Chapter 51: Robed Girl( Part 2 )

With a look of surprise and then seriousness Du Lei pointed towards Jeffery “you’re the person they said we had to travel with?”

A look of indifference remained on Du Min’s face as she seemed unaffected by this sight while Du Yan appeared ready to fight.

His frame larger than most, appearing to reach the same height as the carriage Jeffery stood proudly, his wounds had long since healed leaving behind no scars, it was unsure of whether he paid a Light elemental mage or his self-recovery abilities were better than most.

With his trusty Ax strapped tightly on his back, he appeared imposing “When Young lady heard of your young master appearing around the building, she hastily offered to pay 5x the price in spirit stones to privately rent two carriages for both our groups” Jeffery said.

“Jeffery!” an embarrassed voice could be heard within the large and decorated carriage.

“What? its the truth young lady” Jeffery muttered.

“Honored guest, sorry to interrupt but we must leave in haste, please enter the carriage to the back and will the young master please enter the main carriage,” another old man said.

How many old men work here? Fang Tien was starting to wonder if only retired grandpa took this job, now that he thought about it the only other person he saw was the old granny that showed them the way…

Hesitant Du Yan looked towards Fang Tien, “Young master are you ok with this?”

With his face covered by the black veil, only his mouth was visible which only served to make him more alluring as his smile was comparable to a beacon that could lighten the darkest of moods.

With a Nod, Fang Tien gave his approval agreeing to board the carriage that contained the young robbed magician.

“Will Young Master be alright? why would she do this?” with a confused expression Du Lei muttered.

“He’s fine, besides our Young master defeated her easily once before, his cultivation has increased recently there is no way she could beat him now” Du Yan added.

“Hurry up and get in” Du Min could be seen boarding the carriage an old man sat in the driver seat behind two water elemental horse, as Du Min sat down she looked impatiently at the two closing the door afterward.

Upon entering the carriage Fang Tien was greeted by a surprising sight, the robed girl had lost her robe! Her long purple silky hair hanged loosely behind her, her big bright green eyes shone beautifully as if they were two emerald pearls, her two big twin peaks stood erect as she wore a tight fitting black battle suit with red stripes, her short black skirt revealing two snow-white thighs, Fang Tien noticed they were thicker than the legs of other females had seen.

She appeared to be more beautiful than Du Yan but she still lost to the elf from the forest or his teacher, the immortal ancient tree.

“I’ve Finally seen you again!, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding at the inn” with a bow she apologized to Fang Tien her eyes glossy as if she would cry if he didn’t accept.

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