Chapter 55: Extraordinary Temperament

The refusal was completely out of Yun Chong’s expectations. It was illogical even for the rest of Tian Zhao institute’s individuals. Wen Yan thought that their dean would immediately explode, however, she never expected that the latter wouldn’t even show the slightest amount of displeasure or any other expression. He only said ‘oh’, as if he’d talked about a simple matter, and had received a proper and reasonable reply in return.

The people capable of sitting on the seat of an institute’s dean at a mere age of forty could be counted on fingers throughout the institutes of the entire continent, let alone a reputed and influential institute like Tian Zhao which was ranked among the top fifty.

In many students’ opinion, interacting with Yun Chong seemed very easy. But, Yun Chong was not a simple character. They felt as such only because Yun Chong didn’t feel necessary to display his shrewdness in front of students. It could also be said that being easy to interact was also a shrewdness he displayed in front of students.

‘Such an unexpected rejection has disrupted his normal conduct?’

This was just looking from a student’s point of view.

Yun Chong was not in a turmoil, not at all. In fact, he had actually begun to size up these two students of Zhai Feng seriously.

The truth was, although these few intruders created trouble and displayed some skill, the Tian Zhao institute was ranked thirty-nine in the Feng Yun list. It attracted people from all over the continent and had no shortage of students brimming with talent. Yun Chong was not desperate or anything for good students.

If Xi Fan and Mo Lin had immediately accepted the invitation, he wouldn’t have paid too much attention to them. He might have even forgotten them the next day. However, their rejection, on the contrary, caused Yun Chong to feel that they were somewhat special. He began to re-evaluate them.

Xi Fan and Mo Lin suddenly felt uncomfortable. Originally they were not too concerned about the current situation and were feeling quite comfortable. However, they suddenly felt Yun Chong’s vision penetrating through them. They felt that their entire body, from head to toe, was being permeated by something, which caused them to feel extremely uncomfortable.

What kind of ability is this?

Mo Lin and Xi Fan both had some experience. They knew, this time, Yun Chong was certainly employing some strange ability. However, neither of them was a Linked One, thus, they had no ability to resist.

Mo Lin was aghast. He raised his eyes, wishing to see what strange ability Yun Chong was using and which Soul’s power was being employed.

“Don’t look!” Xi Fan, who was beside him, immediately warned Mo Lin as soon as he noticed latter’s movements.

Yun Chong smiled. Apparently, the youngster on the right was a little more knowledgeable. Or, perhaps, he was a bit sharper because of his realm in the Essence’s soul. However, ‘don’t look’, a defensive measure such as this was rudimentary up to an extent of being a little funny. But, Yun Chong didn’t wish to make things too difficult for them either. Employing the skill up to this extent already seemed sufficient.

The youngster to the left had sixth Heavenly layer Pivot’s soul but completely lacked Strength’s soul. This kind of disposition was not suitable for tasks related to fighting. However, relying on this disposition, he was able to survive in the huge battle of third graders who were fighting over points like hungry wolves. Escaping, hiding, exploiting surroundings, poisoning, and swapping his clothes with Tian Zhao’s uniform right at the beginning, these things were not just talent and wisdom, but also experience. This youngster didn’t have the slightest aura of an institute’s student. Such carefree attitude and awareness actually had an air of wilderness mixed within.

The youngster on the right was unable to move freely due to a serious injury. However, even in such condition, he displayed an extraordinary talent and skill, and knocked down Wen Yan, who had a much higher realm than him, in a single strike. This youngster had the demeanor of a fairly influential family. The temperament he displayed did not correspond to an insignificant institute like Zhai Feng at all……no……it was even above the Tian Zhao institute. Even though he mentioned they had to find Chu Ming to receive instructions, he hadn’t seemed filled with expectations, but rather seemed as if he had been accomplishing a task; abiding by a promise, that’s all.

Yun Chong faintly smiled and gently tapped the table in front of him. He seemed to be pondering over something, but at the same time, he also seemed not to be doing that at all. The room turned completely quiet. Xi Fan and Mo Lin didn’t talk again, and Wen Yan and Shen Chi also preserved silence. They could also sense Yun Chong’s formidable strength and aura.

Silence continued for a long time.

Yun Chong didn’t speak again, and neither he focussed his attention particularly on any of the four. However, their every action, every movement, and even the minute variations in their frame of mind, were completely seen through by him.

The youngster to the left was waiting. He didn’t have the ability to eliminate this choking and unusual feeling, however, he had patience. He patiently awaited the passing of this phase. This choked and ill kind of feeling didn’t waver him and neither evoked any anxiousness.

And the youngster to the right? He complied. He was feeling choked and ill as well. However, it didn’t cause turmoil inside him. A part of his heart was still clear. This had nothing to with his realm. This was because of his temperament. A trace of arrogance was concealed in his heart. However, even he himself was not willing to confront this arrogance, but at this moment, precisely this arrogance kept him from bowing his head. He couldn’t oppose, therefore, he was complying, and would comply until death.

Comparatively, the two individuals from Tian Zhao, however, disappointed Yun Chong.

Wen Yan and Shen Chi, both, were far above Xi Fan and Mo Lin in terms of realm. However, the current silence was driving them crazy. They both had to make small movements here and there to dispel the restlessness in their hearts so as to make through this phase.

Yun Chong sighed in his mind. He suddenly wished to obtain these two students of Zhai Feng for himself. Such temperament was even rarer than talent. Wen Yan and Shen Chi were well-known figures in the Tian Zhao institute. Possessing excellent blood vessels of their clan, both had realms which were far above their peers. However, they didn’t have such a temperament. Not at this moment, or perhaps not even in their entire lives.

How long could these two little devils preserve?

Yun Chong was pretty desirous to find out. However, he also knew, in this case, the first to give up would be the two outstanding students of his institute.

Should I revise the barrier a little bit?

As Yun Chong was pondering, the gate of the room opened up with a bang sound.

Who is it?

Yun Chong was alarmed in his mind.

The entire room was covered with the barrier laid down by him with the help of combined use of Infusion’s soul and Essence’s soul, with both souls being linked. Controlling the range with Infusion’s soul and producing the effect with the Essence’s soul. The barrier wouldn’t stop anyone from entering, but when the gate opened, he felt a part of his barrier splitting open at that position.

“I heard someone is looking for me?”

An individual entered the room along with a strong alcoholic smell. This smell of wine had always made the Tian Zhao students retreat three steps away from her. They always avoided her. However, at this moment, this smell, disturbing Yun Chong’s barrier, actually caused Wen Yan and Shen Chi, who were extremely restless, to feel much better.

They already knew the identity of this individual without turning their heads.

‘She is Chu Min these people are trying to find?’ This was the common thought of Wen Yan and Shen Chi at this moment. Xi Fan and Mo Lin immediately recognized that this was the same woman who’d easily taken care of Wei Ming at the congee shop. Subsequently, they saw, a red clothed girl clasped under her arm; Su Tang, and her other hand holding a leg while a body slid behind her as she entered the room. Who could it be, if not Lu Ping?

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