Chapter 48: Willow Tree

“Burp” A feeling of satisfaction and content could be felt from the black veil as it floated carefree in the air. performing twirls as it drifted

“Thanks for the lunch master”

“Now the cultivation technique” with some impatience Feng Tien asked.

“Oh, Sha Sha was so hungry Sha Sha forgot, here!”

While glowing a bright red shade the black veil could be seen flying speedily towards Fang Tien forehead

“Don’t resist Master I will imprint a brand mark of the cultivation technique inside your Dantian, this way you will be able to learn its essence instantly and would just have to focus on mastering it”

“Techniques can be learned in my Dantian?” With suspicion, Fang Tien asked

“Master I can feel that you’ve already been able to open a side space within your eye Dantian this is the reason why its easier to imprint it there, apart from containing your condensed QI and the ability to store things as you cultivate and become stronger, your Dantian will be transformed into a side world and even a universe!

Realising his heightened defense FangTien calmed his mind as he let loose all spiritual defenses

“I accept”

A small red mark flew from the black veil and right into Feng Tien forehead and like a seed it took root within his Dantian quickly growing into a Blood colored willow tree.

“Well?” as his divine sense scanned his Dantian Fang Tien found the change, it was a blood red willow tree seated closely beside his pool of QI.

Condensing his divine sense into a min8 him he walked towards the large willow tree, touching its trunks.

“Bang” a loud explosion rang out inside Fang Tien Dantien as his hands came in contact with the blood red willow tree trunks.

An image of a hazy illusive feminine figure could be seen performing a series of powerful sword movements.

These swift and fierce moves carried such grace and aggressiveness with them leaving Fang Tien feeling conflicted.

As Fang Tien watched he became increasingly enchanted by these movements until he began attempting to copy them, slowly his clumsy movements smoothened out as they became increasingly close to the feminine figure until eventually, Fang Tien seemed to be in sync with the figure, their movements the same it was as if Fang Tien became a mirror’s reflection of the Feminine figure.

As the Figure changed between different sets of sword movement Fang Tien quickly adapted to teach before becoming perfectly aligned with each graceful movement of the figure.

suddenly the figure could be seen with its sword held slanted as it touched the ground Qi intensely gathering around the blade after 2seconds had passed it slashed forward creating a large explosion on impact as the energy from the slash blasted out.

Fang Tien could see images of mountains been destroyed by the explosion created from this move, a name appeared in his consciousness as scenes of this technique replayed constantly within his mind.

“Fierce Breaking Slash!” My first sword technique, Fang Tien looked grew impatient to try this skill in the real world.

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