Chapter 55: Fire Cloud Horsetail Whisk

Seeing that Yuan Hao was going to hit Wu You, Wu Yu couldn’t stay silent anymore.

He came up, and held the fist which was about to hit Wu You.

“Sun Wudao, get out of my way! Or I will ask my father to kill you!” Yuan Hao’s eyes became red because of anger. He was so angry that he even blurted out about his father.

But Wu Yu was suppressing him, so he couldn’t move at all.

“Who is your father? What is his position and strength?” Wu Yu laughed.

“My father? Hao Tian Shangxian! Don’t run away now!” Yuan Hao had really gone crazy. With his personality, he might remember this moment for a lifetime, of him being slapped by a girl.

“Isn’t Hao Tian Shangxian a celestial? It looks like he slept with Empress Dowager and then had you and Yuan Chen?” Wu Yu’s one hand was suppressing him and the other hand rose.

At this time, Yuan Hao realized he slipped the beans.

But only Wu Yu and Wu You were there. It was not to the whole world, so he wasn’t afraid. Once he saw how Wu You hated him, he let his anger be drowned by reason.

“Sun Wudao, scram!” Yuan Hao was screaming. Imperial bodyguards from outside heard his voice, and suddenly, over 20 armored people rushed in.

“Who scrams?”

Wu Yu lifted his hand and slapped Yuan Hao on the corner of his mouth. Although he held back strength, Yuan Hao was still messed up by the hit. He screamed loudly like a pig that was being killed.

“Say it. Who should scram?” Another slap.


Yuan Hao spit out his teeth and his mouth was full of blood.

“Sun…Sun Wudao. You won’t die easily!” He cried while screaming loudly.

The imperial bodyguards were scared. They didn’t dare to approach a Shangxian.

“Who won’t die easily?” One more slap.

Ka cha!

Now, all teeth had broken off.

An emperor without teeth. What a funny story.

“Let him go.”

Yuan Hao was behaving arrogantly for a long time, and Wu Yu wanted to give him a big lesson. But Wu You stopped him.

Wu Yu stopped his hand and threw Yuan Hao on the ground. He said to the imperial bodyguards, “Take this trash back to the palace. Don’t let him embarrass himself here.

“Yes sir!”

The imperial bodyguards were already scared to death. They carried Yuan Hao and ran right away. Yuan Hao was still screaming, but now with a lisp, “Wu You, Sun Wudao, you won’t die easily! You’ll go to hell!”

After a while, the voice was far away.

Wu You was very upset, saying, “I’m to blame. I can’t control myself. I am too impulsive.”

Wu Yu said, “Many things in this world are out of control. For example, some people are looking for death. Don’t worry. Even if Hao Tian wants to start a war with me, I won’t let it happen in this capital. Plus, unless things go to the extreme, he won’t neglect my position.”

“Will he take revenge for Yuan Hao?”

“As long as Empress Dowager Yuan Xi is with him.”

Not long after Wu Yu finished his words, the sound of a crane horse came from above the Wu You Palace. It thundered down in the foreyard of the palace.

Wu Yu’s Heaven Cloud Roc was also over there. Two celestial beasts came across, confronted, and caused a big movement.

They were both well trained so without order from celestials, they wouldn’t start fighting. They were just exchanging a blow.

“Sun Wudao!”

A majestic voice came from Hao Tian Shangxian, in an Eight-Diagrams robe, white eyebrows and hair, and righteousness. He came in with big steps.

His tiger-like eyes stared at Wu Yu. His power suppressed Wu Yu right away, but not completely.

“So strong.”

It was first time Hao Tian Shangxian suppressed him. As his power controlled the whole scene.

With the embryo of the Origin of Power, Wu Yu could feel that in the chest and forehead of Hao Tian, there were two points gathering power. And there were two places hidden, which were in his wrists—the Shenmen Points.

There were two Shenmen Points, so the Origin of Power of the 3rd stage of Qi Condensing Phase contained two parts, which added up to one origin.

If they confronted face to face, it was quite risky.

“What’s up?”

Wu Yu stood straight and in front of Wu You. He fought back Hao Tian Shangxian’s suppression with his body.


Hao Tian Shangxian was indeed majestic. As soon as he stepped in, he started to attack. Wu Yu saw his horsetail whisk. When he was mortal, he had already seen it.

But he didn’t know it was a magic weapon.


Hao Tian Shangxian waved his horsetail whisk. Its silver wires suddenly lengthened, becoming a silver giant snake. Then all wires seeming like they were burning, turning into red, like a fiery snake, approaching Wu Yu!


Wu Yu pushed Wu You away and took out his staff, which confronted with the horsetail whisk instantly.

This time, Wu Yu was suppressed and he used a bit of spirit power, gathering his ten thousand battlehorse strength.


A cracking sound. A booming sound. The palace front of Wu You Palace collapsed. It was dusty everywhere.


Wu Yu was thrown back by the power, and his staff almost fell out of his hand. He rolled on the ground for a while before he could stand up. Although he didn’t get injured, it was already embarrassing.

Luckily, he had pushed Wu You away, otherwise she might have been buried alive.

With his power, he was of course able to let Wu You float.

“Wu…” Wu You almost spoke out Wu Yu’s name out. Luckily she shut up in time.

Wu Yu stood up, saying, “Step back.”


Wu You understood that she couldn’t help him at this moment, so she backed away. A battle at this level was too shocking for mortals. Her heart was unsettled.

At this moment, Hao Tian Shangxian jumped out from the dust and landed in front of Wu Yu, spotless. He looked much better than the dusty Wu Yu.

He didn’t continue to attack, but looked at Wu Yu coldly, saying, “You just reached Martial Dao’s Tongshen Stage a few days ago, and now you started to condense your Qi. It looks like you had some progress. But your speed is too fast. I find you are going to catch up with me.”

Wu Yu didn’t know what trick he was playing. He said, “Stop flattering me. I am not as strong as you.”

Hao Tian heard this, and sneered, “If you know this, why do you treat me like air? How dare you beat the mortal emperor of the capital? You broke our celestial rules! Be careful, your sect may take you back!”

He gave Wu Yu a blow right away. He might’ve become surprised by Wu Yu’s improvement so he didn’t continue to suppress him, but threatened him with words.

Wu Yu suppressed his intention to kill, saying, “You are wrong. Why don’t you ask me for the reason? First, your mortal emperor murdered Wu You’s uncle and provoked her here. Moreover, he, a mortal, was rude to me and asked me ‘scram’. If I don’t teach him a lesson, he won’t know his place!”

Wu Yu was a few steps away from Qi Condensing Phase. He didn’t know whether Jiang Junlin was here or not. He couldn’t confront him face to face.

He had to hold his anger. However, seeing Hao Tian Shangxian’s sanctimonious face, he couldn’t help but recall that night of Soul Severing Powder and his father!

He did not know much about his father. He only knew that his father aimed too high and was short tempered. But at least, his father took good care of him, and made him the prince.

Wu Yu thanked him for his cultivation!

“Hao Tian…” Wu Yu held his staff tightly.

Now, Wu You was still behind him.

Hao Tian Shangxian said, “Yuan Hao murdered her uncle?”

He didn’t know this, but he knew this was a kind of thing that Yuan Hao would do.

However, he didn’t care much. He said, “Sun Wudao. You are wrong indeed. Wu You is just a mortal. If you put too much emotions on her and ruin the celestial rules, I will teach you on behalf of your sect!”

Hearing these arrogant words, Wu Yu laughed out.

“What are you laughing at!” Hao Tian’s hand, which was holding the horsetail whisk, started to grow blue veins.

That was a ‘Fire Cloud Horsetail Whisk’, a good magic weapon.

Wu Yu said, “I am laughing because you are funny.”

“What funny?”

Wu Yu laughed, saying, “Just now, your mortal emperor might have been too pissed off and called you his father. He said he would ask his father to kill me. I am saying, since you and a mortal consort had made a mortal emperor, how can you be so confident to meddle with my stuff?”

“Sun Wudao!”


Hao Tian Shangxian’s eyes were almost spitting fire after hearing this.

His spirit power was surging as he was about to move.

“I think, this stuff is between you and me. Why are you getting so angry? I am here to be with Wu You. If your son doesn’t come to bother us, then everything is fine.”

Facing the angry enemy, Wu Yu was very calm.

“Sun Wudao, I’ll let you go this time. There won’t be a second time.”

After all, this was because Yuan Hao was stupid and came here to make trouble. Hao Tian Shangxian was in the wrong.

Plus, Wu Yu was much more powerful now. He was not a small fry anymore.

It looked like he had given this a lot of thought in his mind. He left a few threatening words before leaving.

This confrontation ended.

Wu Yu had just relaxed a bit when he heard a sad bird cry suddenly.

“The Heaven Cloud Roc!”

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