Chapter 53: Mountain Bandits

“Bandits?” Using his divine senses Fang Tien scanned the surrounding area, excitement in his eyes as he had finally found some potential test subjects for his new sword intent.

“Master there is no need to fear, Sha Sha can feel that the old carriage driver is unfathomably strong.”

“What do you mean.?”

“Master in terms of your worlds cultivation rank he could be considered an Emperor physique level cultivator.”

“But this is just his remnant soul…Sha Sha thinks he must have been at least True Emperor physique before death.”

Why is he doing this meaningless work then? No matter, this fight is mine.

With swift movements, Fang Tien exited the carriage appearing before the group of Bandits his voice resonating within Shao Jian Divine senses”

“Jian Stay here, I’ll handle them alone”

“Fang be careful..” an almost inaudible whisper flowed from Shao Jian lips.

“Old man, no need to Defend us Ill take care of them” Using his divine senses Fang Tien communicated his plan to the driver.

“Boss one of the young misses looks like she already wants to offer herself to us haha”

“Don’t worry Pretty we’ll treat you kindly.”

“Maybe I’ll marry her after the boss is done, the boss always said I should settle down haha!”

Laugher could be heard from each bandit as they encircled Fang Tien with eyes full of perversion.

They had mistaken Fang Tien for some noble daughter, after all, his fair skin, small red lips, and slender snow white hands are all that’s visible through his black clothes, his long flowing hair and slender physique combined with his veil would confuse anyone.

Hearing their Laugher Fang Tien looked around, but he saw no sight of DU yan, Du Min or Shao Jian..who did they mean then?

“Clank” a metallic sound rang out as Fang Tien unsheathed his long sword, taking it out form his spatial ring.

This Longsword seemed almost too tall for Fang Tien as he could be seen holding it with two hands.

“Missy don’t cut yourself with that sharp thing”

“I like a woman with some energy who fights back haha”

“Don’t damage the Goods” a rough voice could be heard coming from the tallest bandit, he was decorated in various jewelry and wore a fierce rank 3 wolves fur around his neck.

“Don’t worry boss, we won’t hurt her…too much haha”

“I’ll Handle her boys” A lone figure walked from the crowd, this guy was dressed in light brown clothing his hand holding a short Ax.

“Don’t worry pretty I’ll go easy, I’ve achieved the Awakened physique rank, you’re so silent what’s wrong…do you fear me? Haha”

Fang Tien stood silently with his Long Sword in hand, as his Divine senses covered the nearby area he focused his full attention on each bandit, he could feel their excitement, lust, each pulse of their heart beating within their chest each movement and feeling became very clear to him, this was the benefits of his deity eyes achieving True sight Pupil rank.

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