Chapter 57: Emerald Root Flame

The medicinal power from six Qi Condensing pills had essentially all converged at the first Origin of Power.

“One Qi Condensing pill is equivalent to at least a month’s worth of hard work to absorb, condense, and convert spiritual qi from the heaven and earth. You Lingji’s wealth really helped me save a considerable amount of time.”

“There are still four pills left…..”

Wu Yu figured that after refining and condensing the remaining pills, the Danzhong point’s Origin of Power would be stabilized. Only then would he step into the ranks of cultivation by possessing spiritual power.

His spiritual power whirlpool had grown three times larger after condensing the medicinal power of six Qi Condensing pills.

Typically, the Danzhong point would alsoabsorb spiritual qi from the surrounding environment to replenish the Origin of Power.

If Wu Yu could use this spiritual power, his battle strength would increase immensely. He would be much stronger than the last time he came to blows with Hao Tian Shangxian.

The only thing was that the Origin of Power was not too stable yet, and was most certainly not suitable for intense fighting. If the Danzhong point were to be injured, there was a great possibility that it would cause the entire Origin of Power network to collapse. The unrestrained spiritual power would tear Wu Yu to shreds.

The fact is that most people in the middle of condensing their spiritual power would choose to go into seclusion until their Origin of Power network stabilized.

But Wu Yu’s situation didn’t allow for closed seclusion.

“It’s already been eighteen days since I started condensing qi. I have to fight hard to finish this process within a month.”

The Indestructible Vajra body was in fact very stable right now.

Wu Yu was being fairly cautious considering his body’s durability and formidable absorption capabilities, as he could likely ingest four Qi Condensing pills without suffering any repercussions.

Still, as a safety precaution, Wu Yu divided the remaining four pills into two doses.

“Everything will be over in another ten or so days, Hao Tian…..”

A wave of bloodlust surged within Wu Yu’s eyes. [0]

Hao Tian owed him yet again for killing the Heaven Cloud Roc.

Wu Yu placed two Qi Condensing pills into his palm and prepared to take them.

It was at this moment…..

“Wu Yu!”  “Marco!”  “Polo!” 

Unexpectedly, it was Wu You pounding her hands on the stone door.

Good thing Wu Yu had been a step too slow and hadn’t eaten the pills just yet! Otherwise, if anything troublesome cropped up on Wu You’s side, his state of mind during the refining process would be shaken and he could easily make a mistake.

Wu Yu quickly shoved the Qi Condensing pills into his Sumeru pouch and got to the door in a few steps. He opened it only to see Wu You’s pallid face. Anxious and crying in anger, she said: “Wu Yu, I received news that Commander Wu set out with thirty thousand Zhendong troops last night to attack my maternal clan!”


This time, Yuan Hao had really gone crazy!

Wu Yu had taught him a lesson the last time he acted foolishly; logically, this sort of thing shouldn’t be happening.

Wu You’s maternal clan held some power, but they wouldn’t be able to withstand an attack from thirty thousand troops. They certainly wouldn’t be able to hold on for long and would suffer overwhelming casualties.

“Either Hao Tian Shangxian is planning on turning this into an either the fish dies, or the net breaks [1] life-and-death situation with me, or Yuan Hao’s brain is full of water and he secretly gave the order.” Wu Yu could be considered cool-headed at this moment as he quickly analyzed the situation.

“Then what should we do?” Wu You was worried and anxious – she was generally a very calm person, but this concerned the life and death of thousands of her maternal clan members.

“Hide and keep yourself safe. I’m going to the imperial palace.”

Wu Yu had her hide in the cultivation room to avoid her being plotted against while he was gone.

After ascertaining her safety, he left for the palace.

“Don’t be impulsive.” Wu You warned.

Before she finished speaking, Wu Yu had already left.

“Even though I still have a bit to go before I succeed at condensing qi, stopping the Zhendong army right now is a must.”

Wu Yu didn’t have the Heaven Cloud Roc anymore. There already wasn’t enough time at this point to rush to the battlefield; the best solution was to have Yuan Hao order the army to retreat using a messenger pigeon. This situation would then be resolved.

The sun had just risen. The morning court session held in the Shang Qian Hall would be starting right around now; Yuan Hao would be there.

Wu Yu leapt over the palace walls and the expansive Shang Qian Hall came into view. The morning court was indeed being held at the moment, with a good number of nobles and ministers in the hall. Most of them had also been at the scene when Wu Yu was crippled back then.


Wu Yu landed by the gates.


The nobles and ministers were shocked and everyone turned around. They were about to curse at the perpetrator, but seeing that it was actually Wu Yu, they became flustered. After they came to their senses, everyone ran over to Wu Yu and shouted: “Sun Shangxian!”, turning their backs to Yuan Hao who was sitting on the imperial throne.

(T/N: It’s very rude to literally turn your back on the emperor but it seems Wu Yu is more important~)

Even Prince Yao and the others who had once insulted Wu Yu were amongst the ranks of those kneeling in worship.

But Wu Yu only had eyes for Yuan Hao at that moment.

Yuan Hao was sitting upright on the imperial throne, wearing an extravagant emperor’s robe. His face whitened the instant he saw Wu Yu and he grew noticeably nervous.

Back when Yuan Hao had given out the order, he was emotionally unstable but the Son of Heaven’s word held as much weight as the Nine Tripod Cauldrons [2]. He struggled over it for a good few days but in the end, didn’t retract his order.

Seeing Wu Yu coming over aggressively, Yuan Hao immediatelyfelt anxiousand ordered those around him to invite Hao Tian Shangxian over. He put on a brave front and said: “Sun Shangxian, we are all discussing state affairs here, and celestials are not supposed to meddle in mortal matters. Don’t even think about acting foolishly in front of the nobles and ministers of Eastern Wu.”

Yet Yuan Hao himself tensed up after speaking, only now regretting giving the command. All he could do at this time was pray for Hao Tian Shangxian to come and exterminate Sun Wudao.

He always thought Hao Tian had the ability to kill Sun Wudao, so he couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t died last time.

Perhaps Hao Tian was just missing the perfect excuse.

“If Sun Wudao acts against me here and interferes with the state affairs of mortals, father will have a good justification to kill him off!”

This thought was Yuan Hao’s last remaining hope.

And just as he anticipated, Wu Yu was in front of him in the next blink of an eye. Thinking back to that slap Wu Yu gave him before, Yuan Hao was immediately scared to the point of falling onto the ground. He stammered: “What…what do you want to do? Don’t tell me you – a celestial – want to kill me!”

Wu Yu didn’t feel like replying to his nonsense and simply lifted Yuan Hao up by the robe. The overbearing celestial presence exuding from Wu Yu was too much for a mere mortal like Yuan Hao, rendering him disoriented.


All those watching trembled and cried out for mercy.

Wu Yu’s voice crushed down on everyone as he said: “Yuan Hao, recall the Zhendong army  immediately, or else it won’t be as simple as punching your teeth out this time.”

Yuan Hao continued to quibble a bit more: “What Zhendong army? The Zhendong army is part of us mortals’ business. Why is Shangxian meddling in it? Save me ah! Shangxian wants to kill me ah!” [3]

Yuan Hao thought he was being clever – that with things like this, Hao Tian Shangxian would have a good excuse to get rid of Wu Yu.

In reality, Yuan Hao would lose control of his bladder the moment he let up. That’s how nervous he was.

Wu Yu squeezed down on Yuan Hao’s neck, saying: “I’ll give you one more chance. Recall the troops.”


Yuan Hao was deathly pale, flailing his limbs all over the place. This despicable behavior made dealing with him difficult.

For a moment, the imperial palace was chaotic.

The nobles and ministers were all yelling and screaming, frantically rushing out of the Shang Qian Hall.

“Sun Shangxian wants to kill our reigning emperor!”

“Heavens!”  “The sky is falling!” “Chicken Little was right!” 

Amidst the frantic shouts, thunder suddenly clapped out from the Imperial Harem. There was a booming noise, and then a ray of white light directly rammed into the Shang Qian Hall’s wall, causing it to collapse. The person who just entered the main hall was none other than Hao Tian Shangxian!

At this moment, Hao Tian Shangxian’s hair was fluttering in the wind and his eyes were blazing with anger. The first thing he saw when he got there was Wu Yu choking Yuan Hao. He immediately growled at Wu Yu: “Sun Wudao, release him!”

Wu Yu was about to clear everything up when Yuan Hao shrilled: “He wants to kill me! He wants to kill me ah! I can’t breath, quickly save me ah!”

This bawling, alongside his sniveling, made for a truly wretched scene.


Hao Tian Shangxian didn’t say anything – the Fire Cloud Horsetail Duster was already sweeping towards Wu Yu. The spiritual power contained within that one sweep crushed the numerous tables and chairs inside the hall to pieces and shattered the lamps on the walls completely.

Hao Tian was very vicious. If Wu Yu didn’t let go at this moment, Yuan Hao would lose his life.

Then, all the blame could be shoved onto Wu Yu and he would be forced to become a scapegoat. Wu Yu’s opponent had found the perfect pretext to slaughter him. Things had already escalated to such a point, forcing Wu Yu’s hand. He threw Yuan Hao aside and used the Demon Suppressing Staff to receive the attack. This time they were actually matched in strength.

“Hao Tian, listen to me. Yuan Hao, he…..”

Wu Yu didn’t come over today to clash with Hao Tian, but he need to have the Zhendong army retreat. After all, Yuan Hao was the emperor. Only his command would hold influence over mortal troops.

“You’re looking to die!”

Hao Tian Shangxian was evidently taking out the wrath that had piled on over the past few days on him now. He was seething in anger as he gripped the Fire Cloud Horsetail Duster in one hand and readied a technique in the other. He was really going to use a Dao skill!

The battle had begun!

The situation was intense; there was no time for Wu Yu to explain.

Hao Tian Shangxian’s Dao skill was called “Emerald Root Flame”.

Under the engulfment of spiritual power, the duster transformed into a silver serpent. At the same time, an emerald green flame blazed to life in his left palm. It turned into a green snake and circled around the Fire Cloud Horsetail Duster, fusing into one entity and releasing bursts of mist. It was as if the red clouds of sunset had entirely permeated the Shang Qian Hall. And within the clouds and mist, a huge cyan serpent savagely slithered around.

(E/N: Alliteration )

“Such an incredible Dao skill. It’s a pity I don’t have one.”

Wu Yu was a bit regretful. If only Feng Xueya had bestowed some Dao skills on him before he left.


The cyan serpent burst through layers and layers of red clouds as it charged towards Wu Yu. [4]

Wu Yu single-mindedly focused, keeping a tight grip on the Demon Suppressing Staff. A portion of spiritual power had accumulated at the Danzhong point and was available for him to use. Under Wu Yu’s manipulation, spiritual power burst forth and coated the staff. Since he didn’t have any Dao skills, he had no choice but to use his old way of fighting.

The Tong Shen Staff!

This move had once instantly annihilated You Lingji.

It had to be pointed out that this move was profound and had tremendous power; it could make all of Wu Yu’s physical strength erupt. This time, the Tong Shen Staff was even supplemented by a notable amount of spiritual power. A formidable amount of force exploded in a split second!


(T/N: Sound effect of the staff moving swiftly through the air.)

Wherever the golden staff went, sonic booms followed.


This explosion brought about a tempest of vibrations, violently shaking the entire Shang Qian Hall. 

(E/N: This wording, so lovely ♡♡)

Due to a few pillars collapsing, the Shang Qian Hall that had several thousand years of history immediately crumbled – this palace hall that had been constructed through a great expense of wealth toppled over in a moment’s notice. These vibrations were so terrible they were felt throughout the entirecapital!

The blue-green blaze grew even fiercer, enveloping the Shang Qian Hall in a sea of fire.


Hao Tian Shangxian retracted the Emerald Root Fire. He had already entangled the scared-sh*tless Yuan Hao with his duster and whisked him aside.

“My… Shang Qian Hall, my Shang Qian Hall!” Yuan Hao wailed.

[0] Please read this where I originally posted my translations ( Thanks!

[1] I prefer to keep the original figurative language when translating. I’ll add T/N’s if they are more complicated :).

[2] The “Son of Heaven” here is referring to Yuan Hao being the destined ruler and chosen by the heavens. “一言九鼎” is an idiom that means the emperor’s declarations/orders hold enormous weight. “九鼎” refers to the Nine Tripod Cauldrons, ancient Chinese ritual artifacts that represented the imperial family’s power and influence.

[3] “Ah” (啊) is used as an interjection or exclamative particle in Chinese. It often conveys surprise (while yelling), as is the case with Yuan Hao. 

(There was a questionably necessary fight over this:

 Editor: Commas would be inappropriate as a result.

 Translator: I had to fight for the no commas :c I still love you, editor-san!

 Editor: A single tear rolls down this editor’s cheek…)

[4] I couldn’t figure out what this part in the 17k raws (那青色大蛇如万青似的) meant so I just translated 青色大蛇 as cyan serpent and continued with the rest of the sentence. I think the raws have a typo or some other error…

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