Chapter 53: The Drunkard Woman

The library was simple and old-fashioned. In the beginning, the library just had a circle of tiny saplings around it. With the time, these tiny saplings had now turned into gigantic and dense trees, and the library concealed in between them seemed to emit a special aura. Though, in terms of illumination, this library couldn’t be praised at all.

Out of the two of hinged doors, one was already down, and the other was opened flat out wide. Inside was a wide and extremely dim corridor. Fortunately, all the people present were cultivators. Just the realm of second Heavenly Layer in Infusion’s soul was sufficient to clearly see in such illumination. All the people present were sniffing the smell of wine with their stretched out noses, and their vision was inside the library. Subsequently, they saw a woman emerging out of the darkness. She was holding a bottle of wine in her left hand and clasping a girl under her right arm; it was the red-clothed girl who’d just entered a moment ago. Apparently, the girl was already unconscious.

“Huh?” All the students of Tian Zhao were stupefied.

When they’d sniffed the smell of alcohol, they were faintly aware of whom did it belong to. However, when they saw that her appearing with the red-clothed girl in such a way, they found it somewhat hard to believe.

In their knowledge, this individual was a nonsensical depressed woman who did nothing but drank all day. Their only curiosity lied in the fact that why was this woman allowed to stay at the institute.

However, at present, the red-clothed girl whom they were absolutely unable to subdue, had been so easily captured by this woman within a moment after the former entered the library.

‘This drunkard woman…could it be that she’d been concealing her strength all along?’

All the students remained silent in their astonishment Which left behind only a single cold voice:

“Let her go.” Lu Ping said.

Only three words sounded, however, each word was filled with a courage and determination that disregarded everything. Everybody knew that these words were not just for show. Because, by the time Lu Ping had finished speaking these words, he was already rushing ahead. It was a reckless charge that disregarded everything

“Careful!” Everybody subconsciously shouted. Everybody had witnessed Lu Ping’s velocity and strength themselves.

However, the drunkard woman only frowned slightly. Her expression, as she watched Lu Ping, did not have anxiousness or caution, but had curiosity.The reason for her curiosity was that how could a youngster who’d absolutely no Soul’s Power, possess such a tyrannical explosive strength.

Lu Ping had already waved his fist, and at this moment, a strong Soul’s Power eventually emerged. It continuously collided with the air, producing rumbling sounds like that of a hurricane.

The students of Tian Zhao lost colors from their faces.

‘What kind of strength is this? Under the attack of such an intense Soul’s Power, is there any other option except dying?’

Transmission tower’s top; transmission Room.

When Lu Ping punched out, Wen Yan’s expression immediately transformed.

“Sure enough…” She glanced at Xi Fan, before continuing:

“He didn’t use his full strength at all.”

“This is not the limit.” She Chi said. The strength in Lu Ping’s fist was clearly still increasing.

“What is that?” Wen Yan, as if having seen something strange, astonishedly asked.

Xi Fan had faintly guessed. Although he’d also seen and heard that thing only twice, it had left behind an extremely profound impression on him.

‘When this thing appeared, Lu Ping should be at his full strength’. Xi Fan had always speculated as such.

His judgment wasn’t wrong. At this moment, Lu Ping was exhibiting the greatest possible strength.

This was because Lu Ping knew this woman. She was the same woman, who, in Wang Town’s congee shop, had thrown out one of the twelve Protectors of the City Master Mansion, Wei Ming, with a lift of her hand and had furthermore poured congee all over his face.

This woman was very strong. However, the more important point was, Su Tang had been captured by her.

Therefore, Lu Ping employed his entire strength without holding back.


Along with the colliding sounds, the chains revealed themselves.

“What’s that?” All the students astonishedly looked at the chains that had appeared out of nowhere. The brows of the drunkard woman, which were pressed together, completely stretched out at this moment.

“Amazing.” She said and paused for a bit, before adding one more line:

“But, it’s a complete mess as well.”


Hurricane like Soul’s Power berserkly swept past, and the woman’s figure was immediately torn apart into two halves. The bottle of wine in her left-hand was immediately smashed apart. But astonishingly, her right half, which was holding Su Tang, was still mobile.

Everyone had their eyes opened wide. In the next instant, woman’s right half again turned into a complete figure.


Everyone realized that the Soul’s Power had only struck woman’s afterimage. She was so quick that no one had seen her movements and had only been able to see the result of her movements.

With the Soul’s Power being left behind her body, she stretched out her left hand, which had abandoned the bottle of wine, and grabbed Lu Ping’s throat, before she lifted him up and pushed him down.


There was once again an extremely loud sound due to the collision of Soul’s Power from both sides. The stone slabs in front of Library’s door began to crack and split apart. The upper half of Lu Ping’s body was actually completely drilled into the ground.

Chi…along with a sound, a blood wound opened up on the woman’s left cheek along with blood splashing. In the end, she was slightly affected while evading Lu Ping’s strike. However, everything had happened so quickly, that the wound on her cheek only opened up at this moment.

However, her expression didn’t change at all. Her attention wasn’t disturbed by this tiny wound at all. Her eyes were fixed on the chains on Lu Ping’s both hands and both legs. Apparently, she didn’t care about prevailing over Lu Ping at all.

However, Lu Ping’s both eyes had always been on the captive of the woman; Su Tang.

This woman was extremely strong; the strongest he’d ever seen. However, regardless of how strong she was, he couldn’t give up. He had to save Su Tang regardless.

His tightly squeezed throat didn’t seem capable of passing air, however, it somehow still managed to let out a low growl. The hanging chains which were becoming increasingly indistinct, at this moment, once again turned clear and began to shake and bounce. Amidst chaotic clanking sounds, Soul’s Power berserkly surged forth once again.

Infusion’s soul? Sound’s soul? Strength’s soul? Qi’s soul? Hinge’s soul? Essence’s soul?

Previously, the students of Tian Zhao students were unable to perceive any kind of Soul’s Power on the body of Lu Ping. However, at this moment, they could sense a tyrannical existence of all six kinds of Soul’s Power, which gave off a feeling as if it would swallow everything. They felt an unprecedented threat and involuntarily stepped backward. Thirty points? Even three hundred, or three thousand points, would be unable to make them move forward; that would be just throwing their lives away.

The drunkard woman, who didn’t have much change in expression till now, also had a huge transformation in expression at this moment.

“Enough!” She withdrew her left arm that was squeezing Lu Ping’s neck, so as to remove the threat which Lu Ping might have been feeling. However, the Soul’s Power still kept on increasing.

The woman stared blankly. Subsequently, as she glanced at the girl clasped under her arm, she eventually realized that the youngster in front of her was never concerned about his own condition, but only cared about the girl she captured by her.

“Be at ease. She is all right.” The woman softly said and injected a stream of Soul’s Power into Su Tang’s body.

Upon hearing these words, Lu Ping’s intensity reduced as expected. Immediately afterward, he saw Su Tang waking up.

“Ah, you came.” Upon seeing Lu Ping as soon as she opened her eyes, Su Tang was happy.

“Yes. I came.” Lu Ping said.

“That’s good.” Su Tang’s face was relieved.

“You all right?” Though Su Tang had been released by the woman, Lu Ping was still somewhat uneasy.

“I’m all right.” Su Tang smilingly replied and glanced at the woman, before saying:

“You remember her?”

“Hm..” Lu Ping sounded his agreement. The Soul’s Power forced out by him, at this moment, was slowly returning back. Eventually, after a moment of being completely relaxed, the chains abruptly stood upright, as if applying strength and tightening on something. A faint painful expression flickered on Lu Ping’s face, however, biting his tongue, he didn’t utter a sound. Even the blood rushing up his throat was forcefully swallowed back by him.

“How are you?” However, Su Tang could make out that his expression was strange.

“It’s nothing.” Lu Ping shook his head.

“Idiot.” Though, the woman also shook her head and suddenly stretched her palm at a lightning fast speed and struck on top of Lu Ping’s head.

“You.” Su Tang, in panic, waved her fist. Even after being extremely tired, this fist carried an unprecedented might. Its wind was even felt by numerous students who were standing several metres apart. However, the woman only gently raised her right arm, and Su Tang was instantly once again clasped under it. She also lost consciousness.

Clasping Su Tang under one hand and dragging Lu Ping by arm with the other, the woman turned around went inside the library.

Tian Zhao students foolishly watched and didn’t dare make a single sound.

The red-clothed girl was troublesome, and the grey-clothed youngster was even more frightening, however, nobody expected that the strongest was the drunkard woman who had always been in their institute, but whom they never took seriously and even despised somewhat.

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