Chapter 56: End point

A Thick dust covered the area as the friction created by the two weapons and Fang Tien breaking Slash devastated the area, a large crater could be seen where they once stood.


within this Hazy crater radiant silver light shone brightly it was as if Fang Tien two pupils had transformed into two miniature moons, his black veil had been removed, tying its self around his neck as if it were a scarf his vision profound and mysterious as this silver light seemed to distort time itself.

As dust covered the area Fang Tien vision focused intensely on the Bandit boss his Translucent star-shaped Silver eyes reflecting back to him through the bosses dark brown eyes, surprise could be seen on the bandit bosses face as he felt a piercing vision staring at him, this vision was as if an ancient beast stalked its prey.

“Damn Boss we can’t see anything where is everyone?!”

“This fu*king dust, it’s in my eyes even”


sounds of flesh being penetrated resonated within the confused shouts, if the dust were cleared one would see that a newly severed head rolled slowly on the ground, a terrified expression on its face as if before death its last sight was that of some terrible monster.

As a bright silver light zigged through the foggy dust its brilliance looked as if a great silver python hunted within, cries of despair and pain rang out whenever it passed by a bandit its movements swift and precise, the pool of blood that incarnated the earth would grow with each passing second as the silver light shuttled back and forth between bandits.

“Amazing is this his true strength?” Shao Jian looked intensely at the sight of Fang Tien fighting, becoming more and more enchanted with each passing second.

“When did Young Master learn to use the sword?” Du Yan muttered

“Young Master is truly our clan’s pride and hope, I’ve never seen our Du clan eyes used in such a way, have I been fighting wrongly all this time?” Du Min whispered, her eyes glued to the fighting as she felt the excitement of discovering a new way to fight with her beloved eyes.

Du Lei silently looked on, his expression one filled with worry while he believed Fang Tien was doing amazingly well he felt it was rash to take on so many alone, but as he had ordered no one to interfere he was forbidden to help, the God child’s words were law in the Du clan and disobeying could mean a fate worse than death for one’s families.

While Du Lei had never seen Fang Tien angry he was unsure of what his reaction would be as he was too aloof, he was mostly uncommunicative with the clan members and even as a child he had never once joined the other kids as they played or had any friends that were known in the clan, these factors caused him to be even more hesitant.

“Boss we need your help! ahh” as the cries of the bandits rang out the dust cleared, revealing a gruesome scene, the blood and bodily organs of the bandits laid scattered across the area, as wounds of deep sword marks seemed to be engraved in their fleshes.

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