Chapter 54: Danger

With his hands tightly grasping the Long Sword, Fang Tien looked calmly”You won’t last two moves alone.” Fang Tien said coldly

The ax bandit could be seen carelessly holding his ax his Large body full of openings as he carelessly walked towards Fang Tien “Ohh your sword is so imposing, I’m very scared haha.”

“SLASH” With a swift attack from the left Fang Tien long sword connected with the bandit’s ax.

“Clank” the sound of iron colliding rang out as the bandit had successfully managed to parry the slash.

Even tho he appeared to be walking freely with openings everywhere and underestimating Fang Tien his combat senses from years of fighting had saved him at the last minute.

“Damn you’re really trying to Kill me” in anger the bandit swung forward the air seeming to split with his swing, sounds of multiple ax swings could be heard

“Shua! Shua!”

He’s coming where is his weak point?…his left shoulder!

“Puff” with a slight side step dodging the mighty blows of the ax by a hairs length as Fang Tien sword pierced through his shoulder.

“Drip, Drip”

Sounds of blood hitting the ground could be heard as the newly created wound on the bandit’s shoulder bled profusely.

“Boss He doesn’t look so good”

“Damn that bit*ch really dared to harm our brother”

The bandits could be heard shouting in anger, as the boss watched in silence his eyes periodically shifting to the seated driver, the old man.

“I’m Bleeding?” The ax bandit could be heard asking in disbelief.

“Death!” Fang Tien said coldly.

“SLASH” With enormous force Fang Tien had managed to slice through his left shoulder cutting past his chest and exiting through his right shoulder.

“I’m Dying….?”


With a bang, the upper part of his body became separated cleaved in half by Fang Tien slash.

“Brother! you dare to actually kill our brother, we’ll cut you into little pieces!”

“Damn! Kill her!”

With a cold stare the bandit boss waved his hand, “Shut up, Attack in groups of three you guys outnumber and overpower them, don’t attack one by one like idiots”

“Haven’t you realized yet? they’re at True sight rank, you idiots don’t realize they’re an eye cultivator”

“But Boss eye cultivators are practically extinct…”

“Shut up! attack as a group and don’t try to fight them alone.” With a commanding voice, the boss added: “they can probably see and predict your moves if you’re alone, but the strain of a group will overpower them.”

“Bastard prepare to die!”

Fang Tien began to worry as they circled around, he had thought this would be easier but this short exchange even though he won seemed to drain a lot out of him, and what’s worse he had was now surrounded by 8 of the bandits with no time to recover, he was starting to regret his rash actions.

I’ll use my divine abilities only if the boss attacks as I’ll be too drained otherwise, I need to kill them all with just my longsword but how?

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