Chapter 50: Transmission Tower’s Apex

The Transmission Tower was circular and a hundred meters high. Apart from the Transmission Room at the apex, all Transmission Tower had was a circular staircase to climb these hundred meters.

By the time Shen Chi arrived under the tower, the transmission room had already made another announcement. The straw hat youngster and the red-clothed girl both again had a two points increase, which made their points as ten and twelve.

Were these increase in the points a provocation or reassessments based on their strength? At this point, nobody could say for certain. These announcements were not giving any definite information.

“Nothing on the grey-clothed youngster. Is he going to the Transmission Room or not?” Shen Chi, standing below the Transmission Tower, raised his head and looked up.

“I will go and take a look!” He mumbled to himself and walked towards the staircase. Neither was he lazy nor he was afraid of troubles; he was just phlegmatic, that’s all.

Transmission Tower’s Top.

Transmission Room was not just a simple room. It had equipment made of special materials, which could be enabled with the help of Sound’s soul, after which, the entire Tian Zhao institute could be covered with sound.

Wen Yan was sitting in the Transmission Room, seeming a little bored as she fiddled with the microphone in her hand that could only be initiated by the Sound’s soul. She hadn’t been able to issue a new announcement for quite a while now.

The Transmission Room had a circular framework completely made up of transparent crystal rocks. The hawk-vision from here was not much different than what one would be able to see after walking up to the observation deck at the top. However, a little bit of difference was that by initializing the crystal mirror on the observation deck by Infusion’s soul one could see distant things more clearly. However, Wen Yan was not fond of doing it, because, winds were too fast at the Observation deck, and it would mess up her hair. Of course, the more important reason was that she was a Linked One of the Infusion’s soul, and by using the first level ability obtained after the Linking of the Infusion’s soul, ‘Distant Vision’, she could clearly see any corner in the entire institute which she could see using the crystal mirror.

However, at this moment, she was feeling bored. Because the grey-clothed youngster, whom she’d been paying the most attention, had suddenly disappeared after entering an area of woods.

As for the straw hat youngster and the red-clothed girl, their abilities had more or less already been revealed. One had an extremely rich experience in fleeing, while the other had the sixth Heavenly Layer of the Strength’s soul yet displayed an astonishing performance, however, this was all. These two didn’t seem capable of producing any more surprises. Their points could just be increased with time in order to arouse everybody.

Only the strength displayed by grey-clothed youngster could astonish and puzzle people. This caused Wen Yan very curious; she looked forward to more such displays from him. However, unfortunately, they’d lost him in the woods. The students who wished to catch the thirty points were obviously a lot, however, it seemed like none of them were making any progress. Now, the Discipline Squadron had already been involved. They were not like ordinary students who couldn’t cooperate and instead competed against each other. Discipline Squadron had begun a coordinated search under unified instructions; this was their most distinctive feature than the rest of the students.

“Where the hell are you? Quickly come out.” Wen Yan employed ‘Distant Vision’ and once again scanned all the positions that she could. She still didn’t discover anything, thus, she had no other choice but to consider that the latter had already begun to move through the blind spots of the Transmission Room.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wen Yan suddenly raised that costly microphone in her hand and knocked it against the metal pole beside her, and a sharp, clear voice transmitted to the Observation Deck above.

“You above, have you found the grey-clothed youngster?” Wen Yan yelled somewhat irritatedly.

“Senior sister Wen Yan….” A head suddenly popped down from the ceiling above. It anxiously looked towards the microphone in Wen Yan’s hand as he continued:

“If you want to say something, you can directly speak. I can hear you; you don’t need to use the microphone every time.”

“Would you be able to hear me with such a wind above?” Wen Yan said in an irritated voice. Evidently, she was only trying to find something to vent off.

“Wind is…currently not too much. You want to come up and have a look?” That individual said.

“I asked you if you have found the grey-clothed youngster, and you are spouting so much nonsense!” Wen Yan said.

“No, not a single time. Don’t know where did he run off to.” That guy was gloomy, however, at this moment, he suddenly saw that at the end of the staircase behind Wen Yan’s body, an individual, with another individual on his back, was, step-by-step, slowly emerging.

“Trying to find me?” That individual said as he walked out of the staircase’s entrance with that other individual on his back. At this moment, he was not in grey-clothed, instead was fully dressed in the outfit of Tian Zhao. Of course, the Transmission Room and the Observation Deck was already aware of it. They hadn’t disclosed this information, that’s all.

“Oh?” Wen had already turned after she heard the voice. Her realm in the Sound’s soul was not bad, thus, she’d already heard someone coming up. It’s just that the Transmission Room was not a restricted area, anyone could come here as long as he/she didn’t dislike the heavy work of climbing so many stairs too much. Therefore, she hadn’t cared about this thing too much. As she discovered that the individual who came up was the grey-clothed youngster whom they’d been searching for all along, her entire being suddenly perked up.

“Hah! Interesting.” Her listless eyes suddenly shined.

As Xi Fan and Lu Ping heard that this was the same woman who was making the announcements, they couldn’t help themselves from sizing her up a few times either.

She was undoubtedly an extremely pretty girl. Especially, her skin’s texture was very good and complexion was very white. This vastly differed from the mountainous Xia Feng region’s girls. Of course, this was not Lu Ping and Xi Fan’s main concern. They were about to start the conservation, however, the girl was much faster than them.

“Surprisingly, the guy we were searching for has come here.” Wen Yan stood up and continued:

“However, the problem is that I am a fourth-grade student. I won’t be able to obtain any points by capturing you, and junior brothers and sisters will blame me as well. What should be done?”

“Senior sister, you can capture them and give them to me.” That head stretching down from above said with a smirk.

“Seems like the only option is to let you have the profits.” Wen Yan sighed.

“Good luck, senior sister!” That guy yelled.

“I can’t be careless.” Wen Yan said. However, there wasn’t a little bit of caution visible in her, because, she’d made her move even before she finished talking.

“Hey…” Xi Fan didn’t expect that upon arriving after so much trouble, without being provided with a single opportunity to talk, he would see the latter directly charging towards him. This girl’s speed didn’t seem any less than the speed of that third grade’s student reputed as ‘Sonic’.

“At our Tian Zhao institute, we fourth graders are something different.” Wen Yan said and stretched her hand out aiming directly for Lu Ping’s face; this was the same method that Lu Ping had used on Qiao Ying several times.

Lu Ping quickly dodged and stretched out his hand in return. However, the strike which Qiao Ying was absolutely incapable of resisting, returned with air when used against Wen Yan.

“It’s nothing new!” By the time Wen Yan’s voice transmitted out, she’d already reached behind Lu Ping.

Lu Ping, without withdrawing his arm, turn around and struck. Wen Yan brought up an arm. However, the excessive power coming from Lu Ping’s strike immediately changed her expression. She hurriedly borrowed its momentum to move her body to the side. With a staggering body, she directly clashed against a table and knocked it over. The force of Lu Ping’s strike had finally been neutralised.

Although this dodge from Wen Yan was somewhat pathetic, just the fact that she was instantly able to determine that she would not be able to resist the force in Lu Ping’s strike and moved her body to side using this force, already made her extraordinary.

Her face was covered with astonishment. In the end, Lu Ping had exceeded her imagination. However, her expression, nevertheless, reinstated quickly.

“It’s only interesting this way.” She said and immediately launched another round of attacks.

She was very quick. However, her quickness did not resemble Qiao Ying who tried to look for an opening by distracting the opponent with his quick movements. Her quickness lied in delivering quick attacks. Her movements were quick and her attacks were also quick. Her instantaneously flickering fists and kicks coming towards Xi Fan, caused his two eyes to be dizzy, which almost caused him to throw up.

She was quick, however, Lu Ping was not slow either.

“Take care!” Lu Ping said to Xi Fan and began delivering punches and kicks with a speed that was not inferior to Wen Yan’s speed. Within an instant, their blows collided in succession, though, its sound was not too much. Wen Yan knew that Lu Ping’s strength was astonishing, thus, she did not fight him with strength, instead, her blows, just after making contact or even before making contact with Lu Ping, went astray, consequently, she again launched a high-speed attack from a different angle.

Evenly matched?

From the perspective of an observer, it certainly seemed as such. However, a smile emerged on Wen Yan’s face.

She didn’t know how she should describe Lu Ping’s strength. In short, he ought to possess a heavenly body. His manner of employing his strength seemed too crude and too simple to Wen Yan. It could even be said that he was using his strength as he pleased; not a single bit of skill was involved. Otherwise, with a strength that she couldn’t resist and a speed equal to her, how could he not have already won?

“You still have a lot to learn!” She said. She had already discerned Lu Ping’s weak points and strong points. She prepared to finish this; she punched with both of her hands seemingly a fancy move. Not out of her expectations, Lu Ping’s both arms easily stretched open.

“It’s like this!” A palm shot out to take hold of Lu Ping’s head. This time Lu Ping was unable to dodge. Resist? After being deceived by her false move, he didn’t have enough time to do so.

“Your thirty points!” She said and thought about turning Lu Ping with her right hand which was grabbing the latter’s neck. However, it didn’t move…..


Wen Yan was again astonished.

She was already clear that she couldn’t compete with Lu Ping in terms of strength. However, she truly didn’t expect such a difference in their strength that even after taking hold of the opponent, her strength wouldn’t have the slightest effect on him.

Without having enough time to use an increased strength again or employ an ability, Wen Yan immediately retreated. Wen Yan hurriedly retreated. However, Lu Ping’s both hands, which were tricked open, had already turned back. However, in Wei Yan’s eyes, Lu Ping’s moves were always full of loopholes, and this time was no different.


Wen Yan inclined her body in the gap and dodged Lu Ping’s strike. She was about to retreat and make some distance, however, a strong gale of wind attacked her neck with extremely distinct Strength’s soul reverberating inside it: ‘This should be….third Heavenly Layer strength’s soul?’

The realm of Strength’s soul was simply unworthy of mentioning in Tian Zhao institute. However, at this moment, a strike of this realm had been delivered at the best moment and the best position.

Two Point youngster….

Xi Fan, who had been relying on Lu Ping to not get captured all along, with this strike, actually caused Wen Yan, who had been completely confident against Lu Ping, to find herself in huge trouble. Because she was unable to find any means to block this strike.

The chop struck the target.

‘Third Heavenly Layer of strength’s soul, I should be able to resist, right?’

This was the final trace of hope in Wen Yan’s mind, however, couldn’t….

If one were to say the Lu Ping’s skill was very bad, and he was not able to display even fifty percent of his strength in his strikes, then this two-point youngster’s strike in timing, the accuracy of position, and control of speed and power were exceedingly outstanding. This was a skill of displaying more than hundred percent of the one’s complete strength.

Third Heavenly Layer of the Strength’s Soul was already sufficient.

  1. Apparently, author forgot mentioning another ten point increase for Lu Ping somewhere, because, Lu Ping’s points had been mentioned thirty everywhere in this chapter and later.

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