Chapter 50: Spirit Drawing Flag

Wu Yu looked at the capital. Hao Tian Shangxian must have heard what was happening here. But since he didn’t show up, he must’ve allowed this battle.

“He won’t show up until one of us beats the other or one dies, and then say he was just late.”

Hao Tian was old and crafty. He wanted You Ling Ji to kill Wu Yu. After all, it was Wu Yu who wanted this, and it had nothing to do with Hao Tian Shangxian. Plus, the snake demon Wan Qing, who was brought up by him, got killed by Wu Yu. He had to do something for her.

Then, only Wu Yu and You Ling Ji were there, approaching each other step by step. People were all watching them. Jiu Shijun sneered, then his procession started to circle Wu You’s carriage, and stepped backward.

He certainly understood that he couldn’t meddle in a battle at such a high level.

“Princess Wu You, are you not satisfied with me? At this time, Wu You’s eyes were glued at Wu Yu and You Ling Ji tensely, and he complexion was pale.

Her nervous look had proven that she cared about Wu Yu very much. Until now, there were only two choices, live or die. She said, “Jiu Shijun is obsessed with You Ling Ji and doesn’t like me. Is it important that I am satisfied with you or not?”

Jiu Shijun was stunned. He was thinking that Wu You was very smart.

“You are too smart. You will have to suffer when we arrive at East Divine Kingdom.” Jiu Shijun laughed unpleasantly. Actually he wanted to slap Wu You right now, but after all, they were still on East Yue Wu soil and citizens were watching them. He had to consider Hao Tian Shangxian.

No matter what he said, Wu You only saw Wu Yu and You Ling Ji.

The whole country was intense!

Facing You Ling Ji, Wu Yu felt a life-threatening crisis.

“It’s a shame that I haven’t understood the Tongshen Staff!”

He won’t be as lucky as the time when he was fighting with Situ Minglang.

Luck, it was not with him every time.

In this month, Wu Yu had struggled fiercely, but still couldn’t break through to the 10th Heavenly Stage of Martial Dao — the 10th phase of Indestructible Vajra Body!

However, no matter whether he lived or died, he had to start this battle, because the person in the carriage was the most important to him!

His beloved family!

So what if he died for his sister?

So, he came to this battle, the line between life and death, with passion!

Demon Emperor Staff was shining golden under the sun, with the two Firelight Arrays burning, the staff was like a flame!

While, You Ling Ji was like a cold pool with dead bodies floating around.

A fiery battle!

“Magic weapon? I have one too, Spirit Drawing Flag!”

Then, in You Ling Ji’s clear and melodious laughter, Wu Yu saw her take out a magic weapon from her Sumeru Pouch. It was not a blade or a sword, nor a staff, but a black flag with a red skull icon. The skull was alive—its teeth were moving in cunning laughter, and its eyes were hollow, making one’s hairs stand on ends.

This, was a Devil Cultivator’s magic weapon!

You Ling Ji was waving the Spirit Drawing Flag as if she was a messenger from the netherworld.

When the Spirit Drawing Flag showed up, the ghosts were running wild. People drew in their breath once again, stepping backward, and starting to worry about this new Imperial Protector Shangxian.

“Sun Wudao, your spirit, I am taking it.”

You Ling Ji was smiling relaxedly. Standing 60 meters away from Wu Yu, she started her Dao skill directly! A Devil cultivator’s Dao skill was very unimaginable.


“The heaven is silent. The phantoms are numerous. Dragons and snakes step back. The Ghost Door opens! Evil spirits and wronged ghosts, listen to my order, come now!”

You Ling Ji was waving her Spirit Drawing Flag while she mumbled in a sinister language. The dancing ghosts qi rose. It was very frightening, making people’s blood freeze. It was just noon, but the sky within ten miles darkened, as if the night fell. The air smelled bloody, and there were ghosts screaming and shouting everywhere.


When she gave a loud shout, the ground under her feet shook instantly and a gap split up. The air was heavy with yin qi and a stinky smell of dead bodies. Wu Yu saw a hand of a ghost climbing from the split. Huo! With a tremble of the ground, a giant thing landed in front of Wu Yu. A stinky smell was coming from it!

That was an evil ghost as people used to say!

It was over 2 meters, two-heads higher than Wu Yu, tall, skinny and stooping. Its arms were even as long as normal people’s legs, with sharp claws like short knives. Its blue face and wolf teeth were very wicked and feral. Its dark blue body even grew scales, and a patch of hair full of maggots.

This evil ghost stood there, and its stinky smell spread to every corner of the capital.

It was said that some powerful martial warriors died in sadness and anger, and no one buried them, so their bodies were drawn into the underground, being washed by the yin qi and bitten by yin maggots. That’s why their bodies drew in a large amount of yin qi. However, generally, they were just dead things, and wouldn’t show up or kill alive people easily. But Devil Cultivators could use magic weapons like Spirit Drawing Flag, to call evil ghosts for their use.

“Wronged ghost!”

Not just evil ghosts, when that evil ghost stopped Wu Yu, there was a pale white air flowing, mixing together around the Spirit Drawing Flag, and it became an illusory ghost shadow— a completely white woman with waist-long hair, red lips, hollow eyes, and she was crying. People from every corner of the capital could feel her strong resentment!

Wronged ghosts were those who died wrongly and were not willing to leave. After a long time, their resentment accumulated and they became wronged ghosts, killing people everywhere. The most frightening ghost in the mortal world was the wronged ghost.

Seeing ghosts in the daytime!

Wronged ghosts and evil ghosts were all around You Ling Ji. She gave a cold smile, pointing with her flag, then the evil ghost started screaming mournfully, coming at Wu Yu right away! It left a stinky smell everywhere!

The wronged ghost, whilst crying, was appearing and disappearing—hard to follow its trace.

This scene scared the guards of East Yue Wu. They all stepped back, and some even ran back to the capital, while some wanted to see what happens. It was total chaos.

“Ghost, ghost!”

“The ghost is fighting with the Shangxian!”

The capital was in disturbance.

Not just them, Wu Yu had never seen these ghosts before. His hairs were standing up! In the Sword to Heaven Sect, he only saw sword celestials. He never met this kind of battle before!

The evil ghost drawn by the Spirit Drawing Flag was solid and could be pushed away with his staff. But the wronged ghost was illusory. How could he fight with it? As for You Ling Ji, she was outside the battle area now, so Wu Yu couldn’t approach her.

Now Wu Yu understood the ‘Martial warriors would fight with each other face to face, while Dao cultivators could kill people in 100 miles away”! That was the scariness of a Dao Skill!

The evil ghost was coming!

“Its strength is similar to me!”

Wu Yu held his staff on the ground, then it roared. After a long time of cultivating the ‘An Introduction to Staff’, he had learned to apply the Golden Flames Dragon Slaying Technique onto his staff.

“Golden Flames Sweep!”

At the moment when the evil ghost’s giant claws were coming toward him, Wu Yu held his staff, rotating his waist with great strength. The staff swept a golden flame against the shoulder of the ghost fiercely!


A loud sound.


Wu Yu was pushed back a few steps and almost dropped his staff.

“So strong!”

It was stronger than he thought. The point was that the ghost was a dead thing already, and it didn’t fear death at all. After being swept by Wu Yu, it started rushing toward Wu Yu right away. The terrifying force was coming.

“Ha ha!” Outside the battle, You Ling Ji was waving her flag, mumbling words, and laughed time to time.

“Sun Wudao, the evil ghost likes your blood and flesh. Just give in to it!” You Ling Ji was very relaxed, and it seemed she had suppressed Wu Yu completely. Wu You was very nervous, and her soft hands were holding the carriage tensely.


Keeping an eye on the wronged ghost, Wu Yu fought again with the evil ghost a few rounds. Although they didn’t hurt each other yet, but the evil ghost would never feel tired. Unlike it, Wu Yu couldn’t insist for too long!

“You Ling Ji!”

He looked at You Ling Ji angrily, but she was still smiling as if everything was under her control.

And Jiu Shijun was also sitting on the tall black horse, looking down at him with cold eyes. He was just waiting to see how You Ling Ji finished Wu Yu, and would then continue on the trip.

“I have to kill the evil ghost and then kill You Ling Ji!”

He saw Wu You. She was worrying about him. Her eyes were giving off a feeling of heart-break. Probably imagining a desperate scene!


Wu Yu was so angry.

He needed to protect her. In their childhood, Wu Yu had promised her to protect her for her whole life. No one could bully her!

However, today, once he failed, she would be plunged into hell.

Might as well go to hell together.


Since struggling for life was the only choice, he had to fight with his life.

“Celestial Monkey Transformation!”

In the dark noon, with a load roar, the ground shook, and Wu Yu’s body changed! It was so unbelievable to people!

His body grew taller and became as tall as the evil ghost, even more stout!

His golden hair turned into golden flames!

A shining ’卍’ in his back!

His eyes were like two burning suns!

Together with his staff, he was just like the Monkey King he saw when he visualised the Monkey in the Heart.

This was the peerless celestial monkey, standing in front of the evil ghost. Compared to the Monkey King, the evil ghost was such a dirty thing in the mortal world.

“Sun Shangxian transformed into a monkey!”

It caused a bigger storm.

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