Chapter 59: The Crux Of Linking

A Linked One of three souls could astonish people. But the current abilities she displayed wouldn’t surprise people too much. These four, after all, were not new students who’d recently joined an institute and didn’t know a thing about Soul’s Power. Although their own realm was lacking, in any case, they had seen Linked One’s using their abilities. And this theory of ‘Control’ was same everywhere. As long as one was not too stupid, taking an approximate guess about things was not too difficult.

However, thinking much about these things before attaining the realm of Linking was not useful. Chu Min’s demonstration clearly focused mainly on Lu Ping. Though Lu Ping already possessed the realm of Linking and his Soul’s Power was extremely formidable, but he’d never been seen using an ability.

“You possess the Soul’s Power of the realm of Linking, but your employment still resides in the Perception realm.” Chu Min pointedly revealed Lu Ping’s current predicament with a few words. During his few outbreaks, he’d only relied on Soul’s Power to directly crush the opponent and had not displayed any other ability at all.

“I believe, it’s not that you have never tried, but you must find it very hard, yes?” Chu Min continued.

Lu Ping nodded.

“Where is the problem, huh?” As Chu Min spoke as she once again flipped her palm and a sphere of air assembled in her hand. However, this time, she neither add color nor weight. She swept her palm, suddenly stretching the sphere of air. Looking at the hand of Chu Min again, the sphere had astonishingly turned into a sword.

“What is this?” She asked.

“Sword.” Lu Ping said.

“How do you perceive it as a sword?” She asked.

Lu Ping started. This question seemed very tasteless. Imagine someone presenting a chicken in front of you, and then ask why is this is sort of like a chicken.

This is a chicken.

This is a sword.

What’s the point of why?

Chu Min suddenly swept her palm again, transforming the air sphere once again. The sword, which was originally crooked and had edges on both sides, suddenly thickened at one side.

“What’s this again?”

“It’s a single-edged sword.” Lu Ping replied without thinking, but subsequently, he started and seemed thoughtful.

“Why was it a sword just now, while a single-edged sword at this moment?” Chu Min said.

“Because they appear different.” Lu Ping said.

“Correct; appear. How do you know its appearance?” Chu Min asked.

“I saw it.”

“Good.” Chu Min nodded, “As such, it’s only so simple. Appearance is what you see, but not what you hear, not what you smell, and not what you taste?”

Lu Ping understood. He’d learned a lesson regarding this respect just yesterday. The equipment in the Tian Zhao institute’s Transmission Room required the power Sound’s soul to operate. However, Lu Ping’s Soul’s Power was not pure. He’d wished to employ Sound’s soul, but when he tried to do so, the power of other souls also snuck its way in, resulting in the complete destruction of the equipment since it could only be operated through Sound’s soul.

Linking-abilities were the same. An ability derived through controlling Soul’s Power should only have that Soul’s Power which one wished to employ and the rest should not mix at all. However, the current Lu Ping could not accomplish this point, and this was the principal cause he couldn’t control Soul’s Power to derive abilities.

“Ah!…However….the form might not just be what one sees.” Su Tang suddenly asked.

“Correct. The form might not just be what one sees. It could also be touch; not only this, it could even be one’s imagination. Thus, a Linked One of two souls is much stronger than that of one soul, and a Linked One of three souls, in turn, is much stronger than the former.” Chu Min said.

All the four immediately realized that Chu Min’s demonstration, which had focussed on the form, was not just to make Lu Ping aware of his problem, but to make all of them clearly and quickly understand the limitless possibilities of Linking.

The form is a detail that could be controlled by Infusion’s soul, Strength’s soul, and Essence’s soul.

However, if some detail required two or even three souls to accomplish the required control, clearly, such an ability could not be grasped by a Linked One of one soul or two souls. The realm of Linking was not a simple additive superimposition. Since such sort of arrangements could result in infinite possibilities, as one’s Soul’s Power increased, the styles derived would also increase correspondingly.

Just unimaginable, not accomplishable!

This was a widespread, famous quote in the cultivation world. However, the majority of the people only took it as a notion. However, the fact was, this line was the representation of the realm of Linking’s abilities in a nutshell. By the combination of six type of Soul’s, how many abilities could be derived? There was no limit. It was unimaginable.

Admittedly, Lu Ping and the rest were no newborns, still, this was the first time they had understood things in such a depth. A portal to a new world had been suddenly opened in front of them. It was as if they had suddenly found a new direction.

“However, first of all, you will need to attain the realm of Linking.” Chu Min’s words, without a doubt, seemed like a splash of cold water in their faces.

After attaining the sixth Heavenly layer in a soul, one could try to break through into the realm of Linking. Su Tang, Xi Fan, or Mo Lin, all of them had spent quite a bit of time at this step. Thus, for them to not have their own ideas about the realm of Linking was not possible. However, they were, in fact, still stuck on the sixth Heavenly layer of their respective souls. Evidently, the breakthrough was not that easy.

“Breaking through into the realm of Linking, forming the link with the Excellence’s soul, or finding the power of Excellence’s soul; the crux lies in concentration, focus.”

Concentration, Focus…..

A pretty ordinary term. Even if one learns to simply read and write, he/she would be advised to concentrate and focus on teachings. However, after going through Chu Min’s demonstration, and explanation to Lu Ping, the four individuals didn’t even take a wink before understanding the idea behind the concentration and focus meant by Chu Min.

Just like controlling Soul’s power to employ abilities required a pure Soul’s power, the concentration and focus meant by Chu Min also required a pureness.

Being able to control this pureness after the realm of Linking and understanding this pureness in the process of the breakthrough were not unrelated.

However, this matter was in no way easy or simple.

In terms of implied meaning, the six souls were the six senses and the Excellence’s soul was the memory. What one saw, heard, or thought ultimately transformed into a memory. However, in order to realize this pureness, the memory of a certain instant should only consist a single sense and the rest all should be stripped off.

This was hard; too hard. The six senses of an individual always operate together; wishing to choose a single node, wishing to retain a single sense and peel off the rest…….this was just too hard to control.

However, the perception was just a concise way to represent Soul’s Power. Soul’s Power was not so simple. At this point, Chu Min’s vision fell on Mo Lin:

“So, now can you feel a certain superiority of your blood vessels?” Chu Min said.

Mo Lin started.

Mo family’s blood vessels, the blood vessels innately incapable of cultivating the Strength’s soul, are superior? Never would he have ever thought such a thing, but at this moment, he understood.

This was a kind of pureness.

It was only a single soul lacking, but still, other people while Linking had to concentrate on a single soul and strip off the rest five souls. Controlling abilities after the Linking was also the same. But their Mo family while Linking and concentrating on a single soul, only had to strip off four souls. Because there was a soul they couldn’t possess anyhow.

While it was true that they would never attain the peak realm of the Linking of six souls, however, as far as Linking of five souls was concerned, they could always achieve that much easier than the others. Because they innately lacked a soul.

  1. Tl: Ok, I would like to think that the author is taking the fraction of each soul’s Power( like one soul more and others less) into consideration while talking about arrangements. Otherwise, if the souls are treated as pure numbers, the possible permutations might not even reach three digit mark. We will see….sorry, this kind of awakened the math nerd in me.

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