Chapter 48: Latest Information

Sonic Qiao Ying; although this name seemed rather exaggerated, he was undoubtedly the number one student in terms of speed among the third graders of the Tian Zhao institute. This was an undisputable fact, and his superiority was fairly clear as well.

Therefore, when Qiao Ying resolved to capture Lu Ping and Xi Fan, they were indirectly being helped.

From the perspective of the outsiders, Lu Ping was nothing more than an ordinary man who ran very quick and Xi Fan, being seated in a wheelchair and unable to move, certainly wouldn’t be able to fight very well, thus, the only thing needed to be done in order to take care of these two was to catch up to them.

Thereupon, when Qiao Ying left everybody in the dust as he rushed towards Xi Fan and Lu Ping, the students who originally wanted to try for these four points, immediately felt like giving up. As they saw Qiao Ying disappearing into a distance at a lightning fast speed, all of these students immediately and decisively changed their directions. Because not a single student among them thought that they were quicker than Qiao Ying.

“Hey hey.” At this moment, Xi Fan yelled at Lu Ping.

Lu Ping had just changed his direction again at an intersection point. He was trying to lead the crowd of students behind him away from Su Tang. Xi Fan, whom he’d scooped up on his back, was seriously serving as Lu Ping’s back-eyes despite being embarrassed. The latter astonishingly discovered that they had not diverted as much attention as they’d expected. According to their reasoning, it shouldn’t be this way. Their points as of now added up to four points, which was not lower than Mo Lin.

“What?” Lu Ping asked.

“No one is chasing after us!” Xi Fan said. From the perspective of someone trying to shake off a crowd, this was obviously a good thing. However, Xi Fan knew that Lu Ping was not just trying to simply break away from the crowd.

“No one is chasing?” Lu Ping immediately stopped his steps, turned around, and looked ahead. Not a single soul could be seen on the pathway on which they had just turned.

“Was I running too quick?” As Lu Ping was speaking, a figure emerged at the intersection at a lightning speed and rapidly turned.

“Someone came!” Lu Ping was just about to run again.

“He is the only one who came, that’s all.” Xi Fan said. Before they turned at the intersection, Xi Fan had already discovered that all the students of Tian Zhao except this student seemed to have completely given up on them. Only this guy had continued in chasing after them.

Although they only had one confrontation, Lu Ping and Xi Fan hadn’t forgotten Qiao Ying’s face. They soon figured out that this was the individual who’d blocked them just a moment ago.

“What is going on?” Lu Ping was puzzled, and Xi Fan was also at a loss. They were not too clear on Tian Zhao institute, thus, they were naturally unable to figure out the reason for all this.

However, Qiao Ying was getting closer at a very fast speed. He discovered that Lu Ping had surprisingly slowed down his pace and even seemed to have stopped. However, this didn’t cause much hesitation on Qiao Ying’s part.

“Are you confident because you rely on speed? Then I don’t have anything to say to you, because, speed is indeed the way of a king! Your arrogance is justified!” As Qiao Ying finished speaking, the distance between him and Lu Ping had already reduced to three meters.

“However, this time, I will not be careless again!” Qiao Ying shouted. Being three meters apart, he didn’t directly rush towards Lu Ping, instead, he turned and diagonally charged towards Lu Ping’s side.

Lu Ping immediately turned his body and caught up to his movement. However, Qiao Ying had already turned again; he scurried and jumped in mid-air without the slightest decrease in his speed, on the contrary, it felt as if his speed had actually increased.

“Your speed is extraordinary, however, can your vision keep up with my movements?” Qiao Ying didn’t launch an immediate assault, instead, he kept making such quick movements and changing positions. At first, Xi Fan was following Qiao Ying’s movements, but soon after, he was only able to catch incomplete shadows in his eyes and was incapable of keeping up with Qiao Ying’s position anymore.

Too quick! Xi Fan’s third Heavenly Layer realm of Infusion’s realm was absolutely incapable of keeping up with such a speed.

“You should know, speed is not just for running!!”

Qiao Ying had already been preparing to launch a strike before he was finished speaking. Xi Fan, who had no foundation in Sound’s soul, felt this voice had arrived right next to his ears from some distant place within an instant.


His eyes only perceived Qiao Ying’s residual images. The latter was right next to his body and he was still unable to discern the location.

Lu Ping, who was originally following Qiao Ying’s turns and movements but hadn’t made any movements in the last few moments, suddenly moved.

He turned his body and raised his hand.

The movement of his hand was ordinary and very simple, however, those countless afterimages in the eyes of Xi Fan abruptly faded away and finally converged to his front.

Lu Ping’s right hand had once again grabbed onto Qiao Ying’s face. Amidst Qiao Ying’s rapid movements and Xi Fan’s absolute blankness, a hand casually stretched forward and accurately grabbed the former…..

Xi Fan didn’t know what to say; at this moment, he even sympathized with Qiao Ying a bit.

However, this time, Lu Ping didn’t just lightly push Qiao Ying down like before. The instant Lu Ping had grabbed Qiao Ying’s face, the former’s body slightly sank, and while his left hand was still supporting Xi Fan on his back, his right hand shoved Qiao Ying towards the ground.

“Ha ha.” Before the two sides could even exchange some words, a voice once again echoed from the Tian Zhao institute above, however, this time, the voice had surprisingly been substituted by a clear and crisp female’s voice.

“Things have surprisingly become interesting!” The female’s voice stated:

“Now issuing the latest announcement: Point count of the straw hat youngster has been promoted to six points; red-clothed girl’s point count has been promoted to eight points; grey-clothed youngster’s point count has been promoted to three points. Third-grade students, don’t get taken out by our guests!”

Ah….I’ve already been taken out…

Once again collapsed on the ground and facing the sky, Qiao Ying was bitterly thinking. He could feel that the strength behind this time’s throw was starkly different than the previously time’s. Did I truly get taken out this time?

Who on earth is this guy?

Qiao Ying’s face was being covered, fortunately, one of his eyes was still exposed to the outside. He carefully looked at the individual in front of his eyes; the latter seemed like a youngster of about his age, seeming completely ordinary without a single extraordinary feature.

Ah! I was careless.

Qiao Ying was feeling distress and anger. However, who could have imagined that an ordinary individual without a shred of Soul’s Power not only had a speed comparable to him but could even capture him in a single hit while he was making such high-paced movements.

This cannot be blamed on me! In addition of being vexed, Qiao Ying was also feeling extremely aggrieved. The guy before his eyes was defying every kind of reasoning.

‘Dying here is really unjust…’ He slowly closed his eyes and began to await death. However, at this moment, the hand covering his face abruptly left.


Qiao Ying again opened his eyes in puzzlement. The grey-clothed youngster and the guy he was carrying, both of them, were looking at him.

“Don’t be nervous.” Xi Fan said with a smile. He’d approximately guessed Qiao Ying’s frame of mind by carefully observing the sequence of his movements and minute expressions.

“We are not bad guys, and we have not come to stir up trouble either.” Xi Fan discerned that the latter had an expression as if they were about to torture him, thus, Xi Fan first comforted him.

“Huh?” As soon as Qiao Ying heard these words, he let out a sigh of relief in his mind. Of course, he was still wary; who knows if the opposite side deliberately wanted to lower his guard in order to extract out some information from him.

“We are students of Zhai Feng institute in the Xia Feng region. The reason we intruded in Tian Zhao institute is also related to cultivation.” Xi Fan conversed in this manner. From his current observations, he estimated that this was a very suitable manner for conversing with a student of Tian Zhao institute.

“Oh!” Sure enough, Qiao Ying instantly revealed some expressions of realization, however, he blanked out soon after: “Zhai Feng?”

Clearly he had not heard Zhai Feng’s name before.

“A small institute. Our objective in coming to Tian Zhao institute is to look for a person. We are trying to find a person named Chu Ming. She is not a student; perhaps she is a teacher or isn’t, perhaps she once was and has left at present. Have you heard of her?” Xi Fan asked.

Qiao Ying shook his head. He hadn’t heard this name before.

“This guy….” Lu Ping pointed towards the sky and said:

“Where is this voice announcing the information coming from?”

“Huh?” Qiao Ying immediately assumed a vigilant expression his face. Currently, the Transmission Room was only transmitting the information about the four intruders. Since the latter asked about this thing, they certainly had some plans. However, if he pretended to not know, it would sound too fake.

Qiao Ying sneaked a glance at his right. Not a single individual could be seen after he turned at the intersection. He wouldn’t be getting any help, however, he quickly came up with a plan.

“It’s the Transmission Room. You want me to take you there?” Qiao Ying said.

“All right! “ Lu Ping nodded: “Where?”

“This way.” Qiao Ying crawled up and about to lead them, when Lu Pin and Xi Fan, who was on his back, exchanged a glance and nodded together. Lu Ping’s hand chopped out at a lightning fast speed and struck behind Qiao Ying’s neck.


Qiao Ying collapsed on the ground, and this time, he completely lost his consciousness.

Xi Fan let out a soft sigh. The faint expressions this guy made, while he was thinking, were too obvious, for him to not be detected.

“Transmission Room; at least we know this place’s name.” Xi Fan said.

“We can go there by asking around.” Lu Ping said.

“You should put on that guy’s clothes.” Xi Fan said.

Lu Ping nodded. All the students of the Tian Zhao institute were wearing the same outfit. How can more than a thousand students know everyone amongst them? Just wearing an outfit of the institute would be enough to pass off as a student. With this identity, they could easily ask around the location of Transmission Room.

“However, you are rather exposed. I won’t be able to carry you anymore.” Lu Ping said.

“I will wait for you here. You go and ask around.” Xi Fan said.

“Ok. I will be back soon.” Lu Ping set Xi Fan against the lateral side of the Main building. Actually, there was no hiding place nearby; shrinking back in a corner was better than nothing. Subsequently, Lu Ping hurriedly sped off to make inquiries, and after completing his inquiries and casually getting another Tian Zhao institute’s outfit, when he returned back, both Xi Fan and the unconscious Qiao Ying were nowhere to be seen.

Above his head, the female’s voice again echoed:

“Latest announcement: The wheelchair-youngster has been captured; congratulations fellow student Shen Chi for obtaining two points. Furthermore, straw hat youngster has been promoted to eight points, and the red-clothed girl has been promoted to ten points. Everybody, continue to work hard!”

‘Xi Fan has been arrested just now!’

Thereupon, without a second thought, Lu Ping rushed to the southern end of the road.

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