Chapter 52: Robed girl( Part 3 )

Fang Tien nodded with a smile, as he was paying no attention to what he said, his mind focused on his conversation with Sha Sha.

Seeing his nod of acceptance she giggled in delight, “my name is Shao Jian”

Feeling an intense stare Fang turned attention was brought back catching a glimpse of her sentence, he guessed she was saying her name.

“Fang Tien” he replied serenely.

Hearing his name she shouted in delight, ” Fang Tien? we don’t have any Fangs where I’m from such a unique name”

Looking at his face Shao Jian stared in disappointment as the veil obstructed everything but his mouth, dejectedly she asked: “You don’t appear to be a mage and your eyes so magically, are you one of those Eye cultivators?”

With some light interest, Fang Tien replied ” Oh? are Eye cultivators not widely known?”

“Of course not! they’re almost none existent only one family exist now with eye cultivators and it’s the Yin family, they’re famous for their special eye that allows them to predict the future”

With a confused expression, Jian continued “But your eyes seem nothing like the Yin family eyes, and everyone knows they’re not good at fighting”

The Yin Family? they can’t be as amazing as they sound or teacher would have mentioned them…but its strange no one seems to know of the Du clan, Tien thought silently.

“Have you not heard about the Du Family? Our eyes carry a special star pattern shape to them” Fang Tien asked

“Du Clan? you guys must be a newly formed family”

Moving closer towards Fang Tien she continued “It’s ok, my family is quite ancient and powerful, even if you’re from a weaker family I’ll protect you”

Fang Tien couldn’t help but blurt out “what” as her last sentence flabbergasted him.

Sensing his look of disbelief Jian added ” Its true, my Shao family is part of the Great elemental alliance but our Bloodline is apart of a secret branch, so any family has to give us face if anyone bullies you Jian’er will take care of them” with her fist held high Jian smiled proudly at the mention of her clan.

“Elemental clan, Shao lineage? that would explain why your affinity was with the very unusual dark element” Fang Tien calmly said.

Seeing his lack of surprise or shock at the mention of her clan Jian was disappointed, but quickly decided that it was due to his lack of knowledge about the great clans, she figured he might even be the illegal child of some elf due to his aloof aura and handsome facial features being very close to that of an elf.

As they traveled through the long gravely road they chatted for hours, though most of it was just Fang Tien absentmindedly replying.

“BANG!” A large explosion rang out as the carriage came to an abrupt halt.

Ten large males could be seen outside as they encircled both carriages, various weapons in hands and murderous intentions in their eyes ” Hand over all your spirit stones and any Women inside!”

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