques’ he would be lying if he said he wasn’t enchanted by the overpowering might of the techniques displayed by the Lunatic Empress and the Supreme Saint, with such techniques wouldn’t he be even more unmatched?

“What type of cultivation technique? I doubt you have anything fit for me as I cultivate through my eyes” Fang Tien said

“Master you’re too inexperienced and naive, My old master was both a dual cultivator, cultivating both their eyes and studying the way of the sword”

“Old Master?” Fang Tein thought back to the Lunatic Empress but he had never seen her eyes, much less any pupil techniques used.

“Eye techniques are superior to all, why would I waste time using a weapon?” Fang Tein replied proudly

“Master you must not have fought many fights, your Qi pool is limited after you’ve quickly exhausted yourself by using your eye abilities how would you survive in a rapid succession of multiple battles?”

“Fights are unpredictable you won’t always be in fair fights you need a better way to survive!”

“While your Eye prowess might be exceptional much like mages in your Skyfire world eye cultivators suffer from the same problem of quick exhaustion from prolonged fights” The black Veil continued.

Hearing those words Fang Tien couldn’t help but think of the fight in the Inn and how weakened he was after using his eyes, while he felt he had a large superiority because of them his eyes did indeed drain his Qi quickly and required intense concentration.

His second divine ability time-mark while strong wasn’t very practical to be used multiple times per day as it constantly drained Qi while active, this was a large problem, Fang Tien noticed.

“What do you have in mind?” With some interest in his voice, Fang Tien asked

“Master, as I’ve just awoken from my slumber Sha Sha, needs to be fed with energy! Spirit stones and lots of it, it will help to fully restore my memories”

“Spirit Stones? fine” Fang Tien had never cared about spirit stones as the clan would provide him with a constant supply of them, but he was never one to shop for anything they seemed largely useless to him.


Spirit stones pilling towards the roof appeared out of thin air inside Fang Tien room, these stones bright and translucent glowed with an overflowing amount of energy.

“Ohh! Yum” The black veil could be seen making chewing motions as the large pile of spirit stones vanished as quickly as they appeared.

A strange expression covered Fang Tein face as the sight of this black veil was truly comical.

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