Chapter 61: Always On His Own

And you will……die.

Not the least bit of emphasization, not a threatening intention, and neither a warning tone, but truthful and as clear as the rising sun.

The morning birds chirped in the woods but the small plot of land had suddenly become silent.

Xi Fan raised his head and looked towards the azure sky.

Three days, life or death. If he failed he would not have the opportunity to see the sky again. Of course, he could also choose not to hurriedly promote himself using such a method. Participation in the Grand Soul Convention, which occurred every single year, didn’t seem much of an issue against life and death. He absolutely didn’t need to be as desperate as to resort to such means.

Or perhaps, after a few days when his injuries would be better, he might have a higher chance to succeed.

It wasn’t as if Xi Fan didn’t have any choice. When confronted with a situation concerning his life and death, he could always choose to avoid. Apparently, there was no reason that required him to take such a huge risk. At least, not external reasons.

What about his own?

“You have the morning to consider. Return here by the noon, and in case you give up, just leave on your own.” Chu Min said.

The few individuals preserved silence, each lost in his/her own thoughts. Xi Fan wasn’t the only one who had to decide. Mo Lin and Su Tang were only a little better off than him. Stripped off of so many senses, they would be under an extremely frantic condition. Whether they would be able to preserve, and complete the Linking on top of that, the risk was too great. Unusual method would naturally come at the expense of an unusual danger.

Mo Lin, pushing Xi Fan, left in silence. Su Tang, however, hadn’t moved.

“I have already decided.” Su Tang said with a smile.

“Because I have to become strong! Become strong quickly!”

“So, I can start just now.”

“Ok.” Chu Min nodded but didn’t not say anything afterward. She stepped forward and arrived before Su Tang as a sphere of Soul’s Power gradually swirled above her right hand. Light? Air? Before it could be clearly distinguished, Chu Min’s right hand waved and the sphere flashed. At the side, Lu Ping was absolutely unable to make out where did the sphere actually hit Su Tang.

However, at this moment, Su Tang’s eyes had already lost its luster, seeming aimless.

Her head, however, was actually still precisely aimed at Lu Ping.

“Lu Ping, you over there?” She said.

“I am here.” Lu Ping said.

“I can’t see!” Su Tang giggled. Chu Min’s hand once again waved, as if severing something. Su Tang’s world suddenly became quiet.

She inclined her ear, no sound. She opened her mouth, no sound either.

Sound’s soul had already been severed. This time, Chu Min didn’t pause and waved her hand extremely quickly. Instantaneously, Qi’s soul and Hige’s soul had also been completely severed. A part of Essence’s soul had been left behind, and only Strength’s soul had been left completely intact.

Su Tang tried to walk. This time, she was completely clueless of the directions. Just after three steps, she started to walk off line. She tried extending her hand, but this time, she was immediately able to grab what she wanted.

Lu Ping was holding her hand as she laughed. Being already deprived of four of her senses, she could still laugh.

She nodded. Lu Ping also shook her hand, as if nodding back.

Subsequently, she let go of Lu Ping’s hand and slowly, fumblingly worked her way around. She was adapting to her current circumstances at an extremely fast pace. She even turned around and laughed once more. Although her direction was wrong, laughing at a tree, Chu Min was moved.

She had seen many cultivators whom she had allowed to attain Linking through this method. On their faces, she saw panic, restlessness, or perhaps determination and certainty. However, a smile, a heartfelt smile at that, was something she had never seen before. Even those who managed to regain their four senses back after the Linking didn’t possess such a smile. Despite being happy, they would be repressed by the traumatic experience. Some were even unable to get rid of the fear. Even after accomplishing the Linking, being in such circumstances left behind a nightmare that they couldn’t get rid off, breaking their will power and ultimately turning them into a cripple.

However, this ten-something girl in front of her eyes, not only agreed on the spot, but even laughed under such circumstances. Chu Min could see this was smile was genuine and not hypocritical.

She could definitely do it!

Chu Min never had such confidence in someone. The determination to assist each other and the mutual belief they had was actually this strong. This was Su Tang, but what about the other?

Chu Min looked towards Lu Ping. He was looking at Su Tang. Upon feeling Chu Min’s gaze, he turned his head.

“What about you?” Chu Min suddenly said.

“I also want to get strong.” Lu Ping said calmly and seriously.

“Your circumstances are far more complicated than them, and so will be the accomplishing the control.”

“What should I do?” Lu Ping asked.

Chu Min casually threw something at him. Lu Ping caught it and checked it out. It was a strange-shaped chip which didn’t seem to be of any use.

“This is the trash you made yesterday.” Chu Min said.

Lu Ping started before recalling the Transmission Room. The equipment he’d wrecked yesterday had also seemed made of this material. Currently, it seemed to have transformed into countless chips.

“Inject your Soul’s power and give it a try.” Chu Min said.

Lu Ping attempted. He already knew where the problem lied. However, when he cautiously drew out his Soul’s Power:


The chip in his hand had broken. Since the injected Soul’s Power was not strong, it was not destroyed too badly, but it still broke in the end.

“Do you know what you need to do?” Chu Min said.

Lu Ping nodded while trying once again.


Before the chip had two parts, now it had three.

“There are many more over that side.” Chu Min pointed with her fingers. Lu Ping turned his head where chips in all shapes and sizes were piled up like a mountain. He didn’t know when did Chu Min collected and brought them back.

“Once you have accomplished this, look for me again.” Chu Min said, Evidently, she was not a teacher who taught with words.

“Yes.” Lu Ping immediately turned and stepped towards the pile while looking at Su Tang who was trying some movements not too far away.

Begin, together!

Lu Ping picked up a chip; his eyes full of anticipation.

In the past, he had always tried to work his way around by himself. In Zhai Feng institute, he searched through some books and other resources, but couldn’t find anything relevant to him. His situation was, after all, too unique.

Infinitesimal Separation, Wen Gecheng, was the first person who allowed him to learn the value of teachings. However, unfortunately, he met the former a little too late. His current condition had already stepped beyond the point where Wen Gecheng could help him. Even when Godou sent them to the Tian Zhao institute, to Lu Ping his instructions were still that he had to rely on himself.

On his path, he could only rely on himself.

Lu Ping had the determination, however, it was hard for him to not feel a little sad. Actually, he was quite envious of the institutes’ students. They had teachers to guide them, fellow students for mutual reference. Lu Ping longed for a guy who was also confined with Intense Soul Lock, with whom he could exchange pointers.

He longed for such a person!

Lu Ping again poured the Power of Sound’s soul before the chip in his hand exploded. Due to his emotions, this time, the explosion was quite fierce and even scratched his hand a little bit.

However, Lu Ping didn’t mind at all. He again picked a new chip and cheerfully tried again.

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