Chapter 60: Town Eriteia

Inside the carriage, Fang Tien could be seen seated cross-legged, he had just finished consolidating his boundary, he was now at the 6th level of True sight Pupil realm.

As his divine senses scanned the area he noticed Shao Jian located outside the carriage door, he had picked up the habit of periodically scanning his surroundings as a way to train his awareness.

“Enter” Fang Tien voice resonated, as Shao Jian hands were about to knock on the carriage door.

Surprised by his voice Shao Jian entered the inside of the carriage her thoughts full of doubt “They said he would be cultivating…”

Upon entering her eyes were instantly attracted towards Fang Tien, his old gown had been changed to a snow white outfit, his long silky black hair flowing freely behind as his profound amethyst like eyes stared at her, his vision causing her to instantly freeze for a split second, it was as if all her secrets and thoughts were being revealed, she felt as if his vision stripped her bare, it was different than the last time they had talked.

“Fang Tien are you alright? I was so worried when you were found fainted ” With an expression of concern Shao Jian looked worriedly towards Fang Tien.


Seeing his silence and serene expression doubt and confusion arose within her heart, like a small raindrop that falling into a sea the doubt within her mind quickly grew, does he know?

“I saw the face of the mage before he died…this was all my fault… I recognized who he is..” Shao Jian said her voice sounding feeble as she spoke her last words


With her eyes now glued to the floor, Shao Jian continued ” That mage is an elder from a rival branch of my family, and a member of the elemental clan, his death will implicate all who are involved, as the clan regulations become extremely overbearing once the death of an elder is involved.”

“An Elder? Why would he personally try to kill you publicly then? ” Sounds of doubt could be heard inside Fang Tien voice.

“Because while my talent is extremely useful to the clan overall, but his family has a deep-seeded rivalry with my own that extends to thousands of years, he wouldn’t dare to actually kill me but my guards wouldn’t be spared, Jeffery is the only one who has survived until now..” Shao Jian sighed.

“Master she’s telling the truth, Sha Sha can tell!”

“I can already see that, I’ve observed her bodily signs and reaction when talking, my eyes can see through fabricated truths, untrained humans are even easier because with each sentence spoken their micro facial expressions can be used like a gateway to their inner soul.” Fang Tien said using his divine sense.

“Sha Sha doesn’t understand…But Master Can see if she’s lying or not? Sha Sha can do that better hmmph!”

“So you decided to use us as a shield after our disagreement inside the inn? or was it because of my Eye prowess?” Fang Tien said calmly, but his glare would cause one to fill as if they were drenched in a pool of ice-cold water.

With her head still held down, Shao Jian became even more uneasy as she felt as if the room was suddenly filled with ice” N..No, I had no idea, I really did just want to get to know you better”

“Hmmph, Master Sha Sha can tell that she’s lying!”

Its ok I can see it too after all her words can’t deceive my eyes.

With a gentle smile, Fang Tien nodded ” That’s fine, I believe you”

“We’re quickly approaching the next town Honored guest.” an aged voice resonated inside the carriages, it was the voice of the old driver.

“Already? I must have been unconscious for longer than I thought” Fang Tien thought aloud his divine senses scanning the surrounding area, sights of a great city gate with four guards at the entrance could be seen.

“Our path will probably diverge as I’m heading to the Elemental-Sky Academy” With a hesitant expression Sho Jian held her palms outwards, within it a strange token jet black appeared.

“This is the token of my Shao family, with it you can gain special privileges in all our Elemental clan industries and even admittance into some medium tier schools.”

After receiving the token Fang Tien placed it inside his Spatial ring, its black surface seems archaic in nature as an image of a fire could be seen engraved onto it.

“Is this Elemental-Sky Academy very great?” With a smile, Fang Tien asked.

“Is it very great? it’s the best academy in our Skyfire continent, only the top clans most elite members can join, and even then the vetting process is extremely harsh as a family can only be invited to try, no family can apply without an invitation.”

“no need to worry, there are plenty of great schools for relatively small and unknown clans such as yours, besides the Elemental-Sky Academy only holds a max of 500 students, even someone such as I from the Shao family with my high affinity to a rare element might be rejected”

“Is that so? I will keep that in mind.” With a smile, Fang Tien nodded.

“Honored Guest we’ve arrived at the town of Eriteia, thank you for your patronage”

“This is where we part, remember the token can also be used to contact me if you’ve run into any problem, Goodbye” Shao Jian waved as she exited the carriage, joining her ax warrior guard as they vanished within the busy streets of Eriteia.

As Fang Tien gazed at her fleeting figure his mind thought back to the words she had spoken.

A school of elites? I’ve always been curious about how I would compare to the destiny children of other clans, and the so-called immortal physique and the war-god clan Godchild should be there too…

I hope they don’t all collapse at the first blow. A gentle smile could be seen on Fang Tien Face as he thought silently.

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