Chapter 56: Three Sentences

Everybody’s vision simultaneously turned towards the drunkard woman who was one step inside the room. Wen Yan and Shen Chi, who happened to be in her front, involuntarily opened a path for her. They were not even aware of their action.

The woman, however, didn’t take a step further. After taking a single step inside the room, she remained stood at her position and swept her gaze through the room. Shen Chi, Wen Yan, or even the dean, her gaze didn’t pause anywhere before it finally settled on Xi Fan and Mo Lin.

“You are teacher Chu Min?” Xi Fan said.

“I am Chu Min.” The woman replied as such.

“We are from Xia Feng region’s Zhai Feng institute. We have a letter for you from our dean. He requests you to assist our cultivation, so as to take part in Zhi Ling region’s Grand Soul Convention.”

Grand Soul Convention?

Upon hearing this word, Wen Yan, Shen Chi, and even Yun Chong’s complexion changed. Wen Yan and Shen Chi were agape, while Yun Chong had already begun to faintly smile. Though his smile was a disapproving one.

‘These children had a pretty good disposition and potential, however, going by their current realms, wishing to participate in the Grand Soul Convention after a month is a bit too naive. It seems that this is the wish of the Zhai Feng’s dean. This Godou is the same as he was before twenty years. At that time he’d started an institute at a desolate region and had proclaimed surpassing the four great institutes, and this time, he has dispatched a few students with the realm of a single-sixth-heavenly-layer-soul to take part in the Grand Soul Convention.’

‘Given his identity as someone from the four major institutes, he has such a little knowledge? His identity is not fake, is it?’

Yun Chong seemed as if he’d heard a funny joke, however, he quickly restrained his smile and said:

“Participate in the Grand Soul Convention after one month? Have you ever seen it before? Do you know the level of confrontations there? You think it’s like an institute’s major assessment? With your current realm, I dare guarantee you, you won’t even be able to keep your life. You think one month is sufficient to change this thing?”

“You have pretty good dispositions. Cultivate two years…. or one year, at Tian Zhao, and you will have some accomplishments in the Grand Soul Convention.”

They didn’t reply. They knew Yun Chong’s words were true. Participating in Grand Convention with their current realm was truly overestimating their capabilities.

Two individuals exchanged a glance. Mo Lin shrugged his shoulders in an indifferent manner. He had a different motive in entering the Zhai Feng. He naturally didn’t feel much about Godou’s arrangements. He would just casually drift along. However, Xi Fan was different. He was serious. After looking at Mo Lin’s indifferent attitude, he earnestly showed his attitude:

“One month…I want to try.”

Courting death!

Yun Chong didn’t say anything, however, his eyes were betraying this thought.

Xi Fan and Mo Lin simultaneously looked towards Chu Min.

“Ah, Grand Soul Convention…” Chu Min’s entire body reeked of alcohol, however, she didn’t seem intoxicated at all. She seemed as if she’d just recalled what Grand Soul Convention signified.

What would be Chu Min’s attitude?

All were looking towards her, however, she’d already turned her body.

“Follow me out.”

What does this mean?

All people stared blankly. However, Chu Min, with Su Tang clasped under one arm and dragging Lu Ping with the other hand, left the room.

Xi Fan and Mo Lin looked at each other in dismay. One couldn’t move, while the other was still tied; Chu Min came in and said three sentences in total:

I am Chu Min.

Ah, Grand Soul Convention…

Follow me out.

Walk? Walk how? Two looked at Yun Chong.

Yun Chong’s face had a thoughtful expression. His concern seemed to have already shifted from the Mo Lin and Xi Fan. He waved his hand without looking. Wen Yan stepped forward and untied Mo Lin. However, consequently, Mo Lin’s face hadn’t relaxed. He looked Xi Fan with a bitter face and asked:

“You are not thinking about me carrying you, do you?”

Xi Fan showed a helpless expression. Mo Lin stepped towards him with clenched teeth and said:

“All right, come!”

“Farewell.” Xi Fan didn’t forget to nod his head and greet the rest before getting onto Mo Lin’s back. Mo Lin, with Xi Fan on his back, walked out of the room with a swaying figure.

In the dean’s room, Wen Yan and Shen Chi didn’t want to leave at all. They had a belly full of questions. In particular, they were brimming with curiosity towards the woman.

“Dean….” Wen Yan began. Though Shen Chi was also present, however, that guy was extremely slow. Who knows how much time he would take to ask.

“Who is that woman?” Wen Yan asked.

Yun Chong didn’t reply her, instead asked:

“why would she appear?”

“Eh!” Wen Yan suddenly recalled that she had still not told dean about the fight outside the library.

She carefully described that time’s situations. Yun Chong turned extremely serious as he heard. However, the thing that caught his ultimate attention was not Chu Min, but a particular detail about Lu Ping.

“Chains? What kind of chains?”

“Seemingly rather ordinary, black chains….” Wen Yan had already described to the finest details and had not added something extra. Those chains seemed strange, but she couldn’t make out the exact peculiarity.

“Don’t tell me…” Yun Chong thought a certain possibility. But then how could there be Soul’s Power? This matter went completely against the reasoning.

‘If this is the case, perhaps this youngster is the most worthy of attention.’

Yun Chong was contemplating, however, Wen Yan and Shen Chi were only curious about Chu Min. Particularly since the individual in front of them could provide them with answers.

“Because of some events that occurred many years ago, teacher Chu Min has become somewhat depressed. If she could pull herself together once again, in that case, our Tian Zhao institute….” Yun Chong said up to here and sank into his thoughts. Wen Yan Shen Chi were surprisingly tacit as they didn’t bother him with details and silently left.

After contemplating for quite a while, Yun Chong stood up from his seat. He left the dean’s room and looked outside, standing beside the corridor’s window. He saw Chu Ming, along with the four intruders, walking towards the library, before they disappeared into the woods.


After passing through an extremely long corridor, Chu Min led the four individuals into a small cabin. As soon as she opened the door, they were greeted by an extremely strong alcoholic smell hitting their faces. Chu Min entered while dragging Lu Ping. The bottles of wine, that were on the ground, incessantly rolled around while making noises.

Mo Lin followed behind while gasping. His waist almost seemed as if it would never straighten again. He himself didn’t know how did he gather such a strong willpower. He was itching to place Xi Fan down. And then he saw that he couldn’t even found a single spot to place his feet.

Chu Min casually waved her hand and threw Lu Ping to a corner, where he knocked into slanted piles of books. Books rummaged down one after another and buried down half of Lu Ping’s body. On the other hand, Su Tang was placed down by her on the single bed in the room. Finally, not a rough treatment like that of Lu Ping.

“I truly can’t continue…” Mo Lin was finally unable to hold on. He threw down Xi Fan and himself also sat down with his back against the wall, before he took huge breaths while wiping his sweat.

Chu Min returned back to them. With both hands, Xi Fan handed over the letter he’d already taken out and said:

“This is the letter from our dean.”

Chu Min accepted it, kneaded it into a ball, and just like Lu Ping, casually threw it away. The letter disappeared somewhere.

“Grand Soul Convention?” She was speaking extremely calmly:

“When did Godou become so ambitionless? Didn’t he say he would surpass the four major institute twenty years ago?”

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