Chapter 52: Unstoppable


Lu Ping climbed down the Tower at a lightning fast speed; a single thought and a single direction in his mind.

Shen Chi had untied Wen Yan. Both of them watched Lu Ping as he sprinted ahead with a speed that had already become inconceivable for them.

“Did he not use his full power just now?” Wen Yan suddenly turned around and asked Xi Fan.

“I don’t know.” Xi Fan said.

This was not a lie. He truly had no idea what would Lu Ping’s full power feel like.

“Can you support me, so that I can also look?” Xi Fan said.

“Are you joking?” Shen Chi said. Though, he did place Xi Fan along with his wheelchair beside the window nevertheless. Together, the three people watched Lu Ping.

“How is that girl doing over there?” Xi Fan asked. His realm was not high enough to see at such a distance.

Wen Yan, who was only watching Lu Ping until now, turned her head and looked in Su Tang’s direction upon hearing Xi Fan’s question.

“Uh…she is surrounded…but tenaciously resisting…oh!..” At the end of her sentence, Wen Yan exclaimed.

“What?” Xi Fan asked.

“What a ferocious fist. Is this truly Strength’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer? Hard to imagine…”

Wen Yan found it hard to conceive, so did the other students of Tian Zhao institute who were chasing after her.

Infusion’s soul third Heavenly Layer, Sound’s soul third Heavenly Layer, Qi’s soul first heavenly layer, Pivot’s soul first Heavenly Layer, Strength’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer, and no realm in Essence’s soul.

This realm was not much in the eyes of the students of the Tian Zhao institute. Although the sixth layer of the Strength’s soul could produce strong battle capabilities, as far as these students were concerned, no other individual could possibly be this hard to subdue. Now they had realized that, what they considered as the sixth layer of the Strength’s soul, had some disparity from this girl’s sixth layer of Strength’s Soul.


Fist vs Fist. Strength vs Strength

A muffled sound rang out.

This sound was not produced by a quick exchange of blows, instead, this was a repressed sound produced due to a resolute collision between two fists that were under the influence of rapidly moving power of Strength’s soul.

Immediately afterward, one individual was blown away upside down. Subsequently, he fell on the ground and rolled once, before crashing into a tree.

Su Tang had to retreat two steps back as well. Her fist was still clenched as before. It had a few bloodstains; some of her opponent, some of her own.

Su Tang sucked in a deep breath and retreated back a step in a very natural manner.

No one stepped forward.

The students of Tian Zhao had her surrounded. All of them were thoroughly astonished by her strength. Not just her fighting strength, but, her stamina to preserve until now, was astonishing as well. Although her appearance seemed weary, if someone else were to take her place place, he would have found it difficult to even stand. And her? Her fist was still clenched and raised, and her figure moved back and forth around her position. She didn’t seem out of her fighting shape at all.

Tian Zhao students were looking at her, and she was looking back at them. They hadn’t attacked in groups because if they had done so, dividing Su Tang’s point count would have unavoidably created some troubles among themselves. However, after seeing several students blasted away one after another, none of them hastily charged.

“Truly useless!” In the Transmission Room, upon seeing such actions of these students from afar, Wen Yan subconsciously turned around to look for the microphone, intending to scold them a little. However, as she turned around and looked at the completely messed up room, she realized that the Transmission Room had already been destroyed by Lu Ping.

A situation that had ruined Wen Yan’s mood, in Xi Fan’s opinion, was obviously a good news. However, the next moment, he heard Shen Chi saying:

“That girl won’t be able to preserve much longer!”

Xi Fan was not much surprised because Shen Chi could also clearly see that side’s situation. He was unable to sense the latter’s realm as well; a Linked One without a doubt. The realms of the students of the Tian Zhao institute were too high compared to the students of their Zhai Feng or the Xia Feng institute.

“All depends on whether this youngster would be able to hurry in time or not.” Wen Yan again looked towards the darting figure of Lu Ping.

“That girl has opted for a defensive retreat as well!” Shen Chi said.

“Is that so?” Wen Yan again turned her head in Su Tang’s direction.

Su Tang was retreating; calm, collected, and unhurried. She had already retreated back three steps. She was attentively watching the movements of every student surrounding her, prepared to welcome charge of any student at any time. None of the students made any move. They only advanced three steps, keeping up with Su Tang’s three steps. They seemed to have decided not to confront Su Tang head-on anymore.

In return, Su Tang suddenly turned around and swiftly dashed ahead.

“Trying to run!”

Of course, some students were already attentively keeping an eye on her path of retreat. At this moment, not stepping forward to obstruct her won’t do. One left and one right, two students rushed out and immediately arranged themselves as a closed door.

However, Su Tang was already prepared. She immediately extended her two fists, one left and one right, attacking the two individuals who were in front of her.

The two individuals didn’t dare resist her strikes head-on. They immediately dodged sideways while stretching out their hands and jabbing at Su Tang’s fists. However, Su Tang suddenly pulled her fists in and sent elbow strikes towards both sides.

This time, the two individuals were unable to defend and were struck head-on. One was blasted away left, one right. Su Tang’s speed didn’t lower in the slightest. She directly jumped across the several stairs that were in front of her. She was greeted by an ancient looking building in front of her. She contemplated on whether to directly charge into the building or not.

The masses of students chasing behind her would obviously not miss such an opportunity. This old and simple construction surrounded by the woods was their Tian Zhao institute’s library, not a restricted area. They were about to charge inside, however, they suddenly heard a pleasantly surprised shout from the woods behind them: “Thirty points!”

“Ya! Thirty points.”

A figure of a man flew past them.

Everyone was about to step forward. With the appearance of thirty points, they didn’t mind temporarily setting aside the twelve points at all.

However, subsequently, everybody clearly saw that this figure was not some thirty points, rather was a student of Tian Zhao just like them, who’d flew all the way here due to being struck.

“This guy is so ferocious as well!” Everyone was astonished. In the beginning, everybody had ignored Lu Ping. Furthermore, when Qiao Ying fixed his attention on Lu Ping, everyone believed they won’t be able to fight over Lu Ping, thus none of them had personally seen Lu Ping’s strength. How did he get thirty points? They were extremely curious as well.

However, they found out soon after.

Even more formidable strength, and even more quick speed!

By the time that figure dropped down, another figure had already emerged out from the woods behind at a lighting fast speed. Following the figure’s appearance, various kinds of shouts and cries could be heard. Apparently, these were the voices of a group chasing after him, and going by their shouts, they seemed quite far off.

“It’s these guys!”

Five students had been standing afar from the very beginning. Their uniform was somewhat different than the rest of the students. On their collars was a golden circle, and on their back, two words were embroidered in an extremely clear manner which betrayed their identity:

“Discipline Squadron.”

They had been attentively watching the exchange between the two sides, but had no intention of joining. And in return, rest of the students hadn’t paid any attention to their existence.

Lasting until the appearance of Lu Ping.

After which, they immediately sprung into action. While the other students, feeling that Lu Ping’s strength was strange, were retreating and discussing among themselves, these five immediately charged out of the crowd with extreme tact.

As they emerged out, they’d already arranged themselves in a V-shape, open towards Lu Ping’s charge, and shouted in chorus:

“We are…”


They were all ready to announce their identity, however, they were only able to say two words, before the individual at the core of their formation had already been blasted away.

“It’s the exact same feeling!” Inside the Transmission Room, Shen Chi slapped the table in front of him and exclaimed.

“Just like a current of wind!”

That’s right, a current of wind…..

The five individuals in V formation had this exact feeling. They were announcing their name and were about to execute their operation, however, how could they have ever believed that their opponent would be so quick that their V formation would not be able to resist in the slightest. The individual in the core of their formation was blasted away, and what they felt was truly a wind current and appearance of an indistinct human figure.


The individual who was blasted away directly flew over the stairs and crashed against the big old-fashioned door of the library. Along with a snap sound, the door sprang open and vertically flew inside along with that individual.

Lu Ping swept past the stairs at a lightning fast speed. However, at this moment, from beyond that collapsed wooden door, a voice came through, furthermore, many students who had good realms in Qi’s soul sniffed an alcoholic smell:

“Who is creating trouble here?”

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