Chapter 49: Sword

The Black veil could be seen floating impatiently as it waited for Fang Tien to finish cultivating.

“Oh, finally Sha Sha was tired of waiting!” the black veil jumped in joy as Fang Tien eyes slowly opened

Opening his eyes Fang Tien was greeted at the site of an excited and joyous black veil as it could be seen bouncing all over the room.

Ignoring it he scanned his spatial ring, checking for a sword to try his newly learned Sword technique.

Luckily for Fang Tien his spatial ring that was delivered to him by the Du Clan elder was packed with a wide variety of weapons to select from, these weapons ranged from staves, hammers, spears, swords and many other, it was as if a treasure chest of weapons fell from the sky and into his ring.

“Just what I wanted” through his search Fang Tien selected a slender longsword, this sword extended in such length seeming to be almost 2x the length of Fang Tien its silver and blue surface shone with brilliance, complicated ancient scriptures engraved on its blade.

Fang Tien had decided on this sword for its aesthetics and weight and his decision appeared to be correct as he held and swang the blade effortlessly.

How Long have I been cultivating for? everyone must be impatient to leave Fang Tien thought as he readied to leave, the sword quietly placed into the spatial ring.

“What shall I do with you?” Fang Tien looked towards the black veil in wonder.

“Master must wear me! I can not only hide your facial features but provide other benefits, such as continuously restoring your Qi faster than at your normal passive rate, I can also help you to cultivate faster, Sha Sha is the best for master!”

With a leap the black Veil latched itself onto Fang Tein face, adjusting itself to the correct position as it covered all but his Lips and lower face, this veil stopped just above his upper lips and seem to carry a strange effect, as it obscured his facial feature it was as if his face was covered in a strong haze.

“Incredible, why does everything feel so different compared to when I first wore you?” Fang Tien commented, his sense of awareness seemed heightened as even his divine senses had increased by a substantial margin he could now cover the entire inn effortlessly.

The world had even seemed to be clearer as he could perceive the finest details more easily, Fang Tien was amazed that it could actually improve on his eye prowess.

“It’s because Sha Sh was asleep last time Master wore Sha Sha” the black veil voice resonated inside Fang Tien soul.

“Mhmm, what else can you do?” Fang Tien asked

“”Sha Sha…can’t remember, master needs to feed me more spirit stones!”

“Don’t worry I’ll ask the clan for more spirit stones for you” Fang Tiens replied his voice gentle and reassuring.

Using his divine senses Fang Tien located his three Du clan travel companions.

“Du Yan, gather everyone to leave I’m ready”

“Young master? yes right away!” Excitement could be heard in Du Yan’s voice as she was bored to death of this Inn already, and couldn’t find excitement in cultivating all day like Du Min does.

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