Chapter 5: Past,Present…Future?(Part 2)

“This is…Time!”

Realizing afterward, Fang Tien was startled, this absolutely was the Dao of Time, what he was seeing was the past, present, and future of the seed, each reflection showed a different passage in time, Feng Tien was shocked.

“But this tree seemed familiar.”

Fang Tien slowly calmed down, realizing from experience the mood and feeling of each reflected space and world, time seemed to slow down as he sensed the different worlds, he could feel as if he was reincarnated as the seed! His light all-encompassing and sacred, there was no land he couldn’t cover and reach with his Radiant holy light!

Understanding and deducing unceasingly, growing more lost in thought he started to ponder, if its true he was viewing the past, present, and future of this seed then.what was time? How would he truly understand it?.

Hours went by as Fang Tien pondered unceasingly recalling the birth and destruction of the stars, the first light emitted by the seed, the young tree reserved light.

“I Can see it, in every past lays the seed of the future, I can see the future from clues of the past and the past and the future from the clues of the present!, I can see the threads of time that connect all, just like the Radiant holy light that covered the world, the threads of time Cover all!” Fang Tien grew excitedly as he began to understand, slowly within his eyes he could feel changes happening.

Suddenly Fang Tien eyes opened and with it, a powerful divine light flowed from his pupils, this light seemed as if it was a beacon, shining straight to the heavens and covering Fang Tien, obscure symbols seemed to float around him as if they were protecting him from all outside interference.

At this moment Fang Tien felt as if the world has never been so clear, his vision seemed to penetrate all, as his eyes looked around he could see faintly the past of everything within his vision, the rocks on the floor, the trees in the surrounding area, his light shined upon the birds in the sky, seeing them as they were just born, his vision seemed to penetrate all!

Suddenly his vision landed on the Ancient Immortal tree and what he saw was…

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