Chapter 57: Death of Fang Tien


As the last bandit’s body hit the floor Fang Tien could be seen walking slowly towards the bandit boss, his movements sluggish, his chest fluctuating with each step, his body drenched with blood one couldn’t tell if it was his or the blood of his enemies.

“Mhmm? why is the bandit boss just standing there looking dazed?” Du Min asked, her voice sounding skeptical, it was as if she wasn’t sure of what her vision showed her.

“Its because He’s scared of our young master obviously, young master had just annihilated his entire crew.” Du Yan laughed, it was over for the bandit boss now.

“Why would a bandit boss of this level personally just rob us randomly for spirit stones? a crew of his size should be able to make spirit stones easier through more consistent ways, this is strange.” Du Lei muttered

“That’s why he’s a bandit boss and not some professional warrior” Du Yan added, looking towards Du Lei as if he was an idiot for overthinking things.

As Fang Tien approached the bandit boss a premonition of death covered him, he stopped immediately and scanned the area with his divine senses but couldn’t find the reason, everything seemed right “Strange, why do I feel as if I’m dying?”

Suddenly within Fang Tien translucent purple eyes, the silver lights shone brighter illuminating the area, if one looked closely at his pupils another world could be seen revolving as Fang Tien saw himself dying, as he fought the bandit boss and had prepared to land the final blow he was caught off guard, his back pierced by a powerful earth spell as a hidden level four mage sneaked attack him choosing the perfect moment to strike.

He was then pierced in the heart by the Bandit boss as the bandit boss laughed fiendishly at Fang Tien death.

This was all shown to Fang Tien through Time mark, while Time-Mark could affect how someone perceives reality it was indeed real as the world they saw was more of an alternate timeline rather than a false illusion created by the Divine ability.

“This is where the feeling of death came from, a mage that could avoid my divine senses? he must be at least a rank 4 elemental King mage.” Fang Tien steps slowed as he approached the Bandit boss his mind rapidly processing each detail of what he saw as he walked.

“My only hope is to kill the bandit boss quickly and then cast Time-Mark on the mysterious mage, but how can I cast it if I can’t even see him?….” As Fang Tien approached the Bandit boss his sword held tightly as he charged forward with a quick thrust darkness quietly approached the bandit boss.

“Puff” Blood began spurting greatly from the body of the bandit boss as his heart, pierced by Fang Tien’s sword released a sea of blood around him, dyeing the ground below blood red.

“I’ll just have to use myself as the bait!” Suddenly behind Fang Tien Large monstrous earth formed spike rose rapidly their goal being his unprotected back as they attacked from a blind spot.

“Young Master Watch out!”

“Fang Tien be careful!”

Screams of Du Yan and Shao Jian rang out as Fang Tien turned around, large earthen spikes an hair length from his body and with no way to realistically avoid Fang Tien could feel the end being near, it was just as his Time-Mark showed, even though he had managed to kill the bandit boss before the mage could react he still had no way to avoid the spell.

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