Chapter 53: The 10 Stages of Qi Condensing

In a small area on the city wall, a place that could hardly be seen by most people, stood a man who wore a fox-fur robe. He was staring at Wu Yu and Hao Tian Shangxian.

Accompanying him was a slightly shorter man who stood with a smile on his face. He was like Yuan Hao, but more feminine. He was Yuan Chen.

The man in the fox-fur robe had a dignified appearance and was called Jiang Junlin.

In fact, they had been here, watching the entire battle.

Jiang Junlin smiled with a bit of curiosity and said: “To be honest, Sun Wudao is interesting. His Mortal Body Forging Phase must be superior. He didn’t use any supernatural power or Dao skill. I guess he is just at Martial Dao, Tongshen Stage.”

Yuan Chen couldn’t believe it, “Martial Dao, Tongshen Stage? How could he kill You Ling Ji? She was at the second stage of Qi Condensing Celestial Roots Phase!”

Jiang Junlin patted his shoulder, saying, “Yuan Chen. The world is big. Everything is possible. You know what? In fact, I sent a courier pigeon to the sect, and it turns out, no one knows Sun Wudao. That means, either he is not from the Sword to Heaven Sect and he fakes it, or he is using an alias.”

“Oh! I think he is not simple. We need to dig deeper.” Yuan Chen looked at Jiang Junlin with gentle eyes.

Jiang Junlin said proudly, “Of course. I have sent people to find out the name list of Celestial Kingdom Supervisors from the Sword to Heaven Sect. We and the Sword to Heaven Sect have a deep enmity. It will take one month to get the list.”

“So long? I am afraid ‘Rebirth Fruit’ will already have matured at that time.” Yuan Chen couldn’t wait for so long. After all, Wu Yu had ruined his father’s plan.

“Alright, I will tell them to speed up and find out who Sun Wudao is.”

“And then?”

“How about castrating him?”


Wu Yu said he wanted to take Princess Wu You to Shangxian Mountain, but he actually took her back to Wu You Palace.

Shangxian Mountain was very high and extremely cold in the evening. And it was not convenient to live there. Princess Wu You was a mortal. She couldn’t bear to live there that long.

Wu Yu of course stayed in the cultivation room. But he didn’t need to hide anymore.

When guards or maids saw him, they all nodded at him and worshipped him.

After Killing You Ling Ji, Wu Yu sent his Heaven Cloud Roc to take a letter back to the Blue Surge Mountain Range. After a few days, it returned with Su Yanli’s letter. It said:

Master knows it. Don’t worry. Stay safe in East Yue Wu.

This short message gave him a great feeling of safety.

Feng Xueya didn’t care that Wu Yu killed the disciple of the Seven Devils of Red Sea.

He might have cheered for Wu Yu too, because he killed a devil cultivator.

‘An Introduction to Sword Cultivation’ said, “Once you see a demon or a devil cultivator, must kill them if you can.”

So, Wu Yu had put down his worry about the Seven Devils of Red Sea. He calmed down and focused on Tongshen Staff, as well as trying to break through to Qi Condensing Celestial Roots Phase.

“What a disciple of the Seven Devils of Red Sea.”

He found many things from her Sumeru Pouch.

Most were specialized for devil cultivators. Some were too horrible to look at, such as a goat’s head, a tiger’s liver and gallbladder, there were even broken human arms. So bloody.

He threw them away one by one, and left a few.

“These celestial plants can heal injuries. Some can nourish the mind, invigorate the circulation of blood, and detoxify it. A few can build up sis’ health. She is too weak now.”

Wu Yu believed that the celestial plants and some martial arts taught by him could nourish her blood and body. She would recover very soon. Living to be a hundred was not a problem.

As for Dao cultivation, Wu You didn’t have this talent.

“Apart from some minor things, these three are the most important.”

There were three things in front of him.

First was the empty Sumeru Pouch, of which the capacity was a bit larger than the one Mo Shishu gave him. He planned to leave it empty and give to Qing Mang.

Second was the ‘Spirit Drawing Flag.’ Wu Yu planned to give this evil weapon to Feng Xueya.

Third, nine Qi Condensing Pills.

Yes, nine pills!

In addition to his own one, now he had ten pills. This was quite a fortune.

A Qi Condensing Pill was celestial medicine.

It was very previous. It is said that only Jindan Celestials could use dan fire to refine celestial plants plus other ingredients with delicate duration and heating.

Celestial medicines were of course much better than celestial plants or treasures.

Only Jindan Celestials were able to refine Qi Condensing Pills. It also required effort, time and materials. That was why it was so precious.

In fact, cultivators at Qi Condensing Phase would not use gold as currency.

Gold was used among mortals and was useless for celestials.

Their currency would be precious materials and metal, like the Red Gold of Demon Emperor Staff.

And of course, the most common one was Qi Condensing Pills.

Some magic weapons, Dao techniques, and other treasures could be traded with Qi Condensing Pills, either on formal markets or privately.

This was a convention, and had been popular for years.

Qi Condensing Pills were very beneficial for cultivators at Qi Condensing Celestial Roots Phase!

First, the most important step when mortals started to condense their qi was to use the pill, because it would increase success rate for qi condensing.

Second, after they reached Qi Condensing Celestial Roots Phase, the pill could still increase their power. The cultivation at Qi Condensing Phase would consume many pills.

This was the resource of Dao cultivation.

Of course, it took time to consume the pills. Some cultivators with weak base wouldn’t use much.

If they were greedy, they would go insane and die of body explosion.

Qi Condensing Celestial Roots Phase needed their understanding of heavenly Dao and gradual progress with the help of Qi Condensing Pills.

That was why the pill was so precious.

Ten pills were extremely precious for Wu Yu.

“Earlier, I only had one pill, and that might not help me condense my qi. But now I have ten pills. I will definitely succeed!”

He didn’t plan to leave any legacy. As long as his body could stand it, he didn’t mind absorbing them all. After all…they were easy treasures.

“I have Indestructible Vajra Body, so I may be able to stand more pills than others.”

“Situ Minglang took a short time to condense his qi. Apparently, Lan Huayun gave him many pills.”

“Now I am skilled at Tongshen Staff, and reached the peak of Martial Dao! Next, I will make progress gradually and try to condense my qi.”

Wu Yu sat in the cultivation room quietly. Even Wu You couldn’t come to disturb him.

The Qi Condensing Phase was the beginning of Dao cultivation!

For Wu Yu, it was a new world!

In the Sword to Heaven Sect, only disciples at the Qi Condensing Phase could be qualified to become core disciples.

Plus, Qi Condensing Phase was meaningful to him!

That was, after condensing his qi, along with his ten thousand battle-horse strength, he could have no problem defeating Hao Tian Shangxian.

The day he condenses his qi would be the time he bathes the palace with blood!

“Qi Condensing Phase!”

“It means to absorb spirits from heaven and earth into the ten great Points, opening up the ‘Origin of Power’. It is the source of power.”

“The ten great Points were the most important ones among all Points throughout the whole body.”

“Only when all ten great Points open their ‘Origin of Power’, can the Qi Condensing Phase be reached.  At that time, I will be qualified to become a Jindan Celestial like my master.”

Wu Yu’s power was still too distant from the Qi Condensing Phase.

“Mortals fight with flesh. Cultivators at Qi Condensing Phase have spirit power. They fight with spirit power.”

“Spirit power is condensed from spirit qi from heaven and earth. It is the source of power. Along with Dao skills, it will give people unbelievable skills, such as Jiang Junlin’s ‘Bone flame’ and You Ling Ji’s ‘wronged and evil ghosts’.

For Dao cultivators, in their long path ahead, the profound spirit power was the real foundation!

“As for the opening of the ten great Points, it depends on the rules of heaven. If forced, then you are disobeying the heaven and will die.”

“The first great Point is ‘Tanzhong Point’, the center of the chest.”

“The first stage of spirit power at the Qi Condensing Phase comes from ‘Tanzhong Point’.”

“Next is Shenting Point, Taichong Point, Qihai Point, Quchi Point, Yongquan Point, Shenque Point, Mingmen Point and Fengchi Point.”

“Among these, the fifth is Qihai Point. After condensing it, I have to plant a thing in it, namely a ‘Celestial Root’.”

“There is a saying that where there is no celestial root, there is no celestial. That means, the Celestial Root is very important to my future.”

“People have inborn talent, and then there are the acquired talent, that is – The Celestial Root. If the Celestial Root is good, then they have a great prospect. If it is bad, they won’t make any progress no matter how hard they try. When I reach the 5th stage of Qi Condensing Phase, I must find the best Celestial Root!”

That was why the second stage was called Qi Condensing Celestial Roots Phase.

The Celestial Root was still far away at the moment.

The most important thing now was to open the origin of power from Tanzhong Point.

“I guess Hao Tian Shangxian has three origins of power, Tanzhong Point, Shenting Point and Shenmen Point! Once I activate the Tangzhong Point, with my body power, I will go to kill him!”

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