Chapter 59: Internal Strife

Inside a deathly still void, an eyeball greater than the size of a star could be seen floating in space, this eye surrounded by heavenly bodies and chained by stars radiated a slight glow, as each pulse of this glow seemed to be in sync with Fang Tien’s heart, his spiritual energy restoring with each pulsating beat.

As Fang Tien’s eyes opened, the first to react was Du Yan as she was seated directly next to him inside the carriage her eyes filled with concern as she looked towards him, Memories of when she was told she was selected to be the maid of the clans God-Child reappeared, she had managed to awaken an above average bloodline pupil, her status instantly rising within the clan, her life seemed to be perfect as her families status within the clan wasn’t very high, her father being and mother bloodlines being thin, but she was fortunately blessed with beauty and now status brought to her by her strong bloodline affinity.

It all seemed to come crashing down as she was selected to being the Gods-Child maid, while she was supposedly blessed to be the maid of the clan’s God-Child she was distraught at the idea of losing all she had gained to travel with a stranger she’s never met, the God Child was mostly unknown to the Du Clan, his personality unknown her fate was reduced to that of the maid of someone she had never seen.

As a rising clan member, she had her own arrogance but never did she expect that she would feel genuine worry and concern over someone she’s only just met and known for three months.

Scenes of Fang Tien replayed within her mind as the past events of the three months seemed to be deeply branded within her consciousness, while at first, her first impression was that he seemed to be aloof and cold, slowly she has noticed that he also cares deeply about the clan, as he always seems to be glad to help them with any cultivation problems that arise, slowly a spark was ignited within her heart as he becomes more like a spiritual prop with each passing day, as she saw him bravely step forward to defend against the bandits she realized her own lack of power, she had always teased Du Min for being a cultivation freak but her own powerlessness caused her to feel worthless.

With a smile Du Yan looked towards Fang Tien” Young Master are you alright?”

“Young Master you’re awake!” Du Lei and Du Min voices could be heard as the sudden voice of DU yan had woken them up.

Looking around Fang Tien noticed he was still inside the carriage, his head buzzing as he looked at the faces of his companions “I’m sorry for putting us in danger” Fang Tien said wearily.

“Young Master you fought bravely, we were never in danger” Du Yan quickly replied.

While Fang Tien appeared to seemingly apologize to them, he was really apologizing to every Du Clan member, for his role in the clans future was irreplaceable, if he had truly died the effects would be catastrophic for the clan.

As the God CHild of the clan, he was fully aware of the great responsibilities and pressure that weighed on his shoulders, to die for a meaningless fight just because he grew too excited to test his newly learned sword techniques and overconfident in his eyes, this fight had truly shown him the unpredictability of the world, one needed to always have a back up plan behind every action, and a backup plan for that back up plan, if his Divine ability time mark hadn’t shown him his potential death would he have been prepared for such a surprise attack?

These thoughts and questions weighted heavily upon his mind, with a smile Fang Tien nodded ” How did the mage die?”

sitting forward Du Lei expression grew excited “It was the Old carriage driver, his cultivation seems unfathomably deep! With just a pat of his palm, the mage exploded into tiny pieces!”

“Who would have known that he was so strong?” Du Min said

Seeming unsurprised by this revelation Fang Tien nodded, “What about my body? I’ve noticed different medical herbs than ones provided by the clan has been used?” Fang Tien said his brows furrowed.

“It was Given by Shao Jian, the herbs she provided were excellent for quick recovery, and of a higher rank than what we currently have” Du Lei replied.

with an intense glare, Fang Tien overlooked his Du clan companions “Shao Jian? Summon her to here, I will be fully healed and ready after 10 minutes of cultivating”

“And also, never again apply any form of substance to me while I’m unconscious, whoever violates this rule….” Fang Tien stopped before finishing, his voice sounding colder than usual as it sent chills down the spines of all who heard.

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