Chapter 6: Indestructible Vajra Body

In order to avoid trouble after his rebirth, Wu Yu had Sun Wudao spread the word that he was still alive. The servants of Yan Li Peak all exclaimed on his survivability, and the news also reached the master of the peak, Su Yanli.

Probably because Wu Yu had nearly been beaten to death by an Outer Disciple, she gave him one month to rest peacefully. And because of that, he had the chance to finally cultivate without any disturbance and reaching his dream of truly entering the Sect!

“Uncle Sun, I’m going to the Green Valley today to relax myself.” Every day, Wu Yu would depart in the early morning, sometimes waking up even earlier than Sun.

“This Wu Yu, so energetic even after encountering such a catastrophe.” Sun Wudao stared at Wu Yu, who swiftly rushed into the mountain forest and disappeared with the blink of an eye.

He didn’t really mind. As long as Wu Yu could relax himself and forget his hatred, then everything else was fine.

Right, Wu Yu had not told Sun about the legacy he’d inherited.

The first reason was because the entrance exam was one month away, just before Wu Yu’s 16th birthday. This was his only chance of being accepted into the Sect, because he would be 16 after that, disqualifying him from future entrance exams. And to be honest, he didn’t have great certainty on whether he’d pass the test; After all, he only had 1 month to cultivate from scratch, and reach the 6th Heavenly Stage of the Mortal Body Forging Phase! There was a great chance he’d fail, and he didn’t want Sun to be disappointed.

The second reason, was because he wanted to give Sun a surprise on the day of the exam! The old man had took care of him during his stay here, so Wu Yu wanted Sun to feel proud of himself. And that day would probably be the most important day of his life!

The blazing sun hadn’t risen, yet sweat had already swamped Wu Yu’s clothes.

He was currently breezing through the woods, swinging from tree to tree, branch to branch like an agile monkey to “forge” his body. No time was wasted, not even a single second, pushing himself to the maximum; his goal was hard, almost impossible to accomplish, so desperate times called for desperate measures!

“He He!”

Loud and heavy grunts echoed throughout the forest.

Using his arms and legs in conjunction, Wu Yu swiftly rushed throughout the forest, disregarding the scratches that branches and twigs were leaving on his body. If you monitored the surrounding Spiritual Qi closely, you could make out numerous little strands of gold that seemed to enter his body, fusing with his flesh and blood.

As the sun rose to its highest point, the surrounding Golden Spiritual Qi seemed to escalate in quantity. And Wu Yu’s body, was toughening up every second of the day, thanks to the effect the Golden Spiritual Qi had on him.


A slight waver in attention caused Wu Yu to fall to the ground from a two feet tall tree, covering himself in dirt and soil.


This was his only chance! In order to reach that goal, he’d already suffered a lot, so he knew that accomplishing it was not going to be easy. But no matter what hardships he had to face, he’d endure!

He climbed up, and continued training.

“<> sure is mysterious and complicated. Just the first stage could already be split apart into 10 levels, known as the 10 big techniques!”

“Thinking back, the <> I used to cultivate was a Secret Record that directly recorded how to cultivate up to the 10th Heavenly Stage of Martial Arts. However, it was not split up into 10 Big Techniques which detailedly described how to cultivate each Heavenly Stage like the <>, so compared with it, my East Yue Wu’s undisputed number 1 technique is complete trash!”

Mortal Body Forging Phase, 1st Heavenly Stage, Muscle Forging.

The first technique in <> is called <>.

Today, Wu Yu had officially started cultivating this technique. Despite its hardness in cultivating, Wu Yu was progressing forward at immense speed. This probably had something to do with the fact that he’d had previous experience regarding how to cultivate at this Heavenly Stage.

Like what the name states, the Body Forging Phase is all about forging the body, so a lot of training and honing was required. The Heavenly Stage Wu Yu was currently at, the 1st Heavenly Stage, especially needed immense amounts of training, because it was the 1st Stage of the Body Forging Phase!

Every day, Wu Yu would sprint in the forest like a scurrying monkey, or dive deep down to the river bed and stay there to withstand its 10,000 jin pressure whilst training his punches and holding his breath at the same time.

Sometime he’d also stand under a waterfall, letting plunging water to pound on his back.

And other times he’d punch a 3 feet tall tree with his fists like crazy!

Like that, the days passed one by one!

<> was the introduction technique to <>, so cultivating it was incredibly exhausting and hard. Normal people just wouldn’t be able to endure the pain it induced, but luckily Wu Yu was no ordinary Joe; his ability to withstand pain was beyond imagination.

To motivate himself to endure, Wu Yu would think of the moment he’d be accepted into the Celestial Sect, completing his and Sun’s dream, as well as the hatred he had at Hao Tian Shangxian, what he’d done to him, his evil face…

“There’s not a lot of time left…. Rush!”

“The Heavens blessed me with Vajra, which will forge my flesh and blood!”

It was noon, and Wu Yu, who’d sprinted to the mountain peak, was punching the mountain rock under the blazing sun, fist after fist, sweat trickling down his body in rivulets.

“The so called Vajra requires a lot of tempering to cultivate successfully!”

“I do not have a lot of time left, so I’ve got to work harder than other people by at least 10 times! If other people punch 1 time, I’ll punch 10 times!

Pa Pa Pa Pa!

The giant rock on the mountain peak was shaking continuously, day after day, and before long, cracks started to appear. Wu Yu’s hands and feet had already been beaten out of shape long ago, but in the destroyed flesh, new and tougher flesh was born!

In his flesh and blood, prominent little threads of Golden Spiritual Qi could be seen traveling around, especially in the blazing sun.

Not only his fists, but his whole body was covered with scratches and wounds.

The wounds stung and hurt like hell, but to Wu Yu, who’d entered a training craze, they were endurable. The wounds hurt especially painfully when he dove into the riverbed to train, but he’d clench his teeth and withstand it.After all, success always comes at the price of immense suffering!

“If I don’t hone and train my determination and will, how will I become a Martial Sovereign? If I don’t become a Martial Sovereign, then I won’t even have the right of thinking of becoming a Celestial!”

“I have to become a Celestial! I have to come back from the ashes!”

The high intensity training that Wu Yu had to go through brought him incredible levels of hunger, so he’d eat up numerous wild beasts in the mountains every day, as well as some Treasures he’d find in the Mountain Range which are, very unfortunately, quite rare.

All the real Treasures in the Blue Surge Mountain Range all belong to the Sword to Heaven Sect, so if I become a Sword to Heaven Sect disciple, then I’d have the qualifications to savour those Treasures. At that time, I’m sure my progress will become even quicker.

This was also Wu Yu’s motivation to succeed, because he knew that the world had countless more strange and mysterious Treasures out there which were unimaginable to him at his current level.


5 days later, the huge rock finally exploded into pieces.


An angry roar with a hint of transcendence that shook the Heavens bursted from Wu Yu’s chest!

Under the fiery sun, like its fire had blazed to his skin, rich Spiritual Qi started to rush around energetically, entering his body through his wounds to forge his muscles, and at that moment, Wu Yu completed his transcendence to enter the 1st Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase!

Within his body, strands of Golden Spiritual Qi started to aggregate, moving towards one direction to agglomerate, finally landing on his back to form a fist sized “卍”.

A golden word!


The feeling of power had finally returned to his body!

“<>, finally completed!”

Wu Yu stood on the mountain peak, shirtless, wearing black trousers. He looked quite skinny and lanky, but his muscles were all prominent and toned, flexible yet tough. If one noticed closely, little golden flashes of light could be seen circulating, to agglomerate in the “卍” in his back.


Once again, Wu Yu let out an angry roar to the world,

He, Wu Yu, had finally come back!

He’d returned to the 1st Heavenly Stage, but the feeling was totally different to the first time he’d reached the 1st Heavenly Stage.

“I now have strength to rival 3 battlehorses, which is three times the power of a normal 1st Heavenly Stage Body Forging Phase Martial Artist! Also, I have gained two incredible and unexpected abilities!”

“<> has already made my body very tough and resilient, and it is just the 1st technique. So if I actually finish cultivating <>, wouldn’t that mean that I’d actually have a Bronze Skull and Steel Bones, and be immune to ordinary swords and lances etc.?”

This ability was the one Wu Yu was most excited and hopeful about, because even the bodies of Celestials were still flesh and bone. If his was made out of metal, then wouldn’t that mean nobody would be his opponent?

“Also, my regenerative speed has now also surpassed those of normal people; the wounds I’d gained from the past few days have already healed, without the help of any herbs or medicines. If I cultivate <> to the end, will I truly become undying and everlasting, able to regenerate just from a drop of blood?”

Several times the strength and power, several times the toughness and resilience, several times the regenerative speed!

Even though it was only the 1st Heavenly Stage, the power within Wu Yu was already beyond all imagination.

“The second technique, <>, will also make my tendons as hard as Vajra, if I’m to believe!”

Wu Yu had a feeling that the complexity and mysteriousness of <> he’d seen so far was only the tip of the iceberg!

Ignoring his need for rest, he started the cultivation of <>.

The 2nd Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase, Tendon Grinding.

Tendon Grinding was a little bit different to Muscle Forging, because the emphasis was on the toughening of tendons, therefore the cultivation methods was different, and was also more painful. But, Wu Yu already had experience regarding how to reach this stage, and because his heart was now tougher, and also because he now had a more profound technique to cultivate, progress was immense even with the lack of time.

After a few days, Wu Yu reached completion once again. The tendons in his body were now even stronger and tougher than his muscles, like metal rope, but what was most scary about it wasn’t its hardness, but its flexibility!

Tendons were also one of the basises of strength and power, so upon reaching the 2nd Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase, Wu Yu now currently had strength to rival 10 battlehorses!

“I’ve just reached the 2nd Heavenly Stage, but my current power is now already 1/5th of the power I had previously!”

Wu Yu finally realized how scarily profound and superb <> was, and knew that he’d acquired a true Treasure.

Under the smoldering sun, not only did he have tempered, toned and powerful muscles, he also had golden tendons that seemed to spread over every part of his body. However, this was only the start of his road of cultivation!

“The third technique, <>!”

“To reach this stage, one must cultivate until his bones become like gold, and purify them until flames form!”

Only when one cultivates out golden bones, the supporting structure of the body, fuses it with one’s flesh and agglomerates Spiritual Qi until the point golden flames burst into being within one’s bones, is the 3rd Stage complete.

The 1st Stage of the <>, its 1st 1000 words, can be considered the forging of the body, and consolidating its foundations.

From the flesh, to the tendons, and finally the bones!

What was in store for him later, Wu Yu did not think of too much. But, what he knew for sure was if he could cultivate to the 10th Heavenly Stage and become a Martial Sovereign, then he’d not fear Hao Tian Shangxian if they had come to blows!

To reach the 2nd Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Phase, Wu Yu used a total of 11 days.

After a moment of calculation, Wu Yu determined that there was only 21 days left until the entrance exam to become a disciple of the Sword to Heaven Sect. Before, Wu Yu did not hold too much hope, but now, after fully understanding the “scariness” of <>, he thought maybe he actually had chance!

“Normally, being at the 6th Heavenly Stage of the Body Forging Stage would grant one the strength of 100 battlehorses. If I had the strength of 100 battlehorses, then other people would think that I’ve reached the 6th Heavenly Stage, thus giving me the qualifications to participate in the entrance exam!”

If Wu Yu kept on cultivating <>, then the increase of power between each stage would increase. Also, for exam day day, he relearnt some of the Martial Techniques he had executed before, before digesting the Soul Severing Powder.

According to legends, Celestials could could learn and use Daoist Arts, which was incredible, but no matter how strong a Mortal was, he/she still cannot learn or use Daoist Arts, as she is not a Celestial!

Except for Daoist Arts, the Mortal Realm had Martial Arts, which was basically the only level of techniques that Mortals could executes, so the techniques all the Body Forging Phase disciples within the Sect are using are basically all Martial Arts.

Martial Arts is split into a total of 3 classes, which are Low Class, Middle Class and High Class respectively. But only when Wu Yu had come here (entered the sect) did he know that it in fact it was actually split into 4 classes, with the final one, and the best one known as Best Class.

With the resources he had back then in East Yue Wu, Wu Yu had learnt quite a lot of different Martial Arts, with the Secret Record which was only permitted to be cultivated by Royals as the strongest! Even though it was only a Middle Class Martial Art, it’s fame was still very big and wide spread, known by the citizens of many kingdoms in the Mortal World as <>!

According to rumors, the Martial Art was created by a very Ancient Martial Sovereign, who had realized it upon slaying a giant whale in the East Sea with his sword. Because East Yue Wu was near the East Sea, they had acquired that Martial Sovereign’s legacy, which was that Martial Art.

But, at Wu Yu’s current level, he could not execute the technique’s true might out, so he learnt a Low Class Art Martial Art known as <>!

Even though it was a Low Class Martial Art, it was the most lethal fisting technique in that class, and reportedly had might of tigers and dragons imbued within it.

Once before, Wu Yu, with the help of <>*, charged forward into enemy ranks of over ten thousand soldiers by the lonesome, chopping off the enemy General’s head with the <> to the cheers of his country’s citizens.

The Martial Arts he was once proficient in was relearnt and cultivated successfully, thus adding greatly to his current progress. He could feel his battle ability surge!

Wu Yu kept on practicing the Martial Arts he had relearnt until deep night.

“Pu Pu Pu!”

A towering tree, under the continuous impact of his <> started to crack, fissures spreading out from the center of the trunk. Before long, the tree, unable to support its weight, collapsed on to the ground with a mighty thunk.

“Pa Pa!”

At that moment, clapping sounds could be heard from the surroundings.

“Shit, I was too focused on cultivating that I didn’t notice my surroundings!”

Startled, Wu Yu quickly scanned around his immediate vicinity to see 6 burly figures leap out the darkness, heading out from the forest to surround him, laughing savagely.


<>* – A footwork technique. I hate it when authors just simply write down the name of the technique without prior explanations and introductions. 

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