Chapter 52: The Red Sea’s Seven Devils

Whilst numerous people were watching him, Wu Yu did a certain thing.

As Mo Shishu said: “Killing people and taking their treasures, also means taking their ‘Sumeru Pouches’.”

With the death of You Ling Ji, if Wu Yu didn’t take her Sumeru Pouch and Spirit Drawing Flag, then Hao Tian Shangxian would take them.

If someone would take them, then why shouldn’t it be Wu Yu?

Every magic weapon had its users. They all had been passed to several people.

However, it was true that Wu Yu couldn’t use the Spirit Drawing Flag. It was a weapon for Devil Cultivators. He decided to take it back to the Sword to Heaven Sect and hand in over to Feng Xueya.

As for her Sumeru Pouch, it was not the right time to inspect it. Wu Yu hung it on his waist. After finishing this, he walked towards Jiu Shijun.

‘An Introduction to Sword Cultivation’ says: “That Dao cultivators must not kill mortals, otherwise they will damage their merits and be abandoned by the heaven and earth. It will be more difficult for them to become a celestial, even more than for mortals.”

Devil Cultivators didn’t believe in Dao beliefs. They killed whatever and whenever they wanted.

That was the reason why Wu Yu didn’t kill Jiu Shijun. Plus, Su Yanli and Mo Shishu had reminded him not to meddle in the affairs of mortals. If he killed Jiu Shijun, the 38 islands in the East Sea would be in trouble again.

When You Ling Ji died suddenly and unexpectedly, Jiu Shijun’s face was frozen. Now, his dark face was very pale. When Wu Yu came closer, he fell off the horse, crying: “Sun Shangxian, I don’t want to marry Princess Wu You. You take her. Just don’t kill me!”

He became a little coward compared to his previous arrogant emperor’s nature.

In East Yue Wu, without You Ling Ji, he was just a nobody.

He nodded his head towards the ground to ask for mercy as his eight followers were so scared that they pissed their pants.

You Ling Ji was killed!

The only disciple of Red Sea’s Seven Devils was killed in East Yue Wu!

Jiu Shijun couldn’t calm down. Wu Yu was like a God in the the mortal world. His terrifying majestic aura and pressure scared him out of his wits.

The emperor of East Sea was like a little poor worm now.

“Jiu Shijun.” Wu Yu lifted his head with the Demon Emperor Staff.

“I won’t kill you.” Wu Yu said.

“Thank you Sun Shangxian!” Jiu Shijun was happy and crying.

Ka cha!

Wu Yu hit the corner of Jiu Shijun’s eye. He only had one eye before, now the other eye burst out bleeding after a cracking sound was heard. It was now useless.

“Ah…I can’t see!”

Jiu Shijun was rolling on the ground in pain.

“Go back to East Sea. From now on, your East Sea thieves aren’t allowed to step into East Yue Wu.” Wu Yu knew that as a Dao Cultivator, it was inappropriate for him to interfere with mortal things. So he only said this to Jiu Shijun.

Plus, the East Sea Issue was his long-cherished wish before he ascended the throne.

“I understand!” Jiu Shijun was in a lot of pain, therefore making his followers hold him.


“Yes, sir!” Being held by his followers, Jiu Shijun scratched and scrambled away with his horses.

Wu Yu didn’t care about them. When Jiu Shijun was gone, only Princess Wu You was left. This scene was strange, yet familiar. When he hugged her, all the people cheered.

They were cheering for love.

But they didn’t know this wasn’t romantic love, but familial affections.

Although they were half-blood siblings, they were still very close.

“Sis…” This time he protected Princess Wu You, and saved her life. It was like reviving from death. In fact, he was already prepared for death.

This was the first time he met such a dangerous situation since he started cultivating Dao.

He defeated Zhao Chuang, Situ Jing, Ye Guyu, and Situ Minglang with confidence. Only the battle with You Ling Ji made him linger around the gates of hell.

“At least we are alive…” Wu You was patting his back lightly. Her tears had almost dried out. It was a happy moment. She just wanted to feel his body’s temperature a bit longer.

This proved that he was still alive. They didn’t utter a word.

A smile was enough.

The suffering was finally gone.

“I heard You Ling Ji has seven masters in the East Sea, called the Red Sea’s Seven Devils. You let Jiu Shijun go… What if they know of you and come here to find you…” Wu You nervously asked.

The battle was finally over, but trouble never ended.

Wu Yu said: “Even if I didn’t let Jiu Shijun go, they would still know. It is unavoidable.”

Wu Yu knew that it was his responsibility to handle the Devil Cultivators like You Ling Ji. Even when Feng Xueya was here, he too would let Wu Yu kill her.

As for the Red Sea’s Seven Devils, they were at the level of Feng Xueya. Once Wu Yu told Feng Xueya, he would take action. Wu Yu planned to write a letter to Feng Xueya. Carrier pigeons weren’t able to fly up to Blue Surge Mountain Range, but a Heaven Cloud Roc could.

Feng Xueya always protected his disciples. It was a good thing to follow him.

Wu Yu told Wu You his plan so that she finally could put the burden down.

Wu Yu felt sharp eyes staring at him— Hao Tian Shangxian was standing behind him.

Wu Yu knew his own strength now.

“After achieving the first phase of Indestructible Vajra Body, my bone is as hard as iron. Normal weapons, fire, and water would never injure me. I have 10 thousand battle horses’ strength. Even though my arm was broken, I will recover very soon after putting the broken limb back. My defensive power, explosive power, and recovery power are over ten times of a 10th Heavenly Stage Martial Dao cultivator, surpassing the level of Qi Condensing Phase.”

This first phase of Indestructible Vajra Body was much more powerful than any skills at the Mortal Body Forging Phase.

“Also, I remember there are around 10 thousand words of Indestructible Vajra Body and I only cultivated one thousand so far. There must be many more. Once I cultivate all, I can go to the heaven to kill eight thousand heavenly palaces and go to the hell to break it! I will have a copper head, iron bones, and a gold body. Even celestials’ weapons can’t hurt me. Heavenly Dao Celestials can’t kill me either. This is just the first phase, the start!”

“I just wonder when the Ruyi Jingu Bang will give me the technique of the second phase? Or maybe I will never have it? Or maybe after I condense my Qi?”

Wu Yu was now pondering his distance with Hao Tian Shangxian.

After fighting You Ling Ji, he knew she was at the second stage of Qi Condensing Phase, a stage higher than Situ Minglang.

While Hao Tian Shangxian seemed to be able to suppress her, so he might be at the third stage.

As for Jiang Junlin who didn’t show up for quite a while, he should be at over the fourth stage.

Wu Yu was now at the 10th Heavenly Stage of Martial Dao, the realm of Tongshen. Even if he didn’t use Celestial Monkey Transformation, he had 10 thousand battle-horse strength. Many disciples at Qi Condensing Phase didn’t have such power, except those who cultivated Dao skills of body forging.

And he had Tongshen Staff.

“If I use the most of my strength, I can suppress people at the second stage of Qi Condensing Phase. But facing Hao Tian Shangxian, who has cultivated for over one hundred years, I may be less powerful. I have to tolerate him a bit longer…”

This was the reason why Wu Yu didn’t confront with Hao Tian.

And he must make sure Jiang Junlin was not here.

Jiang Junlin was not just powerful. He was a talent at Su Yanli’s level. He also had a noble status. So Wu Yu should never provoke him.

“With achieving the 10th Heavenly Stage of Martial Dao, I only need to consolidate my current strength. Once I successfully condense my qi, I will suppress Hao Tian Shangxian…”

Looking at Hao Tian Shangxian, Wu Yu had calculated everything clearly.

He expected that with his current strength and the help of a Qi Condensing Pill, achieving Qi Condensing Phase would be easier than reaching Tongshen. He had overcome the most difficult thing in East Yue Wu.

“Hao Tian Shangxian planned to let Yuan Hao cooperate with East Divine Kingdom to expand East Yue Wu. He also thought You Ling Ji might kill me for him. Ridiculous.”

Wu Yu knew his plan, and thought he looked so ridiculous now.

As expected, Hao Tian started to make trouble now!

“Sun Wudao. You are so stupid! As a Shangxian sent by the Sword to Heaven Sect, how dare you fall for a mortal?! And you even killed You Ling Ji for your stupid affection?! You are big trouble! You bring us disaster! You won’t live long!” Hao Tian Shangxian was pissed off.

In just a second, You Ling Ji died. He never expected that.

He thought it was Wu Yu who would die. He was even surprised by You Ling Ji’s terrifying Dao skill.

Wu Yu was just a naïve young man to him. So Wu Yu behaved as a naïve young man, saying, “Hao Tian, don’t say anything. I truly love Princess Wu You. It’s my fate that I came to East Yue Wu and met her. I cannot give up on her. As for me offending the Seven Devils of Red Sea, I will take care of it.”

“How will you take care of it?! If I were you, I would have already run away!” Hao Tian Shangxian looked at him with cold eyes.

“No way. I am the Celestial Kingdom Supervisor here. I must guard here. Don’t worry. I won’t interfere with your stuff. I will live with Princess Wu You in the Shangxian Mountain and leave you alone. If the Red Sea’s Seven Devils come for revenge, you just tell them to find me. Jiang Junlin is also here. They won’t dare to do anything.” Wu Yu said.

“You? Are you qualified to take responsibility?” Hao Tian Shangxian sneered. But after all, this was Wu Yu’s matter. With Jiang Junlin here, he didn’t worry about the Red Sea’s Seven Devils.

He just hated that Wu Yu ruined his plan to expand East Yue Wu.

But he couldn’t say it out, because Dao cultivators were not allowed to meddle with national affairs.

“I won’t give you trouble.” Wu Yu said.

Hao Tian Shangxian was very angry. He looked at Wu You, saying, “Sun Wudao, Wu You is our Princess. If you want to be with her, you need my approval.”

He was so angry that he said this thing.

Wu Yu was stunned, “Hao Tian, seriously? Wu You is the Princess of East Yue Wu. Why would I need your approval? You are just a disciple of Zhongyuan Daoist Sect, not her father. How could you say that?”

Of course Wu You was not his daughter. Wu Yu just wanted to stir him up. After all, he was the biological father of Yuan Chen.

Wu You also said, “Hao Tian Shangxian, I am willing to follow him. This is my choice. Even Empress Dowager and Yuan Hao can’t say no. You should let me go.”

“Hmph!” Hao Tian Shangxian left with anger.

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