Chapter 50: Robed Girl

In the bustling streets of the village of Elysia 4 figures could be seen walking together, as they passed by the streets it seemed as if cosmetic stores were around every corner, countless female cultivators and mages could be seen.

This group of 4 came to a stop at a huge oldened building in a secluded alley, they could be seen seizing up the building with questioning looks, these 4 are none other than Fang Tien and his Du clan partners.

“Is this the famous reliable transport service you bragged about finding?” Du Yan asked Du Lei in a disappointed tone as she saw the ran down building in front, while large and obviously prosperous in its earlier years it appeared abandoned now.

With a nervous look, Du Lei walked towards the entrance ” It’s definitely reliable..the big breasted miss at the Inn said so” Du Lei held his head down in embarrassment as he opened the door.

as the group entered the Building contrary to the outside, the inside of the building was spotless, decked out in marble titles and a white interior it was amazingly clean.

Standing behind a counter an elderly man greeted the four with a bow, ” honored guest welcome, how may I assist you today”

Taking a quick glance at Fang Tien Du Lei replied, ” we’d like to hire your transportation services to take us to the town of Caliban”

“Caliban? you’re just in luck as a carriage of ours will be passing by there, it will be leaving in 10minutes.”

“Honored guest, the trip will amount to a cost of 50 spirit stones.” the old receptionist said.

Du Lei could be seen paying the cost unwillingly, “50? damn expensive for just some protection and a quick travel”

Expensive? Fang Tien thought the price seemed almost free as he had fed Sha Sha thousands last night.

“50 spirit stones are relatively cheap, as our reputation is renowned and our protection for guest throughput the journey is 2nd to none!” said the Old man proudly.

“Its ok Lei, we will get our monthly expenses from the clan soon,” Du Yan said

“Why the big fuss over 50 spirit stones?” Du Min added sounding very uninterested.

Du Lei looked towards Fang Tien but it seemed as if this young master was always cultivating, he seemed to just be standing there but Du Lei knew better!

“Sha Sha what do you mean this building is weird?” Fang Tien seemed as if he was cultivating but really he was busy talking to the black veil through divine sense.

“Master, Sha Sha can feel a powerful formation radiating from this building, even the cultivation old man at the front deck seemed unfathomably deep”

in the short me they talked it was already time, as the group went towards the back to find the carriage.

“Roar” sounds of beast roars could be heard as the group found the source of the roar, there stood two large fire elemental horse

A large and decorated carriage could be seen behind these two majestic horses, outside the carriage stood a familiar form, it was none other than Jeffery the great ax warrior.

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