Chapter 58: The Realm Of Linking

“Teacher Chu Min.”

Xi Fan’s voice sounded. His wheelchair had been retrieved, and Mo Lin was pushing it towards Chu Min and the rest two. Just now, Xi Fan and Mo Lin saw that final smile of Chu Min. Compared to the yesterday’s hard-to-guess expression, which only flickered in her eyes for a moment, the joy this smiled carried was much clearer.

Chu Min turned and gave them a glance while the expression in her eyes resumed the usual. The four students from Xia Feng region’s Zhai Feng institute had eventually gathered in front of her. Chu Min’s vision alternated from person to person, and they, in return also looked back at her. They were brimming with curiosity regarding this teacher. Even a fool could tell that she had quite a story behind her.

However, Chu Min had no intention to introduce herself in detail. After she glanced the four of them once, she immediately started:

“I am Chu Min. For this month, I will guide you all.”

“Eh?” Mo Lin was astonished.

“You have a problem?” Chu Min glanced at Mo Lin. That expression seemed to say that if Mo Lin said ‘Yes’, he would immediately be killed.

“No. Not at all.” Mo Lin hurriedly said and foolishly exchanged a glance with Xi Fan.

After analyzing her yesterday’s mood, the two of them had concluded that she might not take them under her. But they didn’t expect that her will would change so much. Yesterday, she’d seemed so depressed while today she seemed like a today different person.

What’s the reason?

It was obviously not due to Godou’s arrangements. She’d not even looked at Godou’s letter before throwing it away. Clearly, she didn’t care about Godou too much.

Is it because Lu Ping and Su Tang?

Xi Fan was thinking. After all, Chu Min had only smiled while talking to them. She had been moved by them once, before she once again became spiritless right after. From this, it could be said that she had an extremely strong will-power. Whether she wanted to be spiritless or pull herself together, it only depended on her mood. Others could not affect her at all.

As Xi Fan was analyzing her, she was attentively looking at him as well. As if she’d seen through what he was thinking, she said:

“No need to think too much. This month, you have to focus all of your attention on cultivation. Otherwise, after one month, you will only have one option… to die.”

After speaking these words, she pointed towards Lu Ping and said: “Including you.”

“No way!” Mo Lin was astonished.

“That is because your conditions and skill are messed up to the extreme. If you continue to maintain this situation, even if you have ten times Soul’s Power as of now, I will still only require a finger to kill you.” Chu Min said.

“Isn’t it too exaggerated?” Mo Lin continued to shout as if rebelling against injustice for Lu Ping.

“As for you three…” Chu Min, however, as if hadn’t heard Mo Lin’s words at all, continued:

“Sixth Heavenly Layer Soul’s Power; you need to achieve linking as soon as possible. Before that, I think you should have already understood what is Excellence’s soul. Excellence’s soul is…”

“Hold on! Hold on!” Mo Lin once again cried out: “We’ve already begun cultivation?”

“You interrupt once again, and I will kill you!” Not just an expression, Chu Min had truly issued a warning this time. Mo Lin immediately closed his mouth.

Though Chu Min, on the contrary, didn’t let him:

“You like to talk so much. So, you speak, with respect to a certain form, what is the Excellence’s soul?”

Certain Form was not a precise reference, but a rigorous description. Excellence’s soul was Excellence’s soul; Infusion’s soul was Infusion’s soul. For the sake of convenience in understanding, people assigned them another sense which corresponded to the human body. Infusion’s soul was assigned the visual sense, Sound’s soul the sense of hearing, Qi’s soul…so on.

This assigned meaning was the so-called ‘Certain Form’. Since it had become habitual, the terms ‘Certain Form’ had been omitted. Many people even used eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and hand; the even simplified version of referring to the Soul’s Power.

However, Chu Min had not done so. Instead, she even emphasized these two words.

Though, in the end, the implications of the question were the same, and thus, the answer was also the same:

“Excellence’s soul is the memory.” Mo Lin replied.

Infusion, Sound, Qi, Pivot, Strength, and Essence; six souls are the six intellects and are also the six senses. The seventh soul Excellence’s soul, however, was the memory.

This, of course, couldn’t be regarded as some profound meaning. Even many ordinary people could recite the referential meaning of the seven souls from what they frequently heard. To smoothly explain why the Excellence’s soul was the ultimate direction of the six souls:

What a person saw, heard, tasted, smelled, touched, and thought, ultimately, transformed as a memory. Essence’s soul was precisely the memory.

The principle was so simple, even many ordinary people were also able to find their way to perceive some Soul’s Power. However, in the end, they were unable to breakthrough and didn’t have any realm, because of these two words:

‘Certain Form.’

The vision was a certain form of Infusion’s soul.

The hearing was a certain form of Sound’s soul.

However, if one were to say that the vision was Infusion’s soul and the hearing was Sound’s soul, that would be wrong.

And when one could truly reflect this difference, that would be the realm of Linking.

“The realm of perception is strengthening and advancement. However, the realm of Linking is an entrance to a completely new domain: ‘Control’.” Chu Min said.

“Why control? The abilities produced by the cultivation of Realm of Linking is a ‘control’. If you wish to possess such abilities, first you must be clear on what could you control.”

“Vision covering more distance, hearing clearer, increase in strength? These are not ‘control’. These things could be upgraded by your body itself. So, what would be the true control?” Chu Min said all of this in one stretch and suddenly raised her right hand, before continuing:

“Is Qi’s soul just the sense of smell; it only allows your nose to be sharper? Of course, not. Qi’s soul allows one to control the airflow.” As she spoke, a sphere of air slowly gathered above her palm.

“Infusion’s soul is just the smell; it only allows one to see more clearly and more distance? Carefully think….’See’, during this action, what are you truly perceiving? For example say, color.” As she spoke, the sphere of air above her palm gained color and soon turned into a fiery-red sphere.

“Strength’s soul, strength? speed? Your two hands and two legs can only perceive these few pieces of information? Relying on your sense of touch, can you perceive weight or not? As Chu Min again spoke, the air mass suddenly sank down, as if it was completely pressing down on the center of her palm. Chu Min raised her hand before she gave it a wave, and the air mass, going in an arc, arrived at Lu Ping’s feet. It exploded with a muffled sound and scattered apart, surprisingly, leaving behind a small hole in the ground.

She looked towards Lu Ping and said:

“Your Soul’s Power is that of the realm of Linking. However, can you manage this trifling control?”


Xi Fan’s and Mo Lin’s face looked green. This is called trifling?

Within a short duration, Chu Min had displayed three linked up Soul’s Power. This meant that she was at least a Linked One of three souls.

Three Souls Linked!

This was not as simple as one soul Linked plus another soul Linked plus another soul Linked. Otherwise, for not a single Linked One of six souls to not appear on the continent, wouldn’t have been possible.

With the Linking of every soul, the strength and the difficulty of further cultivation increased by multiple folds. This was not a simple addition of one plus one plus one.

How much strong this woman actually is?

Mo Lin, who had originally joined in just for some fun, was also somewhat filled with expectations at this moment.

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