Chapter 54: Invitation

Tian Zhao institute. Top of the main building. Dean’s room.

Dean Yun Chong’s mood could not be considered as good. He never expected that a small disturbance created by four unremarkable intruders, which was originally supposed to be a training for the students, would eventually require his personal intervention.

The straw hat youngster with Hinge’s soul sixth heavenly layer was adept at escaping and using poison. During the chase, poisoning of a total of eighteen students had been reported so far. But the youngster had already been captured and sent straight to the Dean’s room. Surprisingly, his body was completely covered in Tian Zhao’s uniform, and on his face was a vehement and heroic smile.

The red-clothed girl with Strength’s soul sixth Heavenly Layer had an astonishing battle strength. Particularly, the strength she displayed was far above the sixth Heavenly Layer Strength’s soul that was known to everybody . During the chase, thirty-one Tian Zhao students sustained injuries, of which, nine suffered fractures. The red-clothed was still not captured to this moment.

The youngster in the wheelchair with Essence’s soul sixth Heavenly layer couldn’t move freely and had relied on the grey-clothed youngster to escape. Though, the grey-clothed youngster, even with a burden, eventually went from a mere consolation type one point to thirty points. Clearly, he was quite capable. Surprisingly, no one came back with heavy injuries from his side, which actually made the dean gratified. However, Wen Yan, who’d just brought Xi Fan, brought a heartbreaking news with her in addition:

Transmission Room’s equipment has been destroyed by the grey-clothed youngster.

Upon hearing this news, Shi Ao, who’d brought Mo Lin, prepared himself to slip away through the door. The intruders were first discovered by him, thus, his judgment became the basis of Tian Zhao’s initial intelligence. However, it was extremely clear that his judgment was somewhat wrong. Especially, because of his wrong estimation of their strengths, many students were injured. However, this could be passed off as a learning experience. But the destruction of the Transmission Room? Being a member of the Discipline Squadron, he had a general idea of what kind of loss this was. He knew that if the dean were to be assumed gloomy until now, this news was sufficient to evoke his wrath.

Run for it!

Shi Ao was about to continue towards the gate. Yun Chong was asking Wen Yan all the details and had surprisingly not noticed him. However, how could he have expected that after secretly reaching up to the door’s side, as he was just about to slip away, someone suddenly started banging the door. All the eyes immediately converged towards the door. Shi Ao didn’t even get the time to straighten his sneaky posture.

“Cough…” Shi Ao cleared his throat, before pretending to be calm and pretending as if he’d come by the door upon hearing the knocks. He removed the gate’s belt and fiercely stared at the guy who had ruined his plan.

Shen Chi.

He should have been with Wen Yan, however, he was always a little late. However, this time difference proved fatal to Shi Ao, who was just about to slip away after hearing Wen Yan’s information.

Shen Chi entered the room in very slow steps and positioned himself beside Wen Yan. The dean, Yun Chong, looked at him while guessing whether this guy had brought good news or bad news. Consequently, he saw Shen Chi pointing the youngster who was sitting in the wheelchair, before saying:

“These two points are mine!”

Yun Chong’s heart flared up. Even when he’d heard destruction of the Transmission Room, he’d not been so angry.

‘So many students were injured, Transmission Room was destroyed, but you didn’t see ten poin student, or twenty point student, or even thirty point student to capture. Now you are here to discuss two points with me?’

Yun Chong flicked his sleeves and stood up. He fiercely glared at Shen Chi, before turning his body and facing the window. Compared to Zhai Feng’s Godou and Xia Feng’s Baliyan, Yun Chong was a lot younger. He was full of vigor and determination. Today, at the hands of four nameless individuals, the institute took a fall that could neither be considered as too small nor too big. He was annoyed! And a student of his own institute was discussing the rightful distribution of insignificant two points; this was just like pouring oil on a fire.

Although he’d turned around facing the window to calm himself, the few people behind his back were still busy.

“I feel, being capable of striking you down, this guy actually should not be worth just two points!” Shen Chi, with a shine in his usually dull eyes, was still energetically arguing over the number of points with Wen Yan.

However, Wen Yan, seeing that dean’s complexion was not looking good, instantly made a ‘shut up’ gesture towards Shen Chi.

Shi Ao, feeling that the opportunity was too big to miss, quietly opened the door and slipped away through the narrow crack.

Meanwhile Xi Fan, who was just brought, was chatting with Mo Lin.

“Are you alright?”

“I am fine. Ah, it was important to not to go heavy, otherwise, I truly wouldn’t have been captured.”

“Even managed full body clothes, pretty clever, huh?”

“Trivial matters. They never expected, being as crooked as…..uh…….you know the next.” Mo Lin almost said ‘Assassin’, before suddenly recalling that the time and place seemed somewhat wrong, and had to forcefully swallow back his identity.

“What about Lu Ping?” Mo Lin subsequently asked.

“He went to look for Su Tang?”

“Oh, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“Hard to say…” Xi Fan’s expression was not relaxed. Relying on his third Heavenly Layer Infusion’s soul, he hadn’t been able to see the fight outside the library. Wen Yan and Shen Chi didn’t explain anything to him. He could only observe their expressions. However, in the end, all he observed was astonishment, astonishment, and more astonishment. Anything happening on that side would only astonish Wen Yan and Shen Chi.

Xi Fan asked, but neither of them said anything. Even, till now, they had not mentioned the fight outside the library to the dean. The students of Tian Zhao were completely unaware that the drunkard woman had such a formidable strength. Wen Yan didn’t know if this was some secret of the institute, thus, she would naturally not discuss this with Xi Fan or mention to the dean in the presence of outsiders.

“Impossible. How could this be?” From Xi Fan’s expression, Lu Ping’s condition seemed somewhat troublesome, thus, Mo Lin was immediately astonished.

“You people are just never going to stop!”

Yun Chong was furious, truly furious! He originally wished to calm himself. However, this bunch of guys, from the students of his institute to these intruders which were more like little devils, each and every single one of them considered themselves above the world. What was this place? This was the room of Tian Zhao’s respected dean. Here, he spoke and the rest listened. Only when he asked, the rest could speak. And this bunch of little devils was treating this place as their tea house!

“Finally, who are you people?” Yun Chong asked. He didn’t want to lose control, however, at this moment, he was truly unable to do so.

“We are from Xia Feng region’s Zhai Feng institute, and have come to Tian Zhao institute to look for a person.”

“Zhai Feng institute?”

Yun Chong was surprised. Being a dean, his knowledge obviously couldn’t lack too much. Zhai Feng institute and Xia Feng institute were not famous, but they were, after all, neighbors with each other. He couldn’t not know about them. Furthermore, back in the day, Zhai Feng’s dean, Godou, opened an institute in a desolate region and proclaimed to surpass the four major institute. This joke was spread around in the entire Zhi Ling region. Despite Yun Chong’s age being small at that time, the memory was actually extremely clear in his mind to this day.

“Who are you looking for?” Yun Chong asked subsequently.

“Chu Ming. Perhaps she is a teacher, or once was….” Xi Fan said.

Yun Chong stared blankly. Though, this expression of his was different than those students who had no idea. Xi Fan let out a sigh of relief.

‘Seems like the trip has not been in vain.’

‘Even if Chu Ming is not at the Tian Zhao institute, there would be some information, right?’

“What are you looking her for.”

“Recieve instructions on cultivation.” Xi Fan said. He knew that the individual present before his eyes was the dean of Tian Zhao institute, thus, he naturally didn’t hide anything.

“Chu Ming…. receive instructions on cultivation? Ha ha ha ha ha….. “ After being astonished, Yun Chong laughed, and laughed for a long time; laughed so much that he totally lost his composure, before finally saying:

“Who informed you to receive instructions on cultivation from her?”

“Our dean.”

Yun Chong repeatedly shook his head and said:

“That’s not possible. She has already turned into a wastrel. Though, by the talent of you four, I can actually make arrangements for your advanced cultivation at Tian Zhao.”

Advanced cultivation; ordinary institutes would seldom have the confidence to force out these words. For many famous institutes, this word as a beautiful pretext to rob ordinary institutes off their talented students. Furthermore, seldom would a student invited by a famous institute decline the invitation. For the former, advanced cultivation was akin to progress.

Although Tian Zhao institute was not comparable to the four big institutes, it was known in the continent. Just by looking at the strength of students, one could tell the enormous difference between Tian Zhao institute and Xia Feng institute or Zhai Feng institute. As far as two students of Xia Feng region were concerned, Tian Zhao institute definitely had the confidence to invite them for advanced cultivation, furthermore, they would not be rejecting it either.

Although the realms of these four students were not very high, they all had their special features. In Yun Chong’s opinion, disregarding the former enmity and offering them such an offer was already extremely generous of him. At this moment, he was awaiting their impatient nods.

Sure enough, the latter were extremely patient. Without thinking, both of them scrambled for their chance:

“Advanced cultivation? That would not be necessary. We are here for teacher Chu Ming’s instructions.” Xi Fan said.

“Advanced cultivation? What advanced cultivation? The main reason I stayed at Zhai Feng was curiosity. What advance cultivation will I do here?”

“En….en….?” Yun Chong had almost nodded without hearing the replies of them. In his opinion, the chances of students from rotten Xia Feng region declining the invitation of Tian Zhao institute was infinitesimally close to zero. They could only regret that Tian Zhao institute was not impressed by them, not decline the invitation.

However, Yun Chong heard.

Infinitesimally close to zero, in the end, is not zero. These two guys had rejected his invitation. Moreover, actually rejected almost seeming as if fighting over to be the first one to reject. Each guy’s every word was of rejection.

After blankly staring for a while, Yun Chong suddenly smiled.

‘So, these two country bumpkins, who’d come from mountains, didn’t know what does an invitation to advanced cultivation represents?’

Yun Chong faintly shook his head. He’d to personally entertain a few little devils who also happened to be country bumpkins? Truly ridiculous! Though it was fortunate as well, as he would be able to speak bluntly to his content!.

“You two, do you know the position of our Tian Zhao institute in the Zhi Ling region or even the entire continent?”

“Ah, yes. In the last year’s Feng Yun list of all the institutes in the continent, Tian Zhao was ranked second in the Zhi Ling region and thirty-ninth in the continent.” Xi Fan replied.

Yun Chong was astonished. This implied that the latter knew Tian Zhao’s position and influence in the continent. Where did their Zhai Feng institute stand in the ranking? Yun Chong hadn’t even bothered to pay attention to this point and reckoned it to be beyond three hundred or four hundred. Even after this, these two declined the invitation of their Tian Zhao institute, which was ranked thirty-nine?

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