Chapter 60: Unusual Method

Complete absence and being unable to perceive…are two completely different concepts.

Complete absence, hence being unable to perceive.

However, unable to perceive didn’t mean complete absence. Often times, it was nothing more than cultivators being too slow in perceiving a certain soul.

For example, the currently focused four individuals:

Su Tang didn’t have any realm in the Essence’s soul and Xi Fan in Sound’s soul.

Not having realms didn’t mean not having Soul’s Power. It was just that they were too slow in their perception of these souls, and thus, ultimately trailed far behind compared to the rest. Likewise, the Soul they excelled in had already reached the realm of sixth Heavenly layer, which was far above the rest.

However, saying that Mo family’s members were slow or incapable of perceiving Strength’s soul in truth was: Non existence.

However, currently, the Mo family’s blood vessels, which innately lacked one soul, had actually become an asset.

Upon realizing this fact, Mo Lin was utterly dumbfounded.

He’d never heard this argument before. His entire family had always lamented due to their deficiency of one soul. Since they lacked Strength’s soul, they couldn’t perform well in fighting and killing. Being a cultivation clan, the majority of their members eventually had to take up supportive works. Being strong; apparently, this had been a concept that had nothing to do with them.

However, upon a meticulous thinking, the number of Mo family’s members breaking through into the realm of Linking was indeed big. In this respect, they were indeed outstanding than a lot of other clans.

However, none of them realized that his was due to their advantage of lacking one soul. On the contrary, this made them lament their deficiency of the Strength’s soul even more and feel that they were so talented in cultivation but were being held down by their blood vessels.

This was not a limitation, but the cause of Mo family’s talent!

Mo Lin was somewhat overwhelmed. He was itching to return back to his home and tell his brothers, sisters, and all the members of the family.

Perhaps Mo family would not be able produce the strongest of the cultivators since they could never attain the Linking of six souls.

However, they could pump out a lot of strong people since they lacked one soul.

This….This is truly…”

Mo Lin’s words somewhat seemed non-sensical. He understood that this was the biggest turnaround in his life. At this moment, his entire attitude and behaviour underwent a heaven-shaking transformation.

“Thank you…” Mo Lin suddenly bowed facing Chu Min and didn’t straighten up for a long time. At the side, Xi Fan’s line of sight was somewhat lowered, having clearly seen tears flickering in the eyes of Mo Lin.


Xi Fan was not astonished. He could easily imagine how many complications a cultivator who didn’t understand his own blood vessels, which lacked one soul, must have to face.

Mo Lin, a cultivator who didn’t have Strength’s soul and yet assumed a dangerous job such as assassin which required fighting and killing, claiming that he did so because he was interested?

Why such an interest?

Was it not because, by being an assassin when he was assumed to not be suitable for it due to the lack of Strength’s soul, he was trying to prove something?

Mo Lin never talked about it, and they didn’t ask. Some matters do not need to be asked nor needed to be said.

“No need to get excited too early,” However, Chu Min was not willing to heed Mo Lin’s sudden change in mood, “Even though you hold an advantage due to your blood vessels, attaining the realm of Linking within a month is not likely.”

“If we receive your instructions?” Xi Fan said. He could see that Chu Min would not talk such words without a reason. By saying not likely, she obviously pointed towards a situation, and thus, she was certainly capable of creating a different situation.

“Within a month, you can die, thrones can change, and thus, you can also breakthrough into the realm of Linking.” She said.

“What should we do?” Xi Fan said.

“Completely sever your Soul’s power.” Chu Min said.

She didn’t explain, but after the stage she’d set previously, the four individuals immediately understood.

In order to breakthrough into the realm of Linking, one had to perceive purely a single Soul’s power, and Chu Min would help them to do so from outside.

“Soul’s power is not the six senses, but when I strip off your Soul’s power, you will also lose the corresponding senses. However, I will hold back a little on the Essence’s soul, so that you can think and experience.”

“Usually, I will recommend this kind of method for those who had to Link their Strength’s soul. Therefore, generally I would have picked Su Tang for this method. However, since Mo Lin innately lacks Strength’s soul and need not be stripped off it, he can preserve the strength for activities. What he will lose is the sense of vision, hearing, and smell. Apart from this, he will also be able retain the sense corresponding to the Hinge’s soul. Thus, his condition will be even better off than Su Tang.” Chu Min said.

“Haha, this is the amazing blood vessels of Mo family!” Mo Lin was already complacent. Perhaps many would argue that Mo family would never accomplish the Linking of six souls, thus, their situation was quite regrettable nevertheless. However, Mo Lin would not do so. This was because Mo family was used to lament anyways, and currently, after discovering superiority in something regrettable, Mo Lin was already very gratified and satisfied.

However, after hearing Chu Min’s words, everybody’s vision converged on Xi Fan.

Being a cultivator who had to Link the Essence soul, this method was not recommended for him. So what sort of situation would he face? Putting up two and two together, everybody could tell: He was going to be stripped off of all the five senses. He didn’t have any realm in the Sound’s soul, but that was only because he hadn’t yet made the breakthrough. This was completely different from Mo Lin’s situation. He would only preserve his consciousness. Chu Min had already explained this. So comparatively, a method such as breaking through with the help of Essence’s sou was too troublesome for him.

Regarding this point, Chu Min had begun to specially instruct Xi Fan:

“You will be in the most danger. You would lost strength for activities, signifying you will lose your ability to eat or excrete, even your lungs and heart would gradually lose the strength. However, you will not be able to feel any of these things. Your consciousness would only superficially hover. The only thing you would be able to feel is time, and that is the only thing you need to feel. Because under such circumstances you will be able to live seven days at best. I think three days is your current limit without being sustaining a serious injury.”

“After three days, stripping of the Soul’s power one more time after healing back should be possible, right?” Mo Lin asked.

“This is precisely the point I want to make absolutely clear. Once the Soul’s power is stripped off, regaining it back through external means is not possible and only relies on you alone. And the method to do so is also only one: Breakthrough into the realm of Linking. After Linking, you would be able to regain the Soul’s Power relying on the power of Excellence’s soul. If you failed to breakthrough, very regretfully, you will have to continue being in such circumstances, and you will….die.”

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