Chapter 58: Reversal 3rd Divine Ability


The ground shook as large spikes arose from it, heading straight for Fang Tien his back exposed as it stroke in the direction of his blind spot

“This is…?” Time seemed to slow as Fang Tien had turned around the Spikes a hair length from his face, luminous balls of light floated around him it was comparable to being surrounded by multiple fireflies in the dead hour of the night, suddenly a feeling of absolute control flowed through every bone of Fang Tien’s body as his bloodline flowed like the chaotic waves of a storm struck sea.

Fang Tien glanced around his surroundings it was as if time had been stopped, everyone and thing were completely still, the world was frozen in a state of complete silence, “This feeling…this is the same ability I felt when I had saved Du Lei in the inn…is this my 3rd divine ability?”

“Dun, Dun, Dun” sounds of a pulsating heart resonated within Fang Tien’s mind but what was stranger was its source, his eyes!

The strange feeling of absolute control was coming from the same very eyes he had grown with, this feeling was indescribable and hard to understand as he had never felt such a feeling of power before.

Looking at the spikes that appeared from the ground Fang Tien could see multiple runic words of time imprinted on them, these strange runic letters of time seem to be engraved on everything within the world, it was as if so long as it existed within the world they would appear on it.

A strange feeling of being able to grasp some strange universal rule came upon Fang Tien, it was as if his hands possed invisible hands and by just willing it any object within his vision could be controlled and twisted.

Suddenly a strong feeling of being filled up overcame Fang Tien it was as if his eyes were bursting with energy that had to be released, it was as if a torrential amount of water in a sealed space was forcing its way through.

With his eyes locked onto the Spikes protruding outwards from the ground up Fang Tien ‘Grasped’ the Runic symbols of time engraved onto the spikes, a feeling of an invisible hand twisting and reversing the symbols came upon him.


It was as if the light was restored to the world as time began to flow normally, the once quiet and stilled world began brimming with life as movement returned to all around him.

“BZZZT” A strange buzzing noise rang out as the spikes within Fang Tien face began to slowly return to the ground from which it came, it was as if the effects of the spell were reversed.

“That’s a medium tier spell ‘SkyPiercing-Stalagmite’, only mages that have achieved rank 4 and up can cast it, where did it come from?” Shao Jian muttered.

“A magic spell? a bandit group with a high-level mage? this seems strange this isn’t an ordinary bandit group” Du Lei said

“Is young master alright? who saved him” Du Yan wondered, her eyes scanning the area but nothing could be found.

Looking at the receding spikes Fang Tien noticed as if a line of energy connected to the spikes also receded as this line extended into the surrounding forest” Ahhh” a scream of pain rang out inside the forest.

“Spatial-Chrono Reversal?” A strange name appeared inside Fang Tien mind, it was the name of his 3rd Divine ability, as this name appeared, within the Sea of QI within his Eyes Dantian a small seed sprouted, this seed matured rapidly as a small stem formed, as this stem sucked the pool of Qi residing within his Dantian it quickly grew, taking the shape of a young Katsura tree, on this Katsura tree 3 small fruits began to form, these fruits seemed feeble and small, as if the least push of breeze would blow them away.

Is divine abilities dao fruit?… His eyes focused on the three small fruits Fang Tien’s mind wondered, a Dao fruit only formed at a later rank according to the ancient books, as they were manifestations of one’s understanding of the laws of the universe, as one cultivated and studied the path of ones Dao a seed would be formed within ones Dantian, this seed maturing as one advanced on their path of Dao maturing into a great fruit as the embodiment the universal laws of a dao within it.

Thinking back to the events that had just happened Fang Tien began to realize just what his 3rd Divine ability does, the runic words of time that appeared is actually the object viewed from the space-time continuum, these runic words of time serve as a link to the world line, the action of being able to affect this specific world line mean he had the ability to revert it to a different point in time.

This Divine ability allowed him to reverse the space-time of any particular object in which the runic symbols of time appeared, even giving him the ability to reverse casted spells!

A heavy feeling of weariness befell Fang Tien, as his eyelids felt as if they were weighted down by two mountains, a feeling of exhaustion permitting every bone as the creeping sensation of tiredness attacked Fang Tien’s senses.

Damn this divine ability, I felt as if I hadn’t slept in days, I can’t stop now the Mage is still alive.

With eyes that could barely be kept open Fang Tien tracked the lines of energy connecting the reversed earthen spiked spell back to its caster.


Sounds of rapid movement could be heard as Fang Tien dashed towards the forest, following the line of energy back to its source, his exhausted feet moving slower than he had hoped for, as he advanced through the forest a robed figure appeared within is his sight.

“Stupid brat, chasing me will only bring death” an extremely arrogant sound could be heard, as the robed figure fully appeared within Fang Tien’s sight, his face shown as if there was no need to hide from the world, blood could be seen dripping from his mouth, obvious signs of rebounds as the effect of Fang Tien’s 3rd divine ability caused the failure of his spell, while mages possed near god-like powers a failure to cast a spell would cause the effects of the released energy to rebound inflicting internal injuries upon the caster.

The worry the robed figure felt as the Mysterious young figure approached him vanished as he felt that his cultivation was only at the mid-ranks of rank 3.

It must have been some divine object he has that can cancel spells, I’ll kill him and possess it for myself.

With a sneer, the robed figure overlooked Fang Tien “I don’t know how you’ve managed to cancel my spell, but you’ve signed your death wish by approaching me as a mear rank 3 cultivator”

“Master Sha Sha thinks he’s right, you’re too weak in your current condition you’re only holding on due to your willpower and stubbornness, the old driver could easily end this if you asked”

“I can handle this on my own, I would rather die than ask for help now.” Fang Tien said resolutely.

“Sha Sha thinks Master is too arrogant and stubborn” a sigh could be heard from the black veil

“I’m not arrogant, I’m just fully aware of my abilities and confident in myself, believe in me I won’t die here.” Fang Tien smiled confidently, his eyes profound as a bright silver light shone within them.

Looking towards the mysterious younger the robed figure noticed a weird color and pattern to his eyes “An eye cultivator? aren’t those extinct”

Suddenly his vision blurred as his eyes now carried a vacant look to them.

“I’ve won” a sigh of relief could be heard as Fang Tien approached the defenseless robed figure, his long sword in hand as he mustered his energy slashing forward.


Fang Tien fell backward as the rebound from the attack pushed his weary body down.

“Damn, I’m too drained”

“Master, his protective shield of Qi can’t be broken with simple attacks, Sha Sha believes this is why rank 4 is known as a kings rank in your world, because all realms below it are seen as subjects as its almost impossible for a rank3 cultivator to hurt a rank 4 mage, their bodies develop a special protective layer of QI that passively shields them even when unconscious.”

With weary hands Fang Tien could barely manage to sit up, his vision and senses blurry as the world fade to black, his last thought being one of regret as if his failure to kill the robed mage would tarnish his dignity as the spiritual prop of his clan.

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