Chapter 51: The Golden Path

Mortals hadn’t seen this before, so they thought it was the appearance of a demon. Their imagination went wild, which caused them to turn Wu Yu into a horrible thing. Hao Tian Shangxian and You Ling Ji knew that Wu Yu couldn’t be a demon, but they were confused by his skill.

“I didn’t expect you to have this skill, transforming into a beast. Now you should taste much better.” You Ling Ji never feared him. She continued to attack, and the evil ghost became more wild and violent.


The peerless celestial monkey spun his staff several times. It was like his own arm. Wu Yu once felt that the staff was a bit heavy, but now it was easy to use after he transformed.


His strength increased greatly, and his staff was hitting the evil ghost like a storm. In a short time, the ground was even cracked for over one hundred meters.


With wild attacks from the golden celestial monkey, the evil ghost was roaring angrily, but it had no chance to fight back. It wasn’t until Wu Yu hit it into a piece of stinky meat after hundreds of strikes, did it finally become quiet!

“Celestial Monkey Transformation really made me manic!”

Wu Yu regained his cool a bit after he totally destroyed the evil ghost. After transforming into a celestial monkey, Wu Yu couldn’t control himself, and had to destroy everything before stopping! He shouldn’t use it all the time.

“You Ling Ji!”

After killing the evil ghost, Wu Yu stared at You Ling Ji.

But she just sneered, standing there. At this time, Wu Yu felt some sinister wind penetrating his bone. He turned around and saw a pale-faced woman about to hit him. She didn’t push him away though, but just disappeared!

“Haha! Sun Wudao, you are dead!” You Ling Ji laughed loudly. Although her voice was nice, her face could only be described as ugly.


Wu Yu was about to hit You Ling Ji into a meat paste, but his brain thundered. A thing had entered his body and distracted his mind quickly.

“Sun Wudao… Sun Wudao…”

That creepy thing was crying and calling his name. Wu Yu suddenly found the scene in front of him was bloody, and there were bodies everywhere!

“Get out!”

He knew that the ghost had entered him and tried to possess him.

Wu Yu didn’t know how she did it. In this huge world, he only knew a tiny piece of it. He didn’t know how to pull this ‘wronged’ ghost out from his body.

“I died so wrongly…” The sound was lingering around his ears, and the figure of the woman was in front of his eyes.

From onlookers’ eyes, the tall and strong golden monkey kneeled down and held his head as he was in pain. Then he roared angrily, stood up and walk towards You Ling Ji, but he suddenly stopped. His two legs seemed to be fighting against each other. He even hit himself with his staff.


Inside the carriage, Wu You’s face was soon covered with tears whilst watching Wu Yu, who was in pain.

She couldn’t even say his name out.

Jiu Shijun looked at her, coldly saying: “You’d better care about yourself, Wu You. Even Shangxian likes you. You are so capable. What if all eight of my followers like you? Can you take good care of them all?”

He laughed out loudly.

On the other side stood people with nervous eyes as You Ling Ji laughed, saying: “Fine, I’m done.”

She was much more powerful than Wu Yu. She waved her hand once, then the flag wrapped around the stick, like a long spear. She held it and flew towards Wu Yu.

“Sun Wudao is going to die.” Jiu Shijun laughed. Although Wu Yu was a Shangxian, Jiu Shijun didn’t want to spend time respecting a dead man. But seeing Wu You’s struggling face made him quite happy.

As expected, You Ling Ji continued to use her Dao skill, mumbling a technique, and tapped her finger on the Spirit Drawing Flag ten times as she walked towards Wu Yu. With every tap on the flag, a black snake appeared, which tangled around the flag. After ten times, there were ten black snakes on the flag, showing their teeth and hissing unceasingly.

“Time to try my Master’s unique technique——Ten Snakes Penetrating Soul Spear!

This was a famous technique from one of the seven devils of the Red Sea. At least one thousand Dao cultivators died from this technique in the last one hundred years. And of course, those terrifying devils named themselves “Seven Celestials of Red Sea”.

You Ling Ji flew to Wu Yu like a ghost, thrusting the spear-like flag towards his heart. At the same time, Wu Yu was still controlled by the wronged ghost!


Whilst struggling with the wronged ghost in his mind, Wu Yu suddenly opened his eyes and saw You Ling Ji’s horrible Dao skill.

Ten snakes were tangled on the flag, rolling, and sometimes even smiling.

“If this hits me, I will surely die!”

Wu Yu knew it clearly.

This is East Yue Wu, not the Sword to Heaven Sect. Therefore no one will be able help him!

This breathless moment!


Wu You was crying while watching him die.

With death on its way, the whole world seemed to quiet down, which gave a wonderful feeling.

In fact, Wu Yu hoped for this feeling when he arrived here. One month ago, he only wanted peace, but he couldn’t get it. When he got courage to come to this battle, he finally obtained true peace.

However, with the wronged ghost distracting him, You Ling Ji was ready to take his life. In the people’s frightened eyes, this should be the least peaceful moment.

“Celestial path.”

Wu Yu saw a golden path behind You Ling Ji, which was burning with golden flames!

[Hmm, a golden road, a monkey and a witch… What does that remind me of…]

This was not an illusion made by the wronged ghost!

“Go! Go! Wu Yu!”

After a deadly peaceful second, a storm was roaring from the inside of his celestial monkey body.

His blood was passionately boiling!

As if someone was asking him!

“Wu Yu, the celestial path is indistinct and extremely difficult. What do you think is the most important thing?

Now, at this moment, Wu Yu understood. He was going to answer, “Courage.”

The courage needed to challenge!

The courage needed to rise!

The courage needed to kill demons!

The courage needed to break through the celestial path and to break emptiness!

The seed was finally sprouting after it absorbed the qi from heaven and earth!

Ka Cha!

Something smashed inside the manic body of the celestial monkey.

Wu Yu could see nothing but You Ling Ji’s ten snakes and the Spirit Drawing Flag.


In this way, he felt that the body of the celestial monkey belonged to him!

“I, Wu Yu, was walking on the line between life and death…”

“But! Cultivation is to go against the heavens, and take the holy light from the sun and the moon! Forge myself with the qi from heaven and earth! It is normal to walk on the line between life and death.”

“The successful one sings loudly all the way!”

“The loser becomes soil and disappears, along with his cultivation!”

“I don’t want to be the soil. I want to the peerless Monkey King! Almighty!”

The boiling blood broke out from his heart, spreading through his entire body. His golden body was burning!

“Wu You, I said I will protect you with my all life!”

“How can I let those devils sully you!”

If I die, I will forever regret it!

All his anger burst out from his mouth.

“You Ling Ji!!”

Wu Yu suddenly jumped up, holding his staff, creating a loud sound.

“What?” You Ling Ji laughed, but her “Ten Snake Penetrating Soul Spear” didn’t stop, and already stabbed at his chest!

“I want you to die, and for your body to burn to ashes!”

When he said that word, his thick arm moved!

One staff, hitting violently!

It was the Tongshen Staff!

This staff was a mix of his spirit, flesh, and his Demon Emperor Staff.

This staff was transcending!

When he hit that staff, his life also changed too!

He seemed to arrive at an endless void. After he hit, stars seemed to fall, the moon cracked, and the sun died!

The staff connected with the heavens!

The staff let him wildly absorb qi from heaven and earth. His blood, flesh and mind were combined, surpassing the mortal world. Martial Dao’s Tongshen Stage. He reached the 10th Heavenly Stage of the Martial Dao!

The staff had the strength of ten thousand battle horses!

It surprised the whole capital!

Like a rising sun from the East Sea, it brightened the world in that second!

While You Ling Ji became like a ghost!

Tongshen Staff hit her right on the head!

When it hit her head, the spear penetrated Wu Yu’s body. At that moment, he completed the first phase of the Indestructible Vajra Body!

Plus, he had transformed into a celestial monkey. Therefore his body was much tougher. The flag wasn’t like a long spear, so it took some effort to penetrate his body!

But right at that second, Wu Yu smashed hit You Ling Ji’s brain out with his Tongshen Staff.

Ka cha!

You Ling Ji died instantly, without even a chance to cry, before falling down in front of Wu Yu.

Her flag fell down.

The wronged ghost, without You Ling Ji’s support, had gone far away.


Instantly, the dark clouds spread out, and the sun showed up again. The golden monkey roared angrily to get his anger off his chest. He wildly slammed the staff on the the ground, then a gap quickly formed at the foot of the city wall. The whole city was shaking!

You Ling Ji, died!


Celestial Monkey Transformation was so wild. He had to pour out all his anger before he transformed back to a human.

Luckily, his head didn’t enlarge too much, so the mask could still hide his face.

When he transformed back to human and looked at the capital…

Jiu Shijun, Wu You, Hao Tian, Consort Xi…and hundreds of thousands of people were all watching him.

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