Chapter 6: Divine ability embryonic form


Golden light piercing through to the heavens, a strong aura spewed out, patrolling the entire space seeming to cover all

“What happened?!” The Du Clan members looked up in amazement, faint sutras sound could be heard coming from the golden light as it shone in the world, such a scene frighten some of the children!

suddenly multiple strong visions surmounted the space, trying to peep at the source of the light, but all they that appeared before their eyes were ancient symbols, blocking their vision and attacking their soul!

“ah!” an elder coughed up blood in amazement, sutras sound ringing in his ears, he was amazed, even as a pupil King he couldn’t peep at the source with his eyes, but when he realized the position the light came from he quickly calmed down.

“bang!” a loud sound permitted the space, such a sound seemed to shake the entire Du clan space!

An enormous branch from the ancient immortal tree covered the world, in an instant inexhaustible green light spouted from the branch, this green light spewed out like the vast ocean, inexhaustible vitality quickly covered each corner of the world,this vitality seemed as if it could nourish all, no matter old or young under such vitality you would feel as if you were born a new!

“Immortal ancient tree!” an elder cried out in shock, the wounds he received from trying to look at the source of the golden light was healing rapidly, but what made him even more amazed was that even the wound to his soul was healing!

One must know that wounds to the soul are the hardest to heal, needing either time, an immortal herb or never being healed depending on the severity!

Everyone looked up in amazement as vitality filled the air!inexhaustible vitality spewed forth, seemingly protecting and healing the entire world, despite how strong it was,it remained gently,and seemed to cover each individual,giving a feeling as though one has returned to when they were young and in the warmth of their mothers bosom

“this is…? the immortal ancient tree is protecting us,” an elder said

“there is nothing to fear, this was caused by our Godchild cultivating” a soothing sound

spread throughout each corner of the world, sounding neither man nor women it was otherworldly

“Amazing!” the Du clan cultivators gasped in amazement as they gazed upon the direction the light came from, sadly nothing could be seen, even with the eyes they so proudly cultivated! whether it was the vast distance between them or the ancient symbols surrounding the light nothing at all could be seen!

“Darkness?” Fang Tien thought it was all he could see when trying to look at the immortal ancient tree past! its past was covered by a haze, a primordial haze covered what would be its past!

“as I thought, I can’t see the past of someone if the cultivation gap is too far apart” Fang Tien sighed

Fang Tien closed his eyes and reopened them, the golden light had vanished, gazing at the sky his eyes seemed to carry a natural radiance to them, his star-shaped pupils seeming particularly striking as they emitted a slight golden glow, his once black pupils has long since changed and now show dark purple in color.

“I’ve decided, I shall call my first divine ability ‘ Heaven’s sight!’ ” Fang Tien said.

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