Chapter 51: Impure Soul’s Power

From the beginning, Wen Yan had always been interested in the grey-clothed youngster. She never expected that the final strike, that knocked her down, would be delivered by the most useless individual among the four intruders, the two point-youngster, who, in order to escape, had to be carried by the grey-clothed youngster throughout the entire way.

The strike containing the perfectly controlled third Heavenly Layer Strength’s soul followed by the sixth Heavenly Layer Essence’s Soul had struck on Wen Yan’s nervous system. She was down; consciousness, but not in control of her body

“Restrain her!” Xi Fan was not complacent just because of this. He was able to create this opportunity only because Lu Ping’s consideration and the opponent’s complete disregard for him. Otherwise, going by her lightning fast fists and kicks, he would have been beaten black and blue by her long ago. Xi Fan was completely uncertain on the extent of the damage his strike had caused to the opponent, after all, he was absolutely unable to discern Wen Yan’s realm. The only thing he knew was that she was a Linked One; the strength of the students of this institute was truly too frightening.

Upon hearing Xi Fan’s words, Lu Ping stepped forward. Wen Yan’s injury was evidently much higher than what Xi Fan expected, thus, Lu Ping restrained her in a relaxed manner. Subsequently, Lu Ping looked up. That head was still hanging down. At first, it was all smiles, however, at this moment, it was completely stunned. It suddenly shivered and disappeared inside as it saw Lu Ping looking in its direction.

“Senior Sister Wen Yan, I will call reinforcements!”

Along with the sound of these words, a figure suddenly streaked down the crystal window in front of Lu Ping and Xi Fan. That guy had actually directly jumped from the observation deck!

“Don’t tell me…..” Astonished Lu Ping and Xi Fan immediately rushed forward to take a look. Jumping down straight from a hundred meter tower, what extraordinary ability did this guy have?

“You don’t need to look, he isn’t some amazing guy.” Wen Yan said while still being restrained by Lu Ping.

Leaning forward, Xi Fan and Lu Ping were also able to see that the guy didn’t have some extraordinary flying ability. He was only climbing down in circles on the tower’s circular surface. Of course, this kind of feat was absolutely impossible for an ordinary individual. However, for a cultivator possessing courage and sufficient Strength’s Soul, this kind of feat was no big deal. Going by this guy’s skill, he would be able to many such trips in the time one would have to take by using the staircase.

After seeing that this wasn’t something extraordinary, Xi Fan and Lu Ping turned their head back inside the Transmission Room. Xi Fan glanced around and saw a soft whip hanging down from a hook on the wall.

“Try that one.” Xi Fan said pointing towards the soft whip. Wen Yan’s strength was extremely formidable. Although his attack on her nervous system using Essence’s Soul seemed successful, he didn’t know how long would it last. Relying on Lu Ping to restrain her all the time didn’t seem a good idea. However, from their perspectives as cultivators, a common rope would not be of much use; they had to use special tools. Xi Fan and Lu Ping obviously didn’t have any such tools, but, luckily, they were able to find this soft whip. Since it seemed created by cultivators, it would be at least better than an ordinary rope.

“What good luck.” Wen Yan mumbled. Lu Ping placed Xi Fan on the chair and fetched the soft whip. He sampled it and nodded towards Xi Fan, before saying:

“Very sturdy.”

“Of course, this is made up of Tian Luo vine.” Wen Yan said.

“Our luck is truly too good.” Xi Fan said. Tian Luo vine is an extremely rare plant. It was soft and flexible, yet, extremely tough. Be it bow strings, soft whip, or any other thing, just by relying on the fact that a thing was made up of Tian Luo vine, it could be easily ranked as third level tool.

Lu Ping refrained from commenting and swiftly return back, before tieing up Wen Yan’s hands and legs. While Lu Ping was busy tying her, Xi Fan was persuading her:

“Don’t be anxious, we do not have any evil intentions.”

Wen Yan smiled. She was evidently clear that they were tying her because they were apprehensive of her, and not because they had wicked thoughts.

“It goes like this. We are from Zhai Feng institute of Xia Feng region. We came in Tian Zhao institute to look for a person named Chu Min. Perhaps she is a teacher or once was. Do you know her?”

“I don’t.” Wen Yan replied.

“All right… that case, can you explain our side to the institute?” Xi Fan.

“That won’t do.” Wen Yan shook her head.

“Why?” Xi Fan was somewhat flabbergasted.

“Because that would be just boring.” Wen Yan smiled.

“You…are you confident because of your backing?” Xi Fan said.

“Right. What can you guys do to me?” Wen Yan said while twisting her body as if trying to look for a comfortable position. She didn’t seem anxious due to being tied up at all.

Xi Fan and Lu Ping looked at each other’s faces. What Wen Yan said was correct. They truly didn’t have any means to deal with her. Who asked them to say that they didn’t have any malice and were only trying to look for a person?

“How is this toy used?” Without any better options, Lu Ping and Xi Fan began to explore the Transmission Room on their own and soon discovered the microphone that Wen Yan used previously.

“Hello! Hello!” Lu Ping picked up the microphone and tested it. His voice was only heard by Xi Fan and Wen Yan.

“Hehe…” Wen Yan laughed.

“It’s definitely not that simple.” Xi Fan had been reading the expressions of Wen Yan all along. However, she was only smiling. When Lu Ping picked up the microphone, she only laughed and didn’t mind it at all.

“If one has to take help of an equipment even after using abilities, then, Sound’s soul would certainly be required to initialize this microphone, right?” Xi Fan said while carefully paying attention to Wen Yan’s expression.

“True.” In return, he didn’t have to decipher anything because Wen Yan very delightedly admitted this fact.

“Of course, it’s the Sound’s soul.” Xi Fan said.

“Of course!” Wen Yan smile became more cheerful. Xi Fan knew why was she so happy. She knew that his Sound’s soul was insufficient, and Lu Ping? Ordinary people don’t possess Soul’s Power!

But this time, Xi Fan also cheerfully smiled.

“Hey! Sound’s soul!” He said to Lu Ping.

“Huh?” Wen Yan astonished looked towards Lu Ping. Although Lu Ping’s strength was very strange, he didn’t have any Soul’s Power; this had been extremely clear.

However, Lu Ping, in an extremely confidently manner, had already placed the microphone in front of his mouth.



Suddenly, this word echoed everywhere above the Tian Zhao institute. It was extremely loud and extremely clear, however, subsequently….

Peng Peng Peng Peng….

Such noises began echoing inside the entire Transmission Room in an unbroken succession, from the microphone in Lu Ping’s hand to many other components inside the Transmission Room. The entire room turned absolutely chaotic. Parts of the components exploded and flew all around, causing the three individuals inside the room to lower their heads and cover them with their hands.

After a short while, Transmission Room gradually returned to normal. The three individuals blankly stared all around. The Transmission Room had turned into an absolute mess. The microphone was just a part of the room’s Sound Transmitting Equipment, however, at this moment, not only the microphone in the hand of Lu Ping, but the whole Transmission Room seemed as if it had suffered a devastating strike.

Wen Yan was stunned, and remained as such for a long time. However, eventually, she burst out in laughter. She was laughing so much that she began gasping for breath.

“You….” She looked towards Lu Ping.

“What is happening?” Xi Fan was completely blanked. Lu Ping also had no idea.

“Sound’s Soul! This is a special material used for Sound Transmission. It can only transmit the Sound’s Soul. What the are you trying to do?” Wen Yan said.

“Only Sound’s soul?” Lu Ping scratched his head.

“That’s right!”

“What are you doing?” Xi Fan looked towards Lu Ping.

“Uh….My Sound’s soul is probably not pure enough.” Lu Ping said.

It wasn’t that Lu Ping didn’t want to have a pure Soul’s power. However, under the restrictions of the Intense Lock Soul, just the fact that he could sneak out Soul’s Power, and, moreover, even sustain it long enough to employ, was already a miracle. Under such circumstances, if one wished to even achieve purity, that was just too difficult. The current Lu Ping was absolutely unable to accomplish such a feat. Therefore, even if he wanted to employ Sound’s soul, a part of other souls would unavoidably be mixed with the Sound’s soul during the process of stealing the Soul’s Power under the Intense Soul Lock. As a result, this equipment made of special material to transmit the Sound’s soul had to immediately suffer a devastating blow.

“This time, I wouldn’t be able to help you guys even if I wanted to.” Wen Yan’s smile became much more delighted. Previously, just because Wen Yan had struck the microphone once, that third-grade student had seemed as if his heart was aching. However, at this moment, the entire Transmission Room had been wrecked, and Wen Yan didn’t seem concerned at all. For her, this all was just extremely interesting.

“What to do now?” Lu Ping and Xi Fan looked at each other in dismay. Originally, they’d expected that coming to the Transmission Room and explaining the purpose of their visit in Tian Zhao institute was an extremely simple matter. However, who could have imagined that running into this girl would be so unfitting for them, that, at this moment, their entire plan and hopes were completely destroyed.

The two were looking out the window blankly, however, at this moment, Lu Ping’s expression suddenly changed.

Being tied up, Wen Yan was unable to move her hands or legs, thus, she arrived beside the window with the help of bounces. Evidently her nervous system had already been recovered, and being tied didn’t cause her any trouble in using her abilities.

“Huh!” employ ‘Distant Vision’. She could look much clearer than Xi Fan who was only at third Heavenly Layer of Infusion’s soul.

“Oh, the straw hat youngster is already captured. Who captured him? Show me your face….” Wen Yan kept on talking.

“Oh, that girl is also more or less done!” Wen Yan said after looking in another direction.

“Actually, I admire her very much. Extremely brave and fierce. However, being like this would cause more sufferings as well, ah!”

As she was talking, along with a whoosh sound, she suddenly saw a figure sliding down outside the window.

“What demon!” Wen Yan jumped in fright. She quickly leaned forward and looked all around in the downward region. What she saw was that, Lu Ping’s figure, following the example of that third-grade youngster, was quickly climbing down the Tower. She turned her head, sure enough, only Xi Fan was left behind in the Transmission Room.

“What is that girl to him?” Wen Yan asked Xi Fan.

“Perhaps a person he had to protect even if he died!” Xi Fan said.

“Oh…then that’s, even more, interesting.” Wen Yan again looked outside, full of zest while incessantly muttering ‘hurry up…hurry up!’.

“Being slow is not bad either…!” At this moment, a voice came from the end of the staircase. Wen Yan turned her head and saw Shen Chi approaching in very slow steps.

“How come you are tied up like this?” Shen Chi smiled upon looking at Wen Yan’s appearance.

“None of your business!” Wen Yan ignored him and continued to look outside.

Shen Chi moved his vision and immediately spotted Xi Fan.

“How come it’s you again….” Xi Fan forced out a smile.

“Yes. It’s me again.” Shen Chi excitedly asked:

“Where is the other guy?”

“Just left.” Xi Fan answered.

“Oh.” Shen Chi let out a sigh of relief. Next moment, he turned even more excited.

“That’s why I just said: being slow is not bad either !”

“Two points… have been recovered.” She Chi declared his victory.

“Grow up!” Wen Yan turned around and rolled her eyes.

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