Chapter 48: The line between life and death

Since then, You Ling Ji didn’t go out to hunt for food any more.

However, since In Tian Wu Palace Jiu Shi had promised to let Wu You rest for one month, they didn’t hurry to leave, even though You Ling Ji didn’t have fun in the capital at all.

Wu You had her connections. She knew how many infants there were in the capital.

You Ling Ji couldn’t cause trouble, and this gave Wu Yu time to cultivate.

Actually, this was quite similar to the fight with Situ Minglang—intense cultivating for a decisive battle. But the problem was that he happened to obtain a Demon Monkey’s drop of blood back then. Obviously he wouldn’t be so lucky this time.

Tongshen Staff needed lots of time.

“‘Indestructible Vajra Body’ and ‘Celestial Monkey Transformation’ require both persistence and time, or chance. But the 10th phase, ‘Tongshen Staff’ needs complete perception and inspiration.”

This was the first time for Wu Yu.

It was more difficult than all he had been through.

After pondering a while, Wu Yu came up with a conclusion.

“Martial Arts connects with Shen (God). So, Tongshen Staff may be achieved one day if I get chance and perception. If I don’t get them, I think I will be stuck in this situation for ten years or even hundreds of years.

One month was just so risky.

“There are numerous cultivators that follow the path of Dao, but only a few succeed. I am not very special. I can’t look down on the Celestial Dao. If I look down on it, it will look down on me too. Then I won’t achieve Tongshen in whole my life.”

If I can’t achieve Tongshen, my success rate of beating You Ling Ji is only 20 percent.

Once I fail, I can’t imagine what hellish life awaits Wu You.

That was why Wu Yu was so stressed out. If he only had to take revenge for himself, he wouldn’t have so much stress.

The stress was like maggots inside his bones, distracting him from cultivation from time to time. He felt so anxious and manic inside. He had no harvest during this long time.

The more he wanted to calm down, the less he could do so.

Calmness was not easy to obtain.

Once the matter concerned Wu You, it was so hard to calm down and concentrate.

Wu Yu was counting days. Time fled. He had even less chances left.

Wu You had done many things. Citizens were opposing her marriage. Some people even made a scene in the government, and some walked in parades on the street, making quite some trouble. Fortunately, they didn’t cause any injuries.

After a while, at least 80 percent of the citizens were not willing to see Princess Wu You be married off to East Sea Kingdom. Especially, during this month, East Sea Kingdom’s guards outside the city had some conflicts with locals. They were very violent and had no mercy at all.

So, East Sea Kingdom’s reputation was getting worse.

But Wu You knew that it was all up to Wu Yu.

Although the critical day was just a few days away, Wu You was somewhat calm. At least Wu Yu had given her some hope.

“Actually, knowing that you are still alive is already a great news to me. It’s not important if I die or not.” In the evening, Wu You went to the tower. Leaning on the fence, she was looking at the capital’s night’s ‘color’.

“How many days left?” Wu Yu’s voice was a bit hoarse.

“Three days.”

“Three days!” His staff fell down heavily.

He racked his brains but came up with nothing. The cultivation journey was so hard!

Only three days left. How will he compete with You Ling Ji?

“Wu Yu, calm down and listen to me.” Wu You turned around. With a calm look, she held Wu Yu’s hands, looking at his eyes, saying, “Brother, don’t push yourself. It’s been one month. If you only have 20 percent success rate, I ‘d rather not let you take the risk.”

“No way!”

“Calm down. Listen to my request. Will you protect my mother’s family?” Wu You asked.

“Of course.” As long as Wu Yu was here, Yuan Hao wouldn’t be able to kill her mother’s family easily. Plus, Wu You’s maternal family did have some power too.

Wu You smiled, saying, “Good. If you have progress in the next three days, then you can take actions on that day. If you don’t, you can’t take any risks with your life. It won’t help with anything. You need to protect my mother’s family. Once I leave the capital, I will poison myself. They will marry a dead body.”

“Brother, this is a good ending for me. At least you are alive, and I have the opportunity to suicide. At least you can protect my mother’s family…” Wu You’s eyes were moist with tears. In fact, she was already content.

Wu Yu was a bit anxious. He shook his head, saying, “Sis, no matter what will happen in three days, I will show up.”

“Wu Yu, why you don’t listen to me?” Wu You’s face sank. She tried to keep a straight face, but she couldn’t control her tears any more.

“I will listen to anything you say, except this.” Wu Yu was determined.

“You…! I am telling you, if you show up without any confidence to win, I will die in front of you.” Now, the most important thing to her was Wu Yu’s life.

She didn’t know anything about cultivating, and thought one month could create some chances. But where is cultivating so easy.

This was their very first such argument.

Wu Yu’s heart was a mess. He had thought and understood that it was useless to argue with Wu You now. He took a deep breath, saying, “Sis, I have a sense of propriety. I won’t make it difficult for you. Just believe in me.”

Neither would be able to convince the other. Wu You cried a few times. But she knew Wu Yu’s character, and he wouldn’t change his mind no matter what she said.

“Alright. I’ll go. Take care.”

She left.

Seeing her slim and weak figure, Wu Yu clenched his fist tightly. His anger, resentment and anxiety were all exploding inside his body crazily.

“The line between life and death is exactly the Celestial Dao!”

It was not just him who was between life and death, but Wu You also.

Wu Yu saw countless thorns in this journey.

“If I can’t even protect my sister, what’s even the point of cultivating as a Celestial, or cultivating Dao?!”

“Three days later, besides fighting and smashing, there was nothing else anymore. I will just hit them so hard, the heavens will turn upside down!”

He didn’t stay in the cultivation room of Wu You Palace, but went to Shangxian Mountain. It was empty and vast. Because of the cruel reality and his helpless conversation with Wu You, his heart was filled with too much rage and sadness!

In this vast, straight, towering and deserted Shangxian Mountain, he held his staff tightly, hitting as hard as he could and destroying things as much as he wanted. As he said, hit so hard, the heavens will turn upside down!

However, that was not the Tongshen Staff.

Until he was tired, Wu Yu lied down on the smashed stone, looking up to the sky.

“I wonder whether the Monkey King had any helpless moments too.”

“I just don’t know how he resolved the problem.”

Wu Yu stood up, looking at the capital. His blood was boiling.


Three days passed by in a blink.

This was a big day. Although the troops from East Divine Kingdom wouldn’t leave until noon, people were crowding the streets since the early morning.

The main street of the capital was named ‘East Sea Street’. In the early morning, guards were keeping order in the ‘East Sea Street’, in case those who didn’t care about their lives tried to stop the procession.

During this month, the Royal Palace knew that Princess Wu You’s marriage had caused many righteous men’s dissatisfaction. Some Martial Dao warriors had gathered in the capital to stop Jiu Shijun and protect the Princess.

Among them, there were some cultivators above the 5th Heavenly Stage of Martial Dao.

The weather today was very ‘sinisterly’ cold. People were standing in the chilly wind, shivering, leaning on each other. But this didn’t stop them.

They stretched their necks to look at the direction of the Imperial Palace.

Some martial artists even stood on the roof, holding their blades and swords with sunken faces.

The guards became nervous when they saw these martial artists. After all, many of those were well-known and powerful. In the cold rain, the air became more and more stifling.

The Wu You Palace in the east was very bleak too. The guards and maids were not happy at all, all were sad. They had heard the stories too. They knew that their kind-hearted and beautiful Princess might live in hell after getting married.

Inside Wu You Palace, several maids were busy with dressing Wu You, putting a wedding dress on her. Mi Shang was setting Wu You’s hair while sobbing.

Wu You looked at herself in the copper mirror dazedly.

“Wu Yu has been missing these three days…”

The more Wu Yu behaved like that, the more nervous Wu You was. She expected that today would in no way be peaceful.

[Well you know, it’s either your death anniversary or salvation day, how could it be peaceful?]

“If he gave up, that would be for the best.” Wu You said hopefully.

However, when she thought of Wu Yu in her heart, it was not possible to see him giving up, because he was such a strong and determined young man.

“Princess, the procession from East Divine Kingdom is waiting for you outside. Jiu Shijun is here in person.” After a while, a guard came in to report in hurry.

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