Chapter 49: Ten Times Promotion

Shen Chi, like his name, was a little late and slow in everything he did. Therefore, a short while after the rest of the third students had swarmed in from every direction like a tide to search for the targets, he unhurriedly came out of the institute.

Su Tang and Mo Lin, these two intruders had already disappeared into the east and west side woods respectively. He turned his head and caught the figure of Qiao Ying turning at the intersection that was on the east side of the Main Building.

Shen Chi was always behind regardless of anybody, therefore, even though this figure was that of the third grade’s fastest student Qiao Ying, Shen Chi was pretty much indifferent. He, slowly and unhurriedly, followed after him.

Afterward, at this moment, he was unable to conceal his happiness.

Many people wouldn’t put some insignificant two points in their eyes, however, for a guy like him who was always a bit late regardless of whatever he did, getting these two points with his cultivation made him extremely pleased.

“Therefore, they say that coming early is not as good as coming timely.” He conceitedly said to Qiao Ying who was beside him.

Qiao Ying was carrying Xi Fan and was still running pretty fast.

“Because I helped you, you should carry him, and these two points are mine as well.” Shen Chi had said these words to Qiao Ying after waking him up.

Qiao Ying didn’t oppose; he only wished that Shen Chi could move a bit quicker.

“Since that guy has more companions, he seems like a person who would abandon his comrades. However, I think he will return soon to look for this guy.” Qiao Ying said looking towards Shen Chi.

“Is that so?” Shen Chi turned more excited as soon as he heard.

“Then lower the speed.” Shen Chi said:

“If he will surely return, why not wait for the opportunity. We can equally divide these two points.”

“Because he can defeat me with a single hand. What about you? How many of his hands would you be able to take?” Qiao Ying said.

“Then why is he only two points?”

“I also want to know.” Qiao Ying wasn’t in a good mood. He naturally wanted to know why a two-point-ordinary individually possessed a strength that could defeat him in a single strike.

“Then we should go quicker.” Seldom would Shen Chi feel a sense of urgency. He was also very anxious for his hard to come by two points.

“He is here.” However, Qiao Ying, who had been continuously looking behind his back during this whole journey, had already spotted a figure, emerging out from the intersection they’d just turned, and rushing towards them at a lightning fast speed.

“Then fine!” Since the enemy was already in sight, Shen Chi began to make small movements, seeming like he was warming up.

“It looks like the only option left is I will hold him off while you escape! But keep in mind, these two points are mine……mine!”

A wind current!

Shen Chi truly only felt a wind current. He didn’t see anything, while that distant human figure suddenly disappeared, only leaving behind a current of wind.

What type of speed is this?

Qiao Ying was extremely quick, but when he moved at high speed, he still left behind incomplete images. However, at this speed, nothing was left behind. It was so quick that the guy’s figure straightaway disappeared.

Shen Chi immediately turned his head saw Qiao Ying, who had run off to a short distance, flying in the air and crashing onto the ground, and the fall seemed pretty hard too. Meanwhile, his two points were already on that guy’s back.

Qiao Ying couldn’t help but retreat back a step.

“Hello…..” He forced out a smiling expression.

“Hello.” The latter replied to him and sped off carrying his two points on the back.

Shen Chi didn’t chase. He slowly walked up to Qiao Ying and slumped on the ground beside him.

Qiao Ying was lying on the ground like before, facing the sky. Apparently he didn’t intend to move at all.

“He wasn’t wearing grey clothes….” Shen Chi suddenly said.

“This is your main concern?” Qiao Ying wasn’t in a good mood.

“In your opinion, how many points should he amount to?”

“I don’t know. I am not going to chase regardless of any amount of points.”

“You gave up?”

“Yes, I gave up.”

“This is not like you. Although he is very difficult to deal with, I feel he doesn’t have any ill will. You don’t need to be afraid.” Shen Chi said.

“True. He doesn’t have ill will, otherwise, I would have died many times by now.

“However, my outfit is in pieces. Even ** is torn. My buttocks will come out, how am I supposed to chase?” Qiao Ying furiously said.

“Oh.” Shen Chi nodded. He felt this reason was completely justified. He stood up and took off his jacket.

“Shield your buttocks!” He threw his jacket towards Qiao Ying: “ I’ll go and watch.” He relaxedly and slowly walked towards the direction Lu Ping had just run off to.

“Hey!” Qiao Ying shouted from the ground.


“They might go to the Transmission room.” Qiao Ying said.

“Transmission room?” Shen Chi raised his head and looked towards the sky: “That’s very high.”

That’s right. The Transmission Room was indeed very high, in fact, it could even be considered as the highest location in the entire Tian Zhao institute. The Tian Zhao institute had a Transmission Tower, and the Transmission Room was at the apex of this tower.

Such a construction was obviously very illustrious in the Tian Zhao institute, thus, Lu Ping was easily able to ask its location. Although the counterpart did feel a bit strange upon hearing such a question from a student of Tian Zhao, they didn’t think too much about it and subconsciously answered Lu Ping.

Currently, Lu Ping was sprinting towards the Transmission Tower with Xi Fan on his back. The Transmission Tower, which seemed to be piercing the clouds, was visible from almost anywhere inside the Tian Zhao institute, thus, Lu Ping didn’t have to worry about losing the way.

At this moment, from the Transmission Room, a sound once again echoed above the Tian Zhao institute:

“Ha ha…more and more interesting.” That female seemed very happy:

“Huge turnaround! Grey-clothed youngster, seemingly the most ordinary grey-clothed youngster…. Wen Yan warns everybody to be careful, he has deeply concealed himself. Announcement: Regretfully, the recently obtained two points by fellow student Shen Chi are temporarily taken back. In addition, the point count of the grey-clothed is promoted from two points to…..” That female calling herself Wen Yan stretched her voice and paused, building up climax for a full three seconds before again announcing in a loud voice:

“Twenty points!!!”

The astonished voices of countless experts having realms in Sound’s soul echoed in the Tian Zhao institute. It should be known that even the Perceiver having the Strength’s Soul sixth Heavenly Layer realm was only seen as six points at first. After that perceiver’s actual display of strength did her points increased to eight points and consequently to ten points. However, currently, this grey-clothed youngster’s point increased straightaway from two to twenty; a ten-fold increase! What on earth did he do?

“How is this possible?” Amongst those countless voices, one voice was exceptionally distinct. It was the same voice which Lu Ping and the rest had heard in the beginning:

“He is only an ordinary person. How can he amount to twenty points?”

“Fellow students Shi Ao, this question of yours is against the rules. I cannot answer you.” Wen Yan replied through the air.

“In that case, can you let us, discipline squadron, get involved?” Shi Ao asked.

“Ok. Discipline Squadron is permitted to interfere. Same point count will be applicable to you, however, you are limited to students of the third grade.”

“Understood.” Shi Ao replied.

The conversation through the air was completely unrestrained, seeming like they absolutely didn’t care that Lu Ping’s group would hear them. They had clearly seen Lu Ping’s strength, however, it only caused his point count to go up from two points to twenty points. Evidently, his strength didn’t draw too much astonishment from them. Apparently, this only meant ‘more and more interesting’ for them.

“Tian Zhao institute’s strength is really no small matter!” Xi Fan sighed with lament after analyzing their attitude.

“Apparently they can see my movements.” Lu Ping said.

“So, this is just a game of cat and mouse for them?” Xi Fan said.

“We will go to the Transmission Room as soon as possible and explain the purpose of our visit.” Lu Ping said while increasing his speed.

“Oh…So it turns out you were actually…..Sure enough, it is the most direct solution.” Xi Fan repeatedly nodded his head; borrowing the Transmission Room to announce the purpose of their visit to the entire institute. Ever since Lu Ping heard the first voice transmission, he had a simple and peaceful idea to settle things.

  1. Shen Chi = 沈迟 = Shen: surname; Chi: late, slow, delayed.

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